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Mule Deer
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Blacktail Bob 12-Oct-08
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Rut Nut 31-Oct-08
Herdbull 31-Oct-08
From: Steve H.
Hmmmm. I've seen that picture before but didn't know "who" she was/is. She's from only miles away from the town I grew up in. See I told you guys that not all our (Nebraska) women are cornfed 300 pounders!

From: OT Man
I think its absolutely great that more women are getting into hunting these days. It even helps that some of them are celebrities, too.

However, the last person I'd want to hunt with would be the woman I have to share a bed with. One of the reasons I hunt is to be alone and enjoy the solitude of being out in the woods alone. Just another place to hear my woman say, "Are you finished yet?"

"See I told you guys that not all our (Nebraska) women are cornfed 300 pounders!"

Oh well, Steve, they can't all be winners!

From: Bush Pilot
Well my wife hunts with me.she had never shot a bow or a gun before we met.She has become a very good hunter and one HELLVA shot.She is good at what ever weapon she hunts with.Be it upland game,waterfowl or big game.Guys maybe if you took your hunting things would be better at home. P.S She is from Nebraska and don't weight 300 pounds .


Blacktail Bob's embedded Photo
Blacktail Bob's embedded Photo
Its a nice buck alright and she's kinda good looking, but I think my wife is better looking and killed a bigger mule deer buck this year too.

Loved that read!!!

Thanks, Lisa is pretty darn proud of that buck. We mule deer hunt down around Prince of Wales Island in Southeast!!! The bucks are hard to find, but when you find one its a big dude!!!

From: Ermine
Good story.

From: Chris
her story was in Eastman's Bowhunting Journal a few issues back. nice buck for sure.

That is a good story. I dont know why people are so suprised about wonem who bowhunt. I only have one friend who has not taught his girlfriend or wife how to shoot a bow and taken them hunting. This is my girlfriends first year bow hunting. I must say it is fun teaching someone the way and watching them shoot their first deer.

From: Eddie in CT
Nice article, glad to see more women hunting. Never heard of her as a singer before, have to check out her website.

Congratulations Jolie,

After my Son was born my Wife took the hunter safety course,I believe she had the same thoughts you did as you looked at your husband holding your first Son.

Thanks for sharing your hunt with us.

From: kellyharris
BOB, Tell Lisa the Harris's say congrats. Morgans expression was wow that a big deer. I will try an give you a phone call later this week. Kelly

From: fen tiger
300 lb. cornfed midwest heifer or 95 lb. califonicette! Who cares as long as they share our passion hunting and as such we are equals!!!!! Remember gents tape measures are used to measure trophies...

That was a great read!

its great when a member of the entertainmenrt Community shares bowhunting thrill with the rest of us common folks

More power to the Women bowhunter!!!! You Go girl

Tink Nathan

From: fawn
You go girlfriend! The boys don't have anything on you!

From: JTV
Very good article....on last night's ABC evening news they had a piece about the upsurge in women taking up hunting and it was positive(McCain/Palin '08 !!), except for the token 10 second sound bite from HSUS......Way to go Jolie !!....Jeff

A Faith Hill she's not....(country music singer)....I'm Partial to that type of country music! Jolie did a wonderful job on that Muley!

But she shot a nice Muley.....and I love to see women get out there and BOW hunt! Congrats Jolie!

Blacktail Bob.......Bob.....Your Correct!!!! Nice Horeshoe too!.... ((*; That is One Beautiful Muley! and YES your wife is cute and congrats to her on that awesome animal!

From: TD
Great story, but I gotta admit at first I was lookin for Angelina. =D

My wife goes with me from time to time and enjoys it, but she won't shoot stuff. She sure is good at that "gather" though. Got more pretty rocks, pine cones and pieces of wood than I know what to do with.

Jolie, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. That is a wonderful article. I can just feel the tension and excitement as you were about to get the shot at the mulie. My wife does not hunt with us but your article makes we want to take another run at getting her out there.Have a wonderful season. You amd Marty rock! SS

From: writer
"A Faith Hill she's not....(country music singer)...."

Hey Herm...construtive and positive, remember?

You wouldn't want her saying you're no Tim McGraw, would you...though Judy would surely disagree. :-)

Always glad to see celebritites who're proud that they hunt.

From: Seeker
My wife and I would share a huntin camp with you young ladys any time!!! Great job!!!!! Can,t wait till my little huntin partner is old enough. She is 4 and hangs the long lip when grandpa goes without her. Makes me look forward to getting OLDER.

From: seeany
Thanks for an excellent story!

From: Beav
Jolie and her husband are a class act. They also have two young boys that are crazy about bowhunting. Jolie is great for our sport and has done an excellent job of relating all of the joys of bowhunting to the nonhunting crowd in a tasteful manner.

From: Wary Buck
I don't know, Herm, I've heard her sing and she is VERY good (as is Faith and the rest). As Beav said, the family is a credit to bowhunting. She did an interview with a big country music station in Omaha here and what a great, positive ambassador for the sport.

From: sipe
Where are these women in the world...I guess I will keep looking.

From: Genesis
My wife can write better than Bob's and Marty's though........ :)

From: gadan
Very good. It's nice to see celebs that are good role models. God knows we are flooded with the opposite most of the time.

She loves her husband, kids, God and hunting and a great singer to boot.

Thanks, Pat

From: t-dog
I don't believe this for a moment. These women just don't exist. At least I've never met one. Try as I may, I have not been able to convince my wife to give it try.

From: hmaxims
It's too bad that both Jolie and I are married, LOL. Instead of a hunting wife, I'd settle for a wife that doesn't turn up her nose when I cook my venison...

From: Chuck'M
I really enjoyed the article. Jolie sounds like a very accomplished and motivated woman.

Regarding marrying a spouse that enjoys hunting - you know, it would be convenient to pick one that is at least the same size as you are - that way you can swap hunting clothes! :^0

I got some real bonus (kitchen) points for making that post with Lisa’s photo. Not so much about the buck, but saying my twice the age wife is better looking than a much younger celebrity. I think I might actually get another hunt out of it next year!!!

From: MartyEdwards
Thanks to all of you for giving Jolie's story a read. No doubt I'm a little biased, but I'ts great to have the prettiest girl in the world as my bowhunting partner. I see some you guys also get to share the experience with your wives & girlfriends, what a blessing for us, don't you agree? Jolie and the boys and I have already had a very eventful season, which kicked off in Colorado, where Jolie was nearly stomped into the ground by a screaming 280 class bull. She's come along way from the girl I met nearly 20 years ago who didn't believe in hunting and wouldn't dare taste anything that I drug home. Antelope steaks and pheasant breast top her list of favorite meals in the world now. For those of you who wish your significant others would come along with patient, excited, willing to cater to their needs, and keep the trips short and fun especially when you're just starting. Nowadays, Jolie is dragging me out of bed to go climb into a tree. Life is good.

Good luck this season, and get your spouses out there with ya a time or two.


From: Rut Nut
Thanks to Jolie and Marty for sharing their story with us!

You sure got a "keeper" there, Marty! And thanks for doin' your part to further the sport of bowhuntin'!

Really nice to see a positive story about celebrities who cherish their hunting, family, God and country........not necesarily in that order! ;-)


From: Rut Nut
Hey, BTW- isn;t there a big COuntry Music/archery event every SPring down in Nashville?!

From: Herdbull
I have two albums by Jolie and like them a lot. Sara Evans and Jolie are comparable to me. The whole Edwards family is great for hunting. Mike

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