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Anybody hunted w/ Kelly Glause, Cole Crk
Mule Deer
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youngblood 04-Dec-06
youngblood 20-Dec-06
RandyFromPA 11-Mar-07
Doug 06-Apr-16
Sean D. 06-Apr-16
From: youngblood
Has anybody hunted with Kelly Glause and Cole Creek Outfitters in Wyoming? How was your hunt and would you dgo with them again?

From: youngblood
Kelly Glause outfits and hunts out of Casper, Wyo, has anybody had any experience with him??

From: RandyFromPA
youngblood, Do you ever find out any information on Kelly Glause? I drew an elk tag for the area just north of Casper and came across his name as a possible guide. Randy

From: Doug
Absolutely! He is a first rate gentleman and very knowledgeable. He will do everything within his power to get you a shooting opportunity, and go the extra mile for you, and then some, if necessary.

From: Sean D.
Doug, you might be a little late on your post!

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