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Best way to learn Taxidermy????
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Darkarcher 09-Feb-07
expeditiontraders 09-Feb-07
bo-n-aro 09-Feb-07
Elkstuffer 10-Feb-07
Bou'bound 10-Feb-07
Grey Ghost 20-Oct-20
Pete-pec 20-Oct-20
Deflatem 21-Oct-20
t-roy 21-Oct-20
DeerNut 28-Oct-20
From: Darkarcher
What is the best way to learn how to stuff animals? Anyone know of a self learning method?


09-Feb-07 has a forum that would be a good place to start. My brother took a course that was inexpensive at the local community college but I think the best bet is to work as an apprentice for someone already in the business. You will likely earn a small stipend while training.

good luck

From: bo-n-aro
Join your state taxidermy association and attend the yearly convention. Let everyone know that you want to learn. Go to the siminars and take a camera and note book. Ask questions. Call or email and get yourself a bunch of supply catalogs. Most have instructional tapes/DVD's. Subscripe to Taxidermy Today and/or Breakthrough taxidermy magazines. Read and study everything you can. Several taxidermist have corses, but they are a bit pricie. Atop by your local taxidermy shop and talk to them. Work out a deal for them to teach you...... work on something of your...... something of theirs. Offer to clean up the shop could not hurt. Good luck and have some fun!!!

From: Elkstuffer
Go to school. There are quite a few good schools in the west & midwest. The last thing you want to do is "practice" on someones trophy of a lifetime and have him embaressed to hang it on his wall. Yes, schools can be expensive, but if you're going to do it - do it right.

From: Bou'bound
anyone silly enough to allow some rookie to practice on their "trophy of a lifetime" would derserve what they got

From: Grey Ghost
I ordered a great video online about 20 years ago. It covered every detail from start to finish. I watched it twice before attempting my first mount, then referenced it several times during the process. I’d give that Pronghorn a 7 out of 10. Since then I’ve done about a dozen deer, one elk, and a bobcat. To me they look better than what comes out of many professional shops.

It’s a labor of love, for sure, and you need an artistic eye. I wouldn’t want a steady diet of it, but it’s extremely satisfying doing you own trophies.

I’ll see if I can find the name of the video when I get home in about a week.


From: Pete-pec
Best way? Get on a facebook forum and stroke egos, and learn through private messaging. Tell them how great they are, and assure them you are just looking for a hobby. Ask people who are not from your state. They tend to be more receptive to helping you, because you'll never be their competition. Lastly, if and when you're really ready to take taxidermy serious, forget those dumbass schools. Pay to do a one on one with a reputable taxidermist. Ultimately you're going to be assisted at first, and your teacher will have to be more hands on. You'll go home and suck, and through repetition you'll improve. Understanding anatomy and having some artistic talent won't hurt. With mammals, I'd assimilate it to a craft more than an artist (please taxidermists, don't take offense). Clean skinning, fleshing and tanning, followed by good sewing is a great deal of it, because the static manikin does a lot of the work. Yes, there are things that set people apart like ears, nose, eyes, and lips, but once you learn about turning ears and lips, and how to use glues, clays and epoxies, you'll learn how to improve, knowing how things work. It is not easy, and quite frankly, a good deer taxidermist is not charging what he should. People don't mind paying a mechanic or plumber 75+ bucks an hour, but they're often cheap when it comes to paying for high quality taxidermy. There's a great deal of satisfaction knowing you did it yourself, but don't expect miracles on your first several attempts.

From: Deflatem
My friend owns a school for taxidermy in Thompson falls Montana and I know he is a great taxidermist. He has done several mounts for me and has run the school for many years. PM me for his info.

From: t-roy
You guys DO realize this is a 13 year old thread, correct??

From: DeerNut
Best way to learn taxidermy? I need help from you people because i want to learn taxidermy, I don't have any idea how to take it or how to get help from dissertation help online. I need your plans strategies and what ever you said i want from you. I don't think so you cheated me because we all are here for each other help.

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