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quality outfitters of nm
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MRmich 05-Mar-07
MojaveJim 05-Mar-07
plough 24-Apr-19
Muley75 09-Jan-24
From: MRmich
Spoke to Bud Womack of quality outfitters from Datil New Mexico and I wondered if anyone hunted with him. What was your experience and would you go back. Thanks MRmich

From: MojaveJim
I've hope to draw an Ibex tag to hunt with Bud next Jan. I didn't get a chance to be guided by him last year for Elk but know he put his hunters on Elk. He is a heck of an archery hunter himself.

From: plough
this is an answer to a way old question...I hunted with bud several years ago...didn't get an elk (16e muzzle) but he damn sure showed them to me....go back with him in a minute....good camp and good horses

From: Muley75
Does anyone have any information on how to get a hold of MR Womack?

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