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Miss a deer 3 times.....dummmm
Whitetail Deer
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From: Durango

Durango's Link
Check out this video.........reminds me of those city bows that I have seen ask to see what a deer looks like while they are buying there tags.........or the one I seen check in a Mule..........Crazy!!

From: UrbanWolf
WAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! . . . . sad . . . .

From: hntn4elk
I'd sure hate to sitting in one of those other blinds with marksmanship and muzzle control like that exhibited.... Garo

From: Shuteye
That guy should quit.

There used to be a game reserve near my house. It was off limits to hunting and there were plenty of deer. The very first year they opened it to the public a bunch of hunters from Baltimore came down to hunt. Now I don't have any thing against city slickers but what happened made us country boy almost scared to go in the woods. Just before you get to the hunting area there were two old Hungarian men that lived in a shack in the woods. They had dirt floors, no plumbing or electricity. They grew what they ate, raised goats but they did have a pile of Campbell soup cans in the corner that was as tall as me. First day of deer season a Baltimore "Hunter" killed one of their goats. That was bad enough but they took it to the check station where they were arrested. They had a fine to pay and the judge made them pay for a new goat.

From: Troy 2 flips
I once had a gun that shot like that... lol

From: bowhunt1
I learned along time ago not to make fun of people that miss. The hunting gods look down upon that. LOL!

From: asatguy
The sound I hate most during rifle season is the, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom sequence of shots with about a second or two between shots. Unloading a magazine.

I just don't get it, I guess. I am 99% archery but when I do rifle, muzzleload, or slug gun hunt, that first one is going to count!

From: Amoebus
I think he was leading him a little too far.

From: Shuteye
An old man in Maine once told me: "One shot, meat in the pot, two shots maybe not."

From: RandBow
That is totally sad. Where do I find a dumb whitetail like that? Here in Wisconsin that deer would have been gone on the first shot..if he got a first shot at all. The really sad part is he wasn't even close on any of the 3 shots.


From: TradTech
I read the posts before watching the footage.

Well, I'm a little disappointed.

Not that he missed.

I was fully expecting to see him miss with a BOW!

What a sorry a$$ shot he is! LOL!

That's hunting?

Why doesn't he take his limo to the zoo?

From: ironhunter
I`m with Randbow,Here in WI that deer would have crossed that opening at a dead run and the hunter, even if he would have seen it, would`nt have had time to put down his coffee.

From: Durango
Well wouldn't you know it, must have been Karma........Three sets of does walked by my blind yesterday......opening evening........and the second set I took a shot at one..........

Well u guessed it I missed.......she was 22 yrds and I was sitting and thought she was 28 yrds..........and missed completly over her back and into a cedar tree...........Even miss judging only 6 yds.....I should have still hit.......but KARMA got me..........

From: Per48R
My third shot would have been on the range. Two big misses at the appearant close range means something is wrong.

From: Jimbob

Jimbob's Link
I actually know who this hunter is, he goes by the name "Dooda" over at the primos forum. He is also a member Team Hammerdog Outdoors video production team. They have a video out and this footage is on it. The crazy part is the following year he actually killed this buck. Here's a link

From: Ron
Now fellas you have to admit the guy did have a good group.

From: Shuteye
That wasn't a group, it was more like a pattern. hee hee

From: hmaxims
I think the only reason he was lucky to get two more shots off was the the deer was deafened on the first shot. LOL

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