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From: elmer
Got another migraine. started yesterday afternoon. woke up this morning and spent the first 5 hours of the day in my bedroom with no light , nausea and had to have a towel over my eyes because the light from my alarm clock hurt my eyes and head. I"ve taken 2 doses of excedrine and it's helped, but didn't completely kill the headache. as I"m typing I've still got the right eye closed to help, but at least I'm out of bed.

These headaches started back about 8 or nine years ago when I suffered from Seasonal affective disorder. I never ever had one before then. I used to get 2-3 a week. now I"m lucky they only come every 2 or 3 months. The only thing that seems to help them is excedrine, when it helps....not always or sometimes takes 2-3 doses. I tried the fancy prescriptions in the past but they didn't do anything. They come sometimes when I"m dehydrated...had a few come during hunting season like while out bear hunting this past spring. have them occurr when I've had a couple drinks. had them come when I'm fully hydrated and haven't had anything to drink for weeks. had them come in high and low stress times. Had it happen when I'm in great shape and when I"m in crappy shape.

Sometimes it feels like it is muscular related...don't know if the muscles tighten up and pinch nerves or tighten as a result of the headache. These are only on the right side...they start at the back of the neck and head and then move to directly behind my right eye. Never had it happen on the left.

Anyone out there have any thoughts? suffer from the same type of thing? Anything you take really help?

From: Genesis
Sounds like cluster....they are nasty

From: INbowdude
I get them as well. Actually had them in high school but never was diagnosed until I was 45. Best thing for me was to throw up, go back to sleep and 3-4 hours later I felt better. Tried some prescription stuff and that seemed to help me sleep them off. Best of luck, they are a pain. Mike

From: Matt
My wife used to get them bad, and since she went completely off of processed sugar they have all but disappeared. I think one cropped up during her pregnancy, but beyond that I do not think she has had one for 2-3 years.

From: decoy
On my mothers side of the family my aunts and uncles have terrible headaches. Have seen the pain they have indured, sorry you are going thru this difficulty. I've seen them bang their heads on walls and floors till they pass out. Once the Doctor had to come in and give the one uncle a shot in the stomach to help him. Now that they are in their 70's and 80's they have not had them for several years. Hope it clears up for you soon.

From: SteveOz
I have to get to sleep. Best method for that is to (I know risky) put 5-6 inches of bath water in the tub and lay down with my ears submerged. Usually my lovely bride wakes me after half hour or so and I then can get to sleep in bed. I once won a radio call in show for giving the best description of a migrane, as a kid I used to bang my head on the bed post because the imediate pain was a distraction to the headache.

Yours being on one side of the head makes me wonder, usually both eyes blurr. and I don't throw up until the next a.m.

I have out grown them, they were worst in middle school and college. 1 -2 per year now.


From: Tatertot45
If you get them when you drink and when you don't, they may be independant. Have you ever been checked for allergies to MSG, other food related allergies? I know that MSG can provoke a Histamine response that causes sever headaches. i have nasty Sinus allergies and have spent days in bed with crippling sinus headaches. Real christmas trees, mold, sawdust, beer, wine, some cheeses, all kill me. I take allevert everyday and it helps a lot. I'd go in for an alergy test, just to rule it out. But to me, it sounds like you may have a couple of things going on.

From: Joey Ward
Matt, are you a dad, now?

Expect migraines. Especially Christmas eve. The way they pack toys now.........he he he :-)

From: elmer
Yeah these things hurt like hell.....the only thing I've experienced that even comes close is when I almost frostbit my privates in a cross country ski race that was about 15 below zero....we got up to about 35-40 mph going down some of the bigger downhillls. after the race most of the guys, myself included were sitting in the bathroom on the floor banging heads against the walls so there would be some other kind of pain to distract us from the thawing! I t wasn't but about 2 or 3 years after that race I discovered wind briefs which help with that problem!!


From: wildwisc
I know my uncle gets them when he ingests MSG, chocolate, and a few other things.

On the up side, my ex used to get migraines bad and sex always seemed to help take the edge off. Sometimes make them go away completely. Trying can't hurt.

Just a thought.....

From: Matt
Joey, yessir. Katherine Rose was born 10/14/07.

From: Bassbacker
I'm certainly no Doctor, and you probably need to see one. Having said that, I used to get migraines across my head and into my ears and neck so bad that I would start crying.There were many times when it hurt to bad to even open my eyes. I would put a frozen can of juice on each temple and a cold towel on my forehead trying to kill the pain. Excedrin helped a little bit, but I had to take so many that I would cough up blood and become very nautious. A friend set me up with a doctor who said I had a vertabrae out in my neck. He fixed me up in 10 minutes and I have never had another problem, that was over 10 years ago. He did say I probably put it out carrying something heavy ( elk ). I hope you can get a hold on this soon.

From: Florida Mike
If you want go see a nurologist he can get you a prescription that will help. I suffered for years when my best friend died, I was worrying about it. I found after taking the medicine for a while that certain things trigger it, I.E. chocolate, wine alchhole, Good Luck. Mike.

From: Hawkarcher
Definitely see a neurologist. Sounds like a migraine but could be a cluster headache, temporal arteritis, who knows. Might need to try anything from Imitrex to anti-seizure meds. I haven't had one in years but I feel for you man.

From: foxbo
My 14 year old son has had them since age 5. He's seen a neurologist several times and various medications were prescribed. Some were blood pressure medications. Nothing helped. He had an MRI, and variouis scans and all were normal. When he feels a migraine coming on, he takes Tylenol and goes to bed. Sometimes, actually often, he chucks. We've never figured out what triggers it. I just hope he out grows them with time. It does seem to be getting better as he experiences fewer migraines now than he did just a few years ago. I feel sorry for anyone who has to endure what I see him go thru. If a cure is ever found, I sure would like to know about it.

From: snakedoc
imitrex-once discovered, migrain no more.

From: Kiteman
I get them regularly also. My mother suffered with them for most of her life, so I figure it's inherited. Went to neurologist for about 2 years, trying all kinds of stuff--Topamax, Trileptal, Verapamil, Nortriptylin. No results....

....until...RELPAX!! It's a cousin to Imitrex, but works better for me...Like a miracle...small pill, no tiredess, nausea or other side effects. Not perfect, but the best thing I've found. Gotta take it at first sign of a headache.

Most of mine came after a few hours sleep at night--woke up with them around 3 AM. I take 1/2 a tablet before bed and rarely get them now; if I don't take the pill, I get the headache.

You have my sympathy, for sure...hope you find something to help you. If you do, please let us know what it is!

From: elmer
Thanks for all the suggestions!

From: slow mover
When I had my first , wife an RN took me to the ER. I was given shot of Imitrex. I almost died! Seems that many people do not do well with that drug. In the begining some did die and many had bad reactions. Do check before taking that drug!

From: GeneJockey
I used to get them a couple times a year. I tried Cafergot, then ergostat. Cafergot would only work if you took it before you were even sure it was a migraine. If you waited long enough to be certain, it was too late.

Ergostat would get rid of the migraine, but always left me feeling like a wrung out dishrag.

Finally, one time I had one coming on and took four 200 mg Advil. 20 minutes later, it was GONE. I found it would even work when it was past the point where every other medication failed.

So, you could try that. However, my Doc said that migraines tend to be idiosyncratic, and what works for one person might not work for others.

From: Dgee
ive been on medication 4 the past few years....im so fortunate to have a family history...i take topamax 25 mg twice daily....if i get any indication like fuzzies or blind spots ill pop an exedrin.......fortunately they dont last 2 long that way....i used 2 get one about once a week......in the past 3 years ive had 3

From: elmer

From: Elkaholic
I've had them all my life and now I take fiorinal at the first sign of one coming which is usually my eyes start to get blurry.

From: Shuteye
They can really be a problem and I play music with a guy that had them for years. Lately he has been on perscription medication and can control them.

I knew another guy that suffered from Migraines all the time and they were so bad he couldn't stand it. The doctor told him the weight of his testicals pulling down was causing a strain and giving him the headaches. The doctor suggested removing one testical to see if that would help. The guy said he would do anything to stop the migraines. After the operation he continued to get headaches so the doctor told him there was only one cure. The other testical would have to be removed. After the operation the doctor told him that he realized this was a terrible thing to happen and he had to get his mind off of it. The doctor suggested he get an entire new wardrobe to make him feel better. The guy went to the mens's store and bought everything new to wear. The salesmand was showing him some underwear and told him that these were special material and very comfortable. The guy said to give him a pair in size 32. The salesman told him that he should wear size 34. The guy told him that he had been wearing size 32 for years. The salesman told the guy that he had been in the clothing business for 20 years and would guarantee that if he didn't wear size 34 he would suffer from the worst headaches ever.

From: Bowfreak
"I've had them all my life and now I take fiorinal at the first sign of one coming which is usually my eyes start to get blurry. "

I have had a couple in my life but, the last one I had was in January of 2006. I remember becasue my wife was getting ready to get out of the hospital after gall bladder surgery. Anyway, I thought I was having a stroke or something. My vision got all screwed up and blurry. About 10 minutes later I had the absolute worst headache of my life. If it wasn't a migraine I don't know what its. I really sympathize with anyone who has these regularly. It was probably some of the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced.

Oh and Matt....congrats on the daughter. If that is your first, I assume it is based on other posts in this thread, your life is really getting ready to change. It is all for good though.

From: buckfever
imitrex-I don't miss no more hunts I think the anticipation of a hunt and the inability to sleep the night before would contribute to the migraine because it seems I would get them more during a hunting weekend than any other time till I finally admitted that it was in fact migraines and went to the doctor he prescribed imitrex and said stay away from triglicerides (like lunch meat) and msg (like in all types of chips) wow thats kinda what I lived on when I was hunting, but not any more. good luck!

From: DevilFan

My wife gets migraines really bad. She gets one every couple of months. I would suggest you go to the doctor and see about getting som RX medications for it. My wife used to take Excedrin for it, but never really helped much. She tried Imitrex and that really didn't help her. Now she takes Zomig. This is the only thing that helps her. Also, if you do get a RX, take it at the first hint of a migraine. If you wait until it is already painful, it's too late.


Congratulations on the new baby. Having a baby is the greatest thing in the world. I wish the best for you and your family.

My wife and daughter both suffer with migraines.

The daughter takes imitrex and it works for her.

The wife injured her head in an auto accident 3 years ago in Jan/08. She hasn't had a migraine since. I wouldn't reccomend the accident but the imitrex may help. DAVE

From: BadgerND
I used to have cluster headaches and blurred vision quite often. I quit using anything that has Aspartame or Splenda in it on a recommendation. After 6 months, I haven't had a single cluster headache. Splenda for me seems to be the worst of the two.

From: Steelersfan
I used get to get them back when I smoked cigarettes. So bad I wanted to take a drill to my head and put a hole to eleviate the pressure. Back then I would puke, go to sleep and still wake up with blurred vision. No doubt about anything that constricts the blood vessles. I aso got them when dehydated climbing mountains etc. Hardly get them now that I quit smoking over 6 years ago. At the first sign of a head ache, I take a big old dose of ibuprophen/advil and drink crazy amounts of water. I mean like a double or triple dose. This usually nips them headaches in the bud. Definitly less caffiene, no nicotine, and plenty of water has helped me get rid of headaches.

Do you smoke or drink a bunch of coffee/cola??

From: rooster
I feel your pain. I've experienced migraines alot in the past. Take 3 aspirin or ibuprophine and go to bed. Leave the lights off. Tylenol or any acetometephine never works for me. You can get them from being dehydrated as well so make sure you drink plenty of liquids. My son gets them on occasion and has had a scrip for Imetrex. It works for him but has some side effects. Hope you feel better. MO

From: oxydds
Lots of great suggestions have been made here. I would definately go and see a neurologist to rule out any organic problems. There is a very small dental appliance called the NTi-tss which I have found will provide some patients with amazing relief from migraine headaches. Their website is www.headacheprevention.com. You should be able to discover alot of info there. I have no connection to it, but I have found their product to be effective. Also, I have heard alot of anecdotal evidence about various nutritional supplements that have really helped some people. I would get on the net and research like crazy.

From: elmer
When I finally get some good insurance again I'm planning on having my headaches looked at. but at this point I"m just going to have to suffer if I get another. our insurance runs out at the end of the month and i"ve been mostly unemployed since mid april, and with a 9 month old in the house there just ain't any extra money for a doc. I Just started back at work in the insurance industry myself, but have to wait to get the insurnace...go figure.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

elmer, I used to get them bad every month or two. I'd about have to OD on codine/tylenol to get rid of it. Meanwhile I was vomiting and stuck in the fetal position, about nine yrs ago I went to an eye doc to get an eye glass prescription and he asked me if I had been getting migraines or had a history of them. Case point, I got glasses and the headaches are gone. Hope this helps, Brian

I used to get them 2-3 times a month. Changed my eating habits and stopped eating certian foods ( onions, MSG, red wine). Now I seem to only get them every couple of months.

I get a twinge in the back of my skull or behind my right eye so I know when Im getting one. First and formost I purge my stomach, doing this makes the episode last half as long. Followed by two or three glasses of ice water and a Xanax. Cold compress to the neck or forehead and SLEEP till it goes away.

From: primitive
I agree on the checking to see if they are allergy related. I have a friend that has that issue. I get them less these days. I found that mine seemed to be related to stress. I would clinch my neck muscles and and jaw and then it would just move upward untill it was a full blown migraine. I switched jobs and went from about 1 or 2 a month to 1 or 2 a year. I also have been able to catch myself and put a stop to them by just relaxing. Best of luck hope things get better for you.


From: mbowker64
What kind of sugar do you use? My wife get one when she eats things made with sugar processed from sugar beets. Cane sugar doesn't bother her. They are chemically identical, but the Dr. says it has something to do with the processing. I agree with the allergy correlation.

From: Luckyonce

I suffered for years with migraines until I went to the UPMC headache clinic in Pittsburgh Pa. I was taking excedrin and it was actually makinig my headaches more frequent. They call it rebound, excedrin it loaded with cafiene and like an earlier post said it constricts the blood vessels in your brain. What triggers mine are caffiene and artificial sweetners. I can use splenda it is made from sugar. I take 75mg of topomax a day and Imitrex only when I have an attack. I went from 15 to 20 a month to 3 or 4 a year for the last 3 years. Good luck. There is help out there. It may take several attempts to find what works for you.

From: hmaxims
I had mild migraines (or severe headaches) for no apparent reason. The males in my family are prone to them. I tried chiropractors, new prescription glasses, had my blood pressure checked for high blood pressure - everything I could think of.

My MD put me on Imitrex and it worked, but I was also left with feelings of high anxiety. I cut the pill in half and it still made the headache go away without the side effects.

From: showme
My 13 year old gets them all the time

We found out Hot dogs was a big cause...that MSG stuff they put in meat triggers it.

I forgot this and Took him to a hockey game on the glass and got some hot dogs guess what....

If you knew what's in the stuff you eat and drink, you would puke.

imitrex works... then he upchuck's and it's let's eat.

From: commander
I know your pain!! It's hard to explain to someone how much pain your in. I feel like I just want to drill a hole in my head to see what the hell is going on in there. My mother my grandfather and my great grandmother all got bad headaches. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My sister takes Imitrex and it works for her. Good luck!!

From: smarba
Have only skimmed some of the posts, so perhaps a repeat.

Try a GOOD chirpractor. There are definitely quacks out there, but there are also some who really know their stuff and can help.

I've had good luck with Vanquish, which also contiains caffeine.

Good luck, Carl

From: Silky
Mine were caused by a spike in blood pressure, 40 mg of benecar and life is good!

From: showme
number 4 was your period... ;]]]



A turkey sandwich with a slice of cheddar, a diet soda, and a small piece of dark chocolate may make for a waistline- friendly meal, but for headache sufferers, it’s a decidedly unhealthy combo. All these foods contain chemicals with the potential to trigger migraines. (Cheddar, as well as other aged cheeses, like Brie and Stilton, contains tyramine, while chocolate has theobromine and phenylethylamine.) In diet sodas, the culprit is the sweetener aspartame. In a study of migraine sufferers conducted at the Montefiore Medical Center Headache Unit in the Bronx, New York, a little more than 8 percent of patients linked their head pain to aspartame. While researchers aren’t exactly sure why this chemical causes pain, one theory is that it alters neurotransmitter levels. “I’ve had patients whose migraines have decreased dramatically just by giving up their afternoon soda,” says Buchholz. Other possible food triggers:MSG (a preservative) and nitrate containing processed meats and fish.

Head it off

Keeping a food diary can be helpful in identifying potential headache triggers. Once you suspect a food may be to blame, try eliminating it from your diet and see whether it alleviates your symptoms. But be sure to eat regularly. “I tell my patients it’s more important that they eat than what they eat,” says Mannix. “If you skip breakfast, for example, you’ll have a drop in blood sugar, which can bring on a migraine.” 6 TRIGGER


Even if you think it smells nice, just a little whiff can bring on head-splitting pain. In one study from the Headache Center of Atlanta, almost 50 percent of migraine sufferers attributed strong scents, such as perfume or household cleaners, to an attack. “Odors reach the center of your brain via direct nerve pathways from your nose,” explains Siddhartha Nadkarni, M.D., a neurologist at the New York University Medical Center. For scent-sensitive individuals, this causes a cascade of neurotransmitters that can initiate a migraine.

From: Kip Krenz
Had them for almost a year. Went to the doctor and got some pills and they upset my stomach so bad was worse than the migraines. Went to a chiropractor for shoulder injury. She adjusted my neck and when I left the migraines were gone and stayed gone. Just a thought.

From: maine-iac
Mine are always caffeine related. Either I have too much, too little, or not at the right time.

From: polack
http://forums.slickdeals.net/archive/index.php/t-1130.html imitrex coupons

google carl pfeiffer clinic warrenville illinois, deals with chemical imbalances of the brain

http://www.hriptc.org/introducing_HRI.html Women and Migraines

Last Update: 11/02 9:43 am

Reported By:Jinah Kim - NBC Women are three times as likely as men to get those painful, debilitating migraine headaches - and now, a scientist at ULA says he knows why and he says - knowing what's causing it - has already resulted in a promising new treatment. Meet Jodi Fleming, mother, interior decorator and chronic migraine sufferer. Jodi Fleming/Migraine Sufferer: "I have suffered from daily headaches for 10 years." Fleming saw doctor after doctor who diagnosed her with everything from dehydration to depression. Jodi Fleming: "I was at the end of my rope." When all else failed she saw Dr. Andrew Charles, a top headache researcher at UCLA. And she learned she wasn't alone. Dr. Andrew Charles/UCLA Headache Research & Treatment Program: "Five percent of women have a headache more than 15 days per month. So it's a huge percentage of the population that has a headache nearly every day." In fact, women suffer from severe headaches, known as migraines, three times as much as men. A possible reason? A phenomenon called "cortical spreading depression." Dr. Andrew Charles: "It's actually a spreading wave of electrical activity that moves across the surface of the brain very slowly." This is a CSD wave moving across the brain of a mouse, signaling the start of a migraine headache. studies showed female mice were far more susceptible to these waves than males. scientists don't know why - or what triggers the waves.

But, Dr. Charles found a drug that blocks these waves called Namenda, or memantine - usually used to improve memory in alzheimer's patients. "In a study of chronic migraine sufferers, 60% of those who had taken memantine reported that the frequency of their headaches had been cut in half."

Jodi Fleming: "It's heaven absolute heaven. I have my life back." In the 5 weeks she's been on memantine, Fleming says she's had just 5 small headaches.

The drug isn't FDA approved for migraines - yet. but Dr. Charles says women everywhere can take comfort that help is on the way. Dr. Andrew Charles: "The main message that I would want to give to patients is that they simply shouldn't just live with their headaches." Most doctors don't know about using memantine, also known as "namenda" - for migraines.. and insurance companies may not cover the drug. There are other migraine treatments currently out there on the market - but one of the best things migraine sufferers can do, according to dr. charles, is to have as much consistency in their lives as possible: eating food at regular times during the day, and not varying caffeine intake.

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From: Thornton
I get headaches almost daily. They were real bad bad in 2011 and my wife ordered a couple MRIs on me. Radiologist said I have a "demyelinating process". Neurologist said I have MS. Neuro tried some meds on me that made them worse. After graduation from my program and learning my job, my stress decreased. I learned what foods to avoid and how to manage my stress. Symptoms have been mild the last few years and I take excedrin daily which seems to do the trick. Once in a while, the landscape business and ER job catch up to me and I get a headache that just won't go away. I'll usually get a script for steroids from work and that knocks it out.

From: Norseman
50 mg of immetrex does wonders for me. Nothing else will make any difference.

From: casper
Take the herb feverfew a standardized extract capsule one a day and the headaches stay away. takes about 3 weeks to kick in.

From: brettpsu
Wow this is an oldie. For years I blamed my "pain" on a herniated disc in my neck. The pain always starts in the back of my head/neck and works toward my eyes. Wasn't till I seen a headache specialist that I realized the "pain" was migraines. I tried ever prescribed drug there is with no luck at all. After exhausting all medicine options they tried Botox on me. Finally something that worked. Went from 25 headache days a month to maybe 4-6.

From: petedrummond
Go to a neurologist bowsite is the second worst place for medical or legal advice. The worst is facebook.

From: Bowbender
Migraines suck!! I get several a year. One of my triggers happens to be beer. The headache part while painful, isn't the worse for me, it's the nasuea. I had one the beginning of October, I thought I was gonna puke my ass out. Wife has anti-nausea medicine that I'll take if it gets too bad. Helps that it's a sedative as well. Once I get to sleep I'm out for hours. Usually wake up feeling a million times better, though somewhat drained.

From: RK
I have only had two migraines in my life but my wife was plagued with them

Her relief finally came from Botox

BUT I'm going to echo Pete Drummond. GO SEE A DOCTOR!

Good luck!!

I have suffered with " Cluster Headaches " for years & have seen several neurologists as a result. Different medications were tried but none really helped until I was given the IMITREX injections. It is merely an epi-pen type injection & works for me in about 20 minutes. Fortunately for me the last neurologist told me the headaches would decrease as I go older, & that has seemed to be true. Mine seemed to be triggered by very hot / humid weather, or stress & were always centered over my right eye. The IMITREX injections are quite expensive, even with good insurance, but I never wanted to wait for the tablets to take effect.

From: Bobinaz
See a doctor is the best advice. I would ask him about Sumatriptan. I used to get them because of three reasons, eye strain by glassing too much, overexertion, and not drinking enough water(hunting here in arid southern arizona you need to stay really hydrated). Since getting Sumatriptan 100 mg, my migraines last about 20-30 mins and I’m functional again. Hope this helps -Bobinaz

From: Flatlander_2
I started taking a turmeric supplement. “Knock on wood”, I have not had one since I began. My doctor said that if it helps, keep it up.

From: krieger
A medical Doc will just start prescribing drugs...go to an Emotion/Body Code Practitioner. they will muscle test you and find out exactly what it is. Can range from emotional traumas to allergic reaction, to genetic component. Do yourself a solid and actually get some answers, not guesses.

From: buckhammer
Several years ago I use to get horrible headaches. They would always come on while I was sleeping. Hurt so bad I couldn't get out of bed and be steady on my feet. It took me 3 doctors to finally get a proper diagnosis. Come to find out my blood pressure was spiking while I slept and that was the cause of my headaches. I now take Lisinopril daily and have not had a headache in years.

From: Altizer
I’ve suffered with clusters for 45 yrs off and on. I’ve had multiple breaks in the spin and neck, head trauma, blow up, etc. and those were the good days compared to the headaches. Sometimes I will go years without one and then boom. Seems like February is the worse month.. you have to figure out triggers. Light levels and patterns are major as well as smells, kerosene and diesel for me. Stay hydrated!!!!!! Sleep patterns are Hugh!! Hugh!,, As far as meds I use imetrex. I have to take it at the first indication of issues. Two years ago they hit me bad. 3 to 4 a day. Usually they last a month or so but these went on for 3 months. Went to a neurosurgeon with my daughter and he saw I was also hurting and asked what was wrong. He suggested I try gababentine. Started out at 900 mg a day and bumped to 1200. Slept the best I’ve ever slept. Headaches went away and I haven’t had one since. Down to a low dose in before bed now. I’ve heard good and bad on the stuff but it has really helped. I have felt them creeping back in and upped the dosage with no issues. It has helped me. Best of luck. Stay steady on the sleep.

There are a couple brand new migraine meds out that are way better than what we’ve had in the past. Go see a Neurologist.

From: SBH
Lots of good stuff here. Lot of variables too it sounds like. I also suffer from them. I didn't know they were migraines but I would randomly get about 1 month, down for the count, throw up, lie in bed for 6-8 hours. Over the counter meds didn't help. I guess i'm stubborn cause I just kinda dealt with it most of my life. I figured sometimes you just don't feel good. I finally went to a doctor, got a prescription and its a game changer. I take a pill if I feel it coming on, which I'm learning to feel when they are starting. IF I do that....they are gone within an hour. I think it's called immitrex. Works wonders for me.

From: Jeff Durnell
I know this was an old thread originally, but since it's drawn interest again I just wanted to add... undetected food allergies can cause system inflammation which can cause chronic headaches... among other things.

For me it's gluten. If I eat 100% gluten free, I'm ok. If I eat gluten 2 days in a row, the headaches come... and stay, most every day, until the gluten is out of my system and my body's immune response to it is over. Two or three days of gluten can affect me for a few weeks or more. If someone has gluten intolerance, doesn't know it, and eats it every day, they could have headaches every day. My daughter was even getting mini-strokes from it. Doesn't have to be full blown Celiac, just a moderate intolerance can do that, and even worse things to us. And gluten intolerance is hereditary.

An easy way to find out, and the only way to avoid symptoms is to eliminate ALL gluten. After 100% gluten free, it will take a few to several weeks to see results, but if that's it, you can feel better than you have in years. It can help with stiff, painful, swollen joints, swollen sinuses, heart rhythm abnormalities, g.i. issues from one end to the other, autoimmunity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and more. There's also a simple test you can take at home and send away for the results. Do the fecal test, not the blood test. Search for Eterolab in Texas if interested. I don't even think you need a doctors prescription to get the test.

Of course, an allergy to a different food could cause headaches too. And it can often be found by doing the Elimination diet. Look it up if you want. I think if something like this is the cause of the headaches, it's better to remove it from your diet, removing all current and future effects, rather than use drugs to treat just the headaches. Just my $0.02

From: Zim
Just had a full blown case of Covid-19 ruin my entire 2020 hunt season, but reading these stories makes me feel so lucky. I typically need only one or two Tylenol in an entire year.

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