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How to Transport a Mount?
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From: Calhoun
Any ideas on how to transport an elk mount? Here's the deal: I will be driving across two states to pick up my elk mount. I would rather not pull an enclosed trailer, but will if I have to. Any ideas on how I might secure/protect the mount in the back of my truck and also protect it from possible rain, snow etc? I don't have a topper. I have some huge plastic bags to wrap it in, but I'm not quite sure how that will travel for 800 miles.

Shipping it from the taxidermist is not in cards as I plan on doing some scouting while I'm out there, so I might as well just bring it back with me.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

From: NYbob
I transported one from Cape Cod to NJ a while back in the back of my pickup (in the rain) I used those big plastic drum liners and a lot of duct tape, then threw some more moving plankets over that, came home and it was fine. I also strapped it down good.

From: herd bull
How about renting a mini-van? If it was mine I wouldn't trust it in the back of an open pickup. Just my opinion though.

From: Sharp Sticks
Take a sheet of plywood and screw through it into the back of your Elk mount so the nose is up. Wrap in tarps and your on your way.

From: Calhoun
I thought of the mini van idea. It would certainly be worth it in case of bad weather. Up here (I have to go to Montana) you never know what you might run into in the spring. Thanks!

From: billygoat
If you have some old garden hose to put over the tine tips for the first few inches would be good, then secure with duct tape. Also, wrap the fur with old towels or blankets, pack foam around any place necessary to keep it from moving. Any spot that is allowed to move on a long trip wll get a spot rubbed bare. Good luck-post some pics when you get home!

From: gutshot
Any possibility of borrowing a topper from a friend?

From: Tradbow
id just let them ship and insure, one fender bender and it could be ruined or stolen!!! sprnd the $$ let them ship your trophy of a lifetime!!

From: Z Barebow
If you wrap it, I would use the 3 M packing tape. It comes on a handheld dispenser and it is like cellophane. (Not sticky). It can stretch and hold wrapping firm. (IE Keep it from moving) We used it to wrap and move our furniture a couple summers back. Keeps packing blankets in place. Bought it at Menards, (Lowes, Home Depot type store)


From: 1Rudeman
Pay a little extra and have them crate it, then put the crate in the back of your truck, wrap with a tarp and go.

From: Kodi
I personally would not risk it. especially in bad weather. Find something enclosed and strap it down. Also that is a reason I have taxidermy done where I live. I get nervous just going 20 miles much less 800. Way to precious to risk. jmo

From: Proto
I moved 22 mounts from NM to CO via commercial mover. They showed up, took some measurements and then went to the local lumber and bought a bunch of screws, 1" X 2" slats and some plywood. They made a crate for each mount with one side of plywood, to which they fastened the mount. The other sides had widely spaced slats, to which they tacked cardboard. They wrapped the whole thing in plastic. Everything survived the trip in one piece.

From: sdkhunter
5x8 enclosed trailers rent for around 30-$40 a day around here, I personally don't think it's worth the risk to try and go in the back of your truck for that distance...

From: Dale06
What Sharp sticks said should work fine.

I moved 20 mounts last spring. Rented a moving van. Screwed 2x4s about 4-6’ long to back of each mount. Then screwed the 2x4 to the floor of the truck. Mounts were from elk to small African stuff. Worked great.

From: Scrappy
I'd just crate it up then tarp it.

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