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genesis and bowfishing
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bowfishingrandy 25-Feb-08
Maze 27-Feb-08
Deerman1 27-Feb-08
mark land 27-Feb-08
Doby 05-Apr-19
Beendare 09-Apr-19
we use them on our platforms at hunting shows they shoot great i think you will like them we shoot them alot with no major problems. For better outdoors take a kid hunting & fishing it's our future. Randy

From: Maze
My son has one and bowfish's with it. I dont know what the poundage its set at right now but he said he has bounced off of fish. I know he stuck a few smaller gar wit it.

I'd like to crank up the poundage and see how it does.

From: Deerman1
My son has one. I also have a 35# recurve. The Genesis isnt even close to the recurve in power. I bottomed out the limbs one day to compare.

From: mark land
Not enough energy for shooting normal fish in anything deeper then a foot! Just will not penetrate larger fish enough, does work well for shooting smaller fish on top, but not the bigger ones. My expereience starting my daughter out is to get close to 30# in draw weight with a compound and they will stick the fish much better. Recurves require even more and 40# min for those! Mark

From: Doby
I have bowfishermen with one for two years now and love it. I shoot mainly common carp here in Two Rivers Wisconsin. I am not saying the genisis will work for everyone but in the three rivers that I fish in my area, this bow works extremely well. Most fish I shoot are in shallow water, 2 to 3 feet deep. I use a full length,white shaft arrow with the barbs squished down against the shaft as far as I can. I keep the tips needle sharp, If I cant, I replace them with new tips. I shoot carp all day long with the genisis.20 lbs is enough for the rivers I fish.

From: Beendare
The dedicated Compounds for bow fishing are fantastic with a little more oomph than a Genesis. Cheap too.

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