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Whats the best archery book
Contributors to this thread:
Wapiti 09-Mar-08
longboman 09-Mar-08
razor 09-Mar-08
pescarconganas 10-Mar-08
Xtecera 10-Mar-08
Spike Bull 10-Mar-08
Bowhunter1590 10-Mar-08
Bou'bound 10-Mar-08
BOA_FL 10-Mar-08
Deacon Dave 10-Mar-08
gutshot 11-Mar-08
Rick K 11-Mar-08
Hawkeye 20-Dec-19
DanaC 20-Dec-19
Yellowjacket 20-Dec-19
midwest 20-Dec-19
RT 20-Dec-19
From: Wapiti
I was wondering about what you all think is the best archery book on the market to teach help a experienced archer of 25 years

From: longboman
Wapiti after 25 years of archery i'm not sure there is a book that can drastically help any of us. Are you talking archery or hunting with archery equipment? There's always tips and tricks to learn but major knowledge curves I don't know.

From: razor
Bernie Pellerite's "Idiot Proof Archery". Covers all aspects from tuning and shooting form with an emphasis on overcoming target panick and how not to get it to begin with.

I just picked up Timeless Bowhunting by Roy S. Marlow, and found it to be really informative

From: Xtecera
There are a few good ones, but the best all level book in my opinion is "Bernie Pellerite - Idiot Proof Archery." It will be useful from beginner to advanced and all the in-between stages.

From: Spike Bull
Another vote for Bernie and also a must read is Larry Wise' book " Core Archery". ANY archer who reads those two books without learning something important is Homer Simpson's brother!

Hunting the Hard Way by Howard Hill. Timeless tales and well written. I read a lot and this book sits in my top 5 in any genre.

From: Bou'bound
a check book

i've learned a ton from using if for archery

From: BOA_FL
I loved hunting the hard way. Actually my great grandfather was mentioned in it he guided Howard Hill in Florida.

From: Deacon Dave
Since you asked for an archery book and not a bowhunting book, I'll also vote for IDIOT PROOF ARCHERY by Bernie Pellerite. I have just recently refered to his thoughts on hunting arrow wt. He has had great success with arrows as light as 307 gr. He hasn't sold me to go that light but his success makes me feel better about my recent assembly of 391 gr. arrows. Shoot sharp - shoot straight!DD

lol@Bou' true!

From: gutshot
Im surprised no one mentioned Cameron Hanes Backcountry Bowhunting. Its gotta be the best I have ever read.

From: Rick K
The Witchery of Archery, by Will Thompson. First published in 1879 (not a typo, 1879). May not teach you a lot but it sure will light a fire in your belly for days gone by. Once you learn the language and vernacular of the 1800's it is a very interesting read. With chapters dedicated to hunting woodpeckers, rabbits, and/or spending a few months in the Florida Everglades doing nothing but bowhunting interest you then this is the book. Also goes into detail about the popularity of field archery.

Rick K

From: Hawkeye
Bernie's book and also check out Joe Bell's "Technical Bowhunting"

From: DanaC
With 25 years worth of bad habits under your belt you don't need a book, you need a coach!

From: Yellowjacket
Proactive Archery by Tom Dorigatti

From: midwest
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From: RT
Well hopefully he learns how to archery.

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