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Anybody eaten Blackbuck or Fallow deer?
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gil-l-getum 03-Aug-08
ahunter55 03-Aug-08
Ks bowman 04-Aug-08
Aussiebowhunter 04-Aug-08
Jay (InOz). 04-Aug-08
Bigpizzaman 04-Aug-08
CEO 04-Aug-08
Shifty 05-Aug-08
MRmich 06-Aug-08
thesquid 06-Aug-08
Lad 06-Aug-08
JM 06-Aug-08
Ytailhtr / Home 01-Oct-08
Txnrog 01-Oct-08
Neb_Bowhuntin' 01-Oct-08
fuzzy 01-Oct-08
LongbowBob 04-Oct-08
milnrick 08-Oct-08
Jwillman6 08-Oct-08
Johann 19-Dec-08
Jwillman6 19-Dec-08
Knife2sharp 20-Dec-08
BadgerND 21-Dec-08
Red Dot 22-May-09
kshogman 22-May-09
bowhunterbill 22-May-09
jrohit 07-Feb-20
HH 07-Feb-20
Buffalo1 07-Feb-20
Treeline 07-Feb-20
From: gil-l-getum
We will be going to Texas soon to shoot Blackbuck and fallow deer just curious how the might taste Good, fair, or bad. thanks

From: ahunter55
Fallow, Axis, Red Deer are all excellent. I have taken 2 Fallows. Axis is exceptionally good. None taste like Whitetail-at least none I have ever had in 52 years of Bowhunting. Good Luck.

From: Ks bowman
Fallow is great. Havent had blackbuck but I heard it was really good too.


Eat fallow all the time. Nice tasting meat. Not as good as Axis as ahunter says.

I haven't had Whitetail so I can't compare the two

From: Jay (InOz).
Fallow is my favourite venison. I like red deer- not so keen on sambar. But then it depends how hungry you are- like I always say, if it bleeds you can eat it :) Jay (InOz).

From: Bigpizzaman
Have shot/eaten both, great table fare can't go wrong. Axis is the best any time I get a shot at an Axis doe I take it, just because it is the best!

From: CEO
Blackbuck is good but as most others have said Axis is awesome. Wherever you're going see if you could take an Axis doe so you can try it.

From: Shifty
Marinade the fallow deer venison in a red port wine, with a little Cavenders greek seasoning and grill.

From: MRmich
The Blackbuck is some of the best venison I have ever tasted. Check out bowhunters paradise that is where I got mine from.Tell Jim Dr. Mike sent Ya. MRmich

From: thesquid
Fallow is great, never had Blackbuck.

From: Lad
I'd had both. Blackbuck is my favorite of the two but both are good.

From: JM
I concur that Blackbuck is as good or better than Axis/Fallow deer venison.


Black Buck Baskstraps...butterflied, and simple seasoned with salt and pepper....D E L I C I O U S !!!!!!!!!!

From: Txnrog
Of the two, blackbuck is the better. I still prefer axis over either, but it does have a mild venison flavor. Blackbuck is a true antelope (gazelle), and a grazer - anytime you get that, as the case with many of the african antelope, you have a very mild meat with little to no gameyness


Neb_Bowhuntin''s embedded Photo
Neb_Bowhuntin''s embedded Photo
Bowsafari has both and alot of them. Here is a picture of some Blackbucks. The last time I was there, I seen a bunch. This year, I just may have to take one to see how they taste. But not sure which one... Some say black buck and some say Axis...HMmm Decisions!! LOL

Shoot Str8 and Stay safe


From: fuzzy
any of the deer are great

From: LongbowBob
My son took a Blackbuck at Bowhunter's Paradise. The meat is good,but it has a peppery taste to it. Must be what they eat there. The taste is not objectionable, I just noticed it.


From: milnrick
Both are excellent. As a matter of fact we'll be having Fallow chops this evening -- my wife took a White Fallow a few weeks ago to complete her 'fallow slam'. Enjoy!

From: Jwillman6
I heard Axis is the best venison, but Fallow is excellent.

From: Johann
Chicken Fried is always good. Has also used it in chili.

Would like to know if anyone has a recipe for sausage.

From: Jwillman6
Fallow is excellent, I've never had black buck.

From: Knife2sharp
I've have black buck and it's my favorite, but never had axis or fallow. I've had Aoudad and it's good too.

From people that have had all, they pretty much list them in this order: Axis, black buck, fallow, Aoudad, and whitetail comes after. This discussion comes up all the time on

I also like pronghorn and bear more thant whitetail, so my personal list would be: black buck, pronghorn, elk, Aoudad, bear then whitetail.

From: BadgerND
We've taken both and they're both good. Axis is better, as is about any African antelope, elk, caribou.

From: Red Dot
I have eaten Fallow, whitetail and Axis, but never a black Buck. Went hunting for Black buck and prong horn. Didn't get either one. The Fallow was very good, but the Axis was much better.....more tender and less wild taste. Red dot

From: kshogman
Fallow dear are great, the best wild game you will ever eat.I take the steaks wrap it in bacon cook med rare on the grill with a cold Dos xx you are in heaven.

They both make wonderful table fare but as with many species the meat will be better when they are NOT rutted up. The Fallow can get particularly funky during rut.

From: jrohit
You should visit India. They have best black buck. #BatCatSnakeMon

From: HH
Blackbuck is very good. Very dark meat. Ones I ate were eating sugarcane and Keav'e beans. Fallow good as well. Not as dark a meat. Axis, eaten them in three distinctly different areas of the world. Superior. Can be eaten down to the hoof. Often said "No wonder the tiger loves to hunt and eat them".


From: Buffalo1
Fallow is good - never eaten blackbuck. None compares to axis.

From: Treeline
Axis is the best!

Blackbuck is good but not much of it.

Fallow doe isn’t bad. Pretty close to whitetail.

Fallow bucks aren’t good in the rut but good pre rut.

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