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Rage broadheads wont screw in my arrows
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a4shooter 23-Aug-08
camoman73 23-Aug-08
JTV 23-Aug-08
Iowa bound 23-Aug-08
monk 24-Aug-08
Drummer Boy 24-Aug-08
Bill in MI 24-Aug-08
Drummer Boy 24-Aug-08
Bigpizzaman 24-Aug-08
Africanbowhunter 25-Aug-08
#1Ruger 04-Feb-23
WhattheFOC 05-Feb-23
4nolz@work 05-Feb-23
greenmountain 05-Feb-23
midwest 05-Feb-23
Huntiam 05-Feb-23
midwest 05-Feb-23
pav 05-Feb-23
EmptyFreezer 05-Feb-23
WYelkhunter 05-Feb-23
ILbowhntr 05-Feb-23
Woods Walker 05-Feb-23
LUNG$HOT 05-Feb-23
standswittaknife 06-Feb-23
From: a4shooter
okay..i bought brand new beman team realtree arrows..and then bought rage two blade expandable broadheads..and the broadheads wont screw into the arrows..?? any help??

From: camoman73
clean the inserts screw in a field point.

From: JTV
Glue backed up into the need to clean out the threads....heat up a field point with a propane torch and carefully screw it in while still hot(do this a few times till the threads are clean)...of course hold it with a pair of pliers....Jeff

From: Iowa bound
Try turning your broadhead backwards until it skips over the first thread making a click sound, then start to tread them in. This may help.

From: monk
An 8/32 bottoming tap will do a great job....Chuck it up on your cordless drill, set the tension to as low as it will go (#1 ??), keep a loose grip on the arra'shaft and you can do 3-400 in an hour. LOL

From: Drummer Boy
Use a starter tap center's better no need for a bottom tap it's drilled through.

From: Bill in MI
It's a sign from God!

From: Drummer Boy
Sorrey monk you are right it is a blind hole in a insert if you have to go all the way you do need a bottom tap.Most of the time you don't have to tap it that far.Year's ago I borrowed a starter tap from work and ground some of the taper off just to clean the first few threads that's normaly all you have to do.

From: Bigpizzaman
you are lucky, it's a sign use another head all the "rage" about the rage is pure marketing! Seen it fail too many times either opening before shot or poor penetration!


Africanbowhunter's Link
K-Y Jelly?


Just clean as mentioned some cheap inserts get out of specs

Fiddle some


From: #1Ruger
I'm having same problem, the broadhead threaded portion seems to be 1 size smaller than the insert in the arrow

From: WhattheFOC
It’s a sign

From: 4nolz@work
China Rages?

I would try to run a die over it. If I didn't have a die I would go to the hardware store and get a nut to try on the threads. This would prove the broadhead was the problem. It is more than likely glue in the insert threads.

From: midwest
Well here’s a blast from the past! Ol’ Tink even posted.

From: Huntiam
Did u buy the deep 6 verision? They won’t screw in normal insert

From: midwest

From: pav
Damn...I had an answer in mind, but too many guys beat me to the punch!

From: EmptyFreezer
Did they deliver the broadheads via Hot Air Balloon? May be a sign..

From: WYelkhunter
"Did u buy the deep 6 verision? They won’t screw in normal insert"

First thing that I thought of

From: ILbowhntr
Still junk after all these years

From: Woods Walker
Maybe they need more privacy? ;-)

Best way to fix it is to remove from arrow tip, find and deposit into the nearest trash receptacle and buy literally and COC 3-4 blade fixed head.

Def a sign… run don’t walk

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