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carpenter 27-Nov-08
Blacktail Bob 27-Nov-08
XTEC 29-Nov-08
Bentshaft 30-Nov-08
'Ike' 30-Nov-08
ivanok1634 21-Mar-21
From: carpenter
I would like to know a few things about the X-Tech,like what year or years were they made,the IBO and general opinion of this bow- fast smooth quiet? I know Hoyt has a great following,I am trying to get into compound bows,any info would be great.

I had one and liked it. When I lost it while I was being washed down the Eklutna River, I bought an UltraTech to replace it. I like the UltraTech better, but the XTech is a fine bow too.

From: XTEC
I like mine and have not found a better bow yet. 4th set of new cables and strings this year. decided to go w/WC and a good choice it was. I did put an STS on mine but still have the string leeches on it. May try and remove this year. I am shooting 291 fps>>>

no reason for me to switch to newer cause mine works fine.

From: Bentshaft
I love mine ...can't find fault with it's fast, accurate, easy to tune and stays tuned, reliable, shoots broadheads like a dream, right size and weight, great grip ( Hoyt's best grip IMO )....a shooter built like a tank!

From: 'Ike'
'XTec' great Hoyt bow, made in 2003-2005 range...

From: ivanok1634
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