Bighorn Bow Company back in business!
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If your looking for a great hand made custome bow you have too check these guys out! After the old owner shut down and didnt finish the orders the new owner Rich Burch took the time and money out of his own pocket to fill the orders of all those who paid for them but didnt see them! We need to help keep a guy like this around! check out his website at bighornbowcompanyusa.com!

From: gary royce
do you have a better link to the website? i've tried a couple of times and can't find it.

From: St. Croix
I was on the new site, pretty tough to see what they even look like with the one marginal picture. Hopefully they get some pics on there so a guy can see what he's ordering. They were great bows back in the day!

Big Horn Girl, Could you tell me about the company before? Was it located in Bozeman? That bow that was made in Bozeman was a good one. What happen to the old company? When did it close? My e-mail is cmacwrobinson@yahoo.com I would appreciate it if you could get back to me. I would like to have a bighorn bow, just was wanting to be sure it was the old company reactivated. Thanks, Clay

From: Lucas
Ten year old thread! I don't know if you will get an answer from her. The Bighorn bow company I was familiar with was based in Colorado, but I am not sure what happened to it following its sale to King...

From: GF
Bighorn bow Company was started by Fred Asbell in CO and it has been pretty much a Tale of Woe and Intrigue since Fred Sold it over 20 yeas ago.

I have one from Y2K and it is a great shooter, but then the company changed hands again and that must’ve been when the Woes began....

From: Trial153
This reminds me to dig up a 10 year old thread, just for the hell of it .

From: Kurt
I’ve got a Custom Bighorn with two sets of limbs from the Asbell days. PM me if you are looking for one in great shape. Not home for a few days but can get specs then.

From: markr
There was a Bighorn longbow co. based in MT. during the same time frame as G. Fred's company

From: Greg
Yes there was his name is Ron Mauding.

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