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Louie Armbruster Original Zebra Longbow
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Hi. I would like to invite anyone that knew Louie Armbruster, friends or customers, to contact him at 480-984-3563. He resides in Mesa, AZ and is doing well. His wife, my mom, Emma died two years ago and my dad could use the conversations. He is looking forward to hearing from you.

I am a niece of Louie's and I would like to purchase a zebra long bow, I thought someone took over the company when Louie retired. Out of Dickeyville, WI.

From: Grevy
Hi, My name is aaron scott and I have a zebre made by louie in 1979. I have been out of archery for awhile but loved your dads bows!!! when he was still in Wisconsin I went up and visited with him for a day and I cant tell you how good of man he seemed to me. He made me eat indian turnip. as a joke of course it made my whole mouth tingle!! Cant say i know him well but i thought i would share that with you.. Glad to hear he is doing well. I often search for zebras online but dont have too much luck i must say. take care and its nice to know louie is still kickin around out in Arizona!

From: rldarmstr
Yes...a young man did take over the business. I spoke with him a time or two but that was some years ago. I have not heard anything from him nor have I hear that Zebra bows were still being produced. I tend to think he is no longer in business.

I have one of Loui's bows. A 46#, 70" beauty. I am thinking about having a lighter longbow made and wish Mr. Armbruster was still available for that task.

Sorry I can't be more help on the name or status of the young man that took over the business.

From: bowjack
Buddy of mine has a 80# Zebra longbow he purchased new in the mid eighties. I don't think it has been shot since then. He has asked me several times if I knew anyone that was looking for a 80# bow. I'm sure he would make someone a good deal on it.

From: Roger Ascham
Back in the early 80's I ordered a lovely Zebra longbow. When UPS delivered it to my door, the bottom 14 inches of the box was bent over 90 degrees, the bow snapped and ruined. When I later ordered a Howard Hill longbow, I went to Hamilton, Montana and picked it up in person from Ted and Betty Ekin. Beware of shipping longbows!

I would love to purchase any of my Dad's Zebra bows. Please contact me at [email protected] or 480-827-8521. Thanks.

From: IowaBill
I am also looking for Armbruster bows. I used to live near where Mr. Armbruster had his shop in Blue Grass, Iowa. Some friends of mine and I have been looking for him for years. Lost the trail in Wisconsin

From: IowaBill
You may contact me at 515-835-2696 regarding the 80# Zebra bow.

From: KindSir47
Hello Everyone,

It looks like this thread is over two years old, so I wonder if this will be received by any of you.

I have an old Grevy Zebra Longbow made by Louis Armbruster, 47 lbs at 28" and 69" long. I enjoyed shooting it all through the eighties and switched to a heavier bow, a Skookum, made by Fred Anderson.

The bow I had before the Zebra Longbow was a Howard Hill Longbow and when I switched from that to the Zebra, boy, what a difference, -so much less hand shock!

I guess I'd like to sell it and see it go to a good home 'cause I don't shoot that much anymore. I still teach people how to shoot, and how to make arrows, but I don't do much myself anymore.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Cheers! And, good shooting! -David

From: Doug Duncan
I would be happy to hear from any of my old customers.I am currently reTired and will correspond with traditional aRchERy Enthusiasts. May be ablE to help those of you searching foR infoRmation about Louis ArmbRustER. Sincerely, Doug Duncan, I can be ReachEd at [email protected]

From: Rldarmst
Connie: I have a Zebra/Grevy longbow made by Loui Armbruster in the 1960's or early 70's. He made suburb bows, and I enjoyed shooting this bow. Sense I no longer shoot and sense I came across your name on "" I thought I would drop you a line.

I would like to sell the bow. If you or anyone you know would be interested, I can be reached at 1-618-521-9766 or by mail at: Robert Darmstatter 101 Estate Dr. Chester Illinois 62233 The bow is in excellent condition and is 46 lb. @ 28" My asking price is the same price the bow cost me when I got it from Loui. $180 plus shipping. My email: [email protected] I don't have a picture of the bow but will get one for you, if interested. Regards, Robert

From: goelk
If Connie does not claim the bow i be interested. Thanks

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