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Oklahoma Antelope?
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tteel 08-Jul-09
Still_Learnin' 08-Jul-09
tteel 08-Jul-09
Still_Learnin' 09-Jul-09
tteel 09-Jul-09
Txnrog 09-Jul-09
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antelope 10-Jul-09
Freedom 19-Aug-18
From: tteel
Any pointers on bowhunting antelope in Oklahoma? I have a pretty good sized place to hunt, but its mostly farm country and does not seem like its reasonable to sit on water. Thought about going further west and heading to Rita Blanca.

I'm not positive it is open to archery antelpoe on that WMA. I was just looking at it and didn't see it but I was pretty distracted so I might have missed it. I don't know much about hunting antelople but it will be hot come september, if I had water to set over, thats where I'd be. Did you draw a tag? Someone was telling me that the gun hunts are the only ones that are drawm.

From: tteel
It is OTC archery for two weeks starting sept 14th for residents. This is the very first year so I want to part of it and i have always wanted to kill a antelope. I see a few every year when pheasant hunting but it just seems so random as to where you may see them. I may also be able to get a landowner tag to hunt them with a rifle.

i was looking into that today too. Didn't kow you could get an archery tag for them over the counter. I sure would like to get in on a hunt before deer season kicks off. Good luck to you.

From: tteel
The new hunting regulations are not online yet, but I am waiting to hear if Rita Blanca Grasslands are going to be open to archery antelope. I have heard that we actually have some high quality goats here.

From: Txnrog
If you have private land access with 'lopes on it, then I would start there - it gives you more to play with knowing they aren't going to get blown out while you're not there. Never hunted them in OK obviously, but suspect it's no different than most of the rest of their range. If the antelope are coming into fields, look for their crossings - they are pretty regular about crossing fences in the same spot most times. Would set up your popup well in advance and scout from a distance to see if they still use the same trail - many times, they won't be bothered by the blind, but sometimes they are.

The other option is decoying - it should work when you are hunting. It's a bit tough to do solo, but can be done, or you can enlist a friend to help.

From: SEOkie
The regulations are out. But I didn't look to see if it is open on Rita Blanca. Two antelope, only one buck. Must have written land owner permission on your person, unless it is open on Rita Blanca.

From: antelope
i live in the panhandle and if your going to hunt antelope .i would not go to the goverment grass land you will be over run buy other hunters

From: Freedom
My father and I are wanting to go antelope hunting this year. Does anyone know a great place to go or a landowner contact information that allows hunts in the panhandle of Oklahoma?

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