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I Bear Sprayed Myself---
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Calm down Fella's...............

100% accidental!

Here is my side of the story--------

I am cruising up from Mantua---to Willard Peak to shoot some DVD film for my bud from Indiana that has drawn the non-ressy Mnt. Goat --Billie tag......

I am at mile marker 9-----kinda steep down grade----for sure--- kinda rocky....I am riding my 6x6 Sportsman....as I bounce around in the rocky trail and trying to keep it under speed--control.....I hear FFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHH---I am thinking stinking flat tire....NADA-----

I turn and look and I have a mist/cloud of something....double check--some how my backpack has bounced to the fornt of the 6x6 bucket and it has pressured my Bear Spary bottle......

I --ya know---reach for the spraying bottle and it gets all over me.....but I ditch it!

My right side is really hit hard from the mist and my right eye is like freaking out! And I can not breath!!

I am thinking-----that spring with the water is only 1/2 mile====== go for it! One eyed and all....just drive to it!

Unbelieveable Fella's....the pain and the burn!

I get my face and eye washed out.... all is good?????

I go like 1/4 mile to where I want to bushwack up and over into the Willard Peak Basin....

I had a cup-O-joe on the travel to.....and it is like an hour since I 'relived myself'......so my hands are frozen from the spring water/wash off.......

I get off the 6x6 and go into the bushes to 'RaceHorse'....

My hands are still wet from the spring so I wipe 'em on my pants and take a leak.....ya know---normal gig....

Say 5-6 steps back to the 6x6 and 'My Package' is freaking flaming in heat-pain!

Yeh--I must have had some overspray from the Bear Spray on my pants......

Anyways----I get some great footage of Billies and am almost to Ben Lomond Peak and I just can not take the Heat on My Package area.........

So there I am way high up in Mnt. Goat country with my pants down around my ankles and spraying my water bottle rinsing off 'The Boys'.....

Straight up Fella's-----My boys have gone into the Turtle gig.....way pulled back.......how sad......not very helpfull......

'Da Warden' is back east thru Tuesday so I left her a cell phone message about the'Flaming Package' and I am hopefull that she will feel my pain! ha

I did get some super film of some real dandy Billies for my bud from Indiana.....not of the 'uge Billie I have been babysitting......he is still there I am sure!

A pinch over 6 miles later I am back to my 6x6.....everywhere I have touched is flaming......

ANYONE HAVE A BEAR SPRAY CLEAN-UP SOLUTION???????????? Water and soap just 'burns more' so I am at a loss...

Good Luck, Robb

From: HuntinHabit
Oh how I wish I had a video camera on you...

LOL! Glad you're OK, but you gotta admit, that's funny.

Can that stuff cause any permanent damage to humans, like say a direct spray in the eyeballs?

From: Les Welch
thanks Robb, great story.

Got gasoline on the package one time when I was younger. Don't ask long story. I cried like a baby I think the pain would have been less if I just lit the damn thing on fire. Note to self the the bear is a boar spray him in the nuts.

From: Matt
"I am hopefull that she will feel my pain!"

I am sure she appreciate your consideration. Bummer, glad to hear it wasn't worse and that you are alright.

I wiped Habanero pepper oil in my nose and eye once accidentally. If it hurt even 1/10th of what your did, I feel bad for you.

From: Gold Miner
I sprayed an expired bottle of it one time just to practice with it. I had some run down the bottle over my hand. I went in washed off my hands and a couple of hours later rubbed my eyes. Bad move! That stuff is nasty. I feel your pain!

From: Z Barebow
Per Larry the Cable Guy

"Now I don't care who you are, that is funny!!"

Not quite the same, but one time I was turkey hunting and must have went through some poison ivy or poison oak and got it on my gloves. Due to relieving myself, the "frank and beans" developed a burning sensation and,,,,,, dare I say it, blistering and weeping. (Information overload I know) 3 weeks of misery.

My wife knows me well enough to know I was telling the truth!

From: Yttails
What JTV said. You seasoned yourself!

From: hobbes
Well......I'm sure it isn't as bad as your problem, but my nose is now on fire from the hot coffee that I just spewed out of it from laughing, and my coworkers think I'm a raving lunatic!

AFter a test-fire of bear spray I took a dip of snuff without realizing I had some residue on my fingers. It was like putting a burning coal in my mouth!

Lesson learned - that capsacin stuff is HOT!!!

From: TD
Now you know how Mike Tyson feels on a date...

I'm no good with peppers and hot stuff. I know drinking water usually makes it worse! Milk or butter or something with some fat in it seems to work much better. Well, if you eat it anyway...

Sorry about your accident. Looks like you've got some recovery time though. =D

That's a good friend for sure that gets in some scouting for his buddy. Good luck to you boys on the goats.

From: Bigdan
You ever here. Heres Your Sign

From: WapitiBob
Here you go:


THANKS W-Bob--------I certainly owe ya!

Good luck, Robb

If its anything like regular pepper spray, it has an oily base. You need something that cuts oil well, like Dawn dishwashing detergent. Otherwise water by itself helps very little.

Now that was too too funny.

Glad the boys are alright...rotflmao

From: Extreme
I here Coke or Pepsi works. Funny story.

Way too funny!! Betcha never ever do that again.

I did something similar once a long time ago. I chopped up a habenero pepper for some salsa, washed my hands and didn't thing much of it till a half hour later when I went to take a leak. I thought somebody had lit the "boys" on fire. Burned like hell, it did.


See ya in Elk Camp come November 'predator'.....ha

I am so getting prepared for 'Da Warden' and 'Da Officer' in elk camp come November......

I am so begging my bud Harold that has recently retired to come and hunt---Just to Rescue me!! ha

I am still 'flaming'.....and I am at soap-n-wash the boys # 6......... I am feeling some what------perv-concerned! ha

Good Luck, Robb

From: pitbull
We had to get sprayed in the police academy. I mean a good hit to the face too. Yeah it sucks and it does find its way down stairs, even later that evening when you shower. I gotta say I still liked it better than gettin Tasered that just makes ya think you're gonna die.

From: hoytshooter
pitbull i feel your pain will take the spray over taser any day they do have some wipes that are supposed to help but most poor s.o.b.'s say they dont work

From: Owl
Robb, I feel yur pain. I treated myself to an accidental discharge while climbing a steep grade in MT. Horrible experience (and my exposure was mild). Somehow during the climb, either I or some brush knocked the trigger guard off and my elbow depressed the trigger... My elbow and forearm took most of the blast but the stuff got all over my hands.

After a protracted and tearful intermission, we kept hunting. By the end of the day, I was a basket case over where my hands were at all times.:)

My dad was a cop and I was a lazy teenager at one time who went out drinking and slept in til 2 pm every weekend. He wanted me to help him in the yard, but I was too hungover. ........he opened the door, sprayed one squirt of cap stun and I was mowing the lawn in a few seconds.....

From: bucman
I've been peppersprayed three times. Each time sucked. All I can say that I learned was to use soap and water initially and then cool moving air. Like a fan or sticking your head out a window. The fastest recovery time that I have had was about 40 minutes. Recovery meaning that I could keep my eyes open for ten seconds or more. The stuff needs to deactivate, but it will burn again in the shower or if you wash your face. (just as bad, but not as long) For those guys who would rather be sprayed than tasered. I have been tasered twice and drive stunned numerous times. I would rather be tasered everyday than be sprayed with that crap once a year. I told my boss that if I ever had to be sprayed again I would give the stuff up and not carry it.

On another note, I asked my department's chemical weapons instructor to let me spray him with my bear spray to test its effectiveness. He recovers from pepper spray in about 15 minutes, and he told me to pound sand. His loss....

From: bghunter

No pepper spray willnot cause any long term damage.

From: buglemaster
Great story Robb.Dont have any of that stuff yet, but am definitly gonna make a note to self.Every time I see a post from you, there will be a bit of a giggle.You have a great user handle, but think "HotRocks1" would be more fitting from now on...

I am a "Use of Force" instructor at work and the guys seem to think aloe vera sunburn gel works pretty good after they are exposed to OC spray.....



BULELK1's Link
Thanks Fella's.....

Heads-Up....'Mrs. Bulelk1' is privy to OUR chit-chat now...

You may or may not remember her Rocky Ram thread----see my link above...

All is 'cooling down' from the Bear Spray gig after 24 hours.....

Good luck, Robb

From: predator
So does this mean you are going to rub aloe vera on the twins and stand naked in front of a fan? cuz I guarantee that will get you arrested, mister!!

LOL....I'm gonna laugh my own arse off when I see you!

From: DJ
Robb, I believe UDAP offers a more huevo-friendly "mild" spray as well as the "extra hot" variety you apparently packed. ;^)

From: Longbeard
I go thru the OC instructor course in a week. I expect to be sprayed several times over the course. NOT very excited about it!

From: fuzzy
thanks, I needed that laugh :-)

From: Norseman
oh Golly!

Lou's thread about Expired bear spray had me remember this thread from a few years ago.

Funny memories now,


From: Nick Muche
—“Ouch Robb”—

You’n sure did urself ‘in on that 1. Glad you made’er through!

Great story, thanks for the laugh!

Long time ago I was in military facility during a electrical outage and tear gas accidentally dispersed on me. Thought I was gonna die, those people had the time of their life laughing as they took me to the dispensary.

From: 2Wild Bill
Peanut butter absorbs the oil that causes the pain, believe it or not.

From: Lawdog
That's something you only do once.

From: t-roy
Blast from the past….literally!!

Glad that it was just temporary, Robb! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

From: 70lbDraw
It’s nice to hear a story about a guy having a rough day, yet being able to laugh at himself and share the story in a self deprecating manner!

You just don’t hear them like this anymore!

From: Shiras42
I guess I missed this one back in the day. Good to see some of the old names on this thread and get a good laugh in too.

From: Scoot
Eeesh- that had to suck!


From: Scrappy
Thanks for the laughs this morning Sir.

From: Beendare
I’m surprised this didn’t reopen the age old debate, gun or spray…..grin

Was it better to accidentally shoot yourself in the foot? Only Rob can give an educated answer…..

Wapiti Bob comes through as usual with interesting info.

From: BC
Ouch!! I spilled gasoline down the front of my pants once. Probably not as bad as bear spray but man, what a sting. Good thing I wasn’t near open flame, haha.

From: Hancock West
Thats a riot! thanks for sharing

From: Rut Nut
Beendare- I was thinking something along those lines..................................like WOW- just ANOTHER reason NOT to carry bear spray.........................................(from that description) I think I would rather have an accidental discharge of my pistol and lose a toe....................................... ;-)

From: Norseman

Norseman 's Link
I can’t help to think of this song when I read this. Ha!

From: buckhammer
I worked in a prison for 25 years. I seen many convicts get gassed over those years.

On one particular evening we had a convict who lets just say was not on his best behavior and needed to be extracted from his cell and placed in another cell on what we called "top of bed restraints."

Typically a Lt. would have an assembled squad behind them and approach a cell of an inmate needing extraction and would give the inmate one final verbal command to "back up and cuff up." If they didn't comply gas was used.

Well on this night as the Lt. approached the cell with her gas mask off the inmate said something to her that pissed her off. She never gave him a chance to "Back up and Cuff up." She just calmly put her gas mask on and instead of giving him the 3 to 5 second blast that was normally used to gain compliance, she gave him a 30 second blast of tear gas called "Crowd Pleaser"

I soon learned as the convict was extracted from his cell that the human body contains enough snot to have 2 solid streams, say the diameter of a pencil, and one from each nostril that will run continuously in a solid stream all the way from your nose to the top of your feet.


Thanks for the comments----------->

When 'wytex' had her Ram on the Home page over on M&M, many reach out to me as they thought it was my now ex wife with a Wyoming Ram.

They do kinda look alike!

Sorry PB! haha

Good luck, Robb

From: JusPassin
LOL, watched my brother-in-law crush a couple of dried red peppers into a bowl of chili once, then about a half hour later he went outside to relieve himself. A few minutes after that he was dancing and howling at the moon. I never laughed so hard in my life.

From: Pop-r
Yes bear spray can blind you or cause permanent damage. No LEO sprays their people with it. It's not even in the same category for those that think they've been sprayed or going to be.

From: Snag
Considering area of your body it affected I’m NOT feeling your pain!

From: elkmtngear
I did the Fresh Habanero thing once, took me about 20 minutes to eat it (no gloves on), and paid the price, when I went to take a whizz.

At least I didn't touch my eye...Sounds like a miserable morning, Robb !!

From: Basil
Paid the price with some Italian food once. There was a bottle of oil with a couple tiny dried peppers in a bottle. One drop of it on a big plate was all I could stand. Thought I fared well until I left a perfect finger & thumb print on my unit. Water doesn’t help at all. Got some funny looks when I ran back in the bathroom with the butter dish.

From: nchunter
Wow, that sounds horrible. Glad everything worked out.

From: spike buck
Back when the bear spray first come available me and the baiters bought 1 each. We were taking a group to see their bait sites, all of a sudden we heard a sound and the windsheild was painted red. Hunters following behind us thought me or Ted got shot. Turned out his safety clip came off the nozzle and he set the trigger off in the cab of the truck when he shuffled in his seat. We pulled over fast and jumped out. I cant remember how bad our eyes got it but it was a mess. Haven't carried the stuff since then.

From: KHNC
Yep, after my squirrel killing experience, i will stick to a sidearm. No bear spray for me again. And it wasnt even directly on me.

From: TGbow
Dang...bet that's a trip you won't ever forget

From: Pop-r
I don't even see the relevance of some peppers in a bottle you eat or human pepper spray. It's night and day different from bear spray. Some people must not understand that.

From: flybyjohn
I lost a bottle of spray one year and the next time out I found it in the middle of the trail. It looked like a pin cushion, a bear had chewed it up and it had a hundred holes in it. It was empty so without thinking, I stuck it in my cargo pocket. The little bit of residue on the elastic holder soaked into my pants and my leg was on fire. It just kept getting worse. Had to go home and take a shower and wash my pants. Not sure what would actually neutralize it but I sure wish I knew, I would keep some in my pack.

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