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Discuss the 2009 Head-2-Head Bow Test
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Bowtech101 17-Aug-09
Bernie1 17-Aug-09
Will 17-Aug-09
Florida Mike 17-Aug-09
Devilfan 17-Aug-09
Txnrog 17-Aug-09
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sticksender 17-Aug-09
Brushpile 17-Aug-09
mist-a-hog 17-Aug-09
Blacktail Bob 17-Aug-09
Kansas Native 17-Aug-09
Toby 17-Aug-09
Elkhunter - Home 17-Aug-09
Buck 17-Aug-09
midwest@work 17-Aug-09
ITapeIt 17-Aug-09
beau 17-Aug-09
44yds&in 17-Aug-09
Coastie John 17-Aug-09
tompolaris 17-Aug-09
x-man 17-Aug-09
Txnrog 17-Aug-09
kuntao 17-Aug-09
leftybearfan 17-Aug-09
Nawlij 17-Aug-09
Bowtech101 17-Aug-09
acb467 17-Aug-09
Raghorn 17-Aug-09
gdavismn 18-Aug-09
aspen bulls 18-Aug-09
12yards 18-Aug-09
Florida Mike 18-Aug-09
Nawlij 18-Aug-09
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Hank 18-Aug-09
Buck 19-Aug-09
Jwillman6 19-Aug-09
ORION 19-Aug-09
GK 19-Aug-09
anti-super hunter 19-Aug-09
bad karma 19-Aug-09
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Buck 20-Aug-09
BadgerND 20-Aug-09
lariat 20-Aug-09
harley 21-Aug-09
Duke 25-Aug-09
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Kodi 26-Aug-09
elkoholic 07-Sep-09
Predator3 07-Sep-09
BAD BAJA 15-Sep-09
LostInTheWoods 15-Sep-09
grayhorse 13-Oct-09
From: Bowtech101
Impressive for hoyt, I knew those center pivot riser bows by bowtech were very impressive I would sure like to own one. So much for the Rytera Alien huh, looks don't influence when you can't see the bow.

From: Bernie1
I knew the Alphamax 32 would take it!

I’m glad I bought one.

From: Will
Impressed to see Hoyt take the cake. That AM sounds like a great rig.

From: Florida Mike
I'm more impressed with the Alphamax and the Admiral because they scored well with a decent brace height too. I wouldn't buy any of em this year but maybe next year? I currently shoot a 7.25 brace height and its touchy enough, my next bow will be 7.5 or more cause it don't matter how fast it is if it aint accurate. Mike

From: Devilfan
I'm glad the draw lengths were measured and not followed based on what the limb stickers state. They were all listed as 28 inch DL's and everyone one of them was longer than stated. One was 28.22 and the rest were at least 1/4" long up to 1/2" long.

Thank you to all involved in the testing. Nice job!

From: Txnrog
Great to see the results finally out! A little surprised by the results, but yall didn't test the smoothest Elite.all great bows that anyone would be happy with.

From: heartshot
IF I am not mistaken, Hoyt does not sponsor Bowsite. If true, even more cudos to Bowsite for a fair evaluation ignoring $$$$$$$.

From: sticksender
Thanks for the test.

Is any thought being given to doing these a few months earlier in the year?

From: Brushpile
I bought an Hoyt Alphamax 2 weeks ago after shooting most of the bows that were tested. The results of the test pretty much mirror my personal results. I liked the Hoyt enough to switch brands. The dealer let me take an AM 32 home to shoot - and 3" groups at 70 yards sold the bow. Nice job on the bow test data.

From: mist-a-hog
Thanks for the testing. I'm sure it is a lot of work to organize and implement. I work in a test laboratory and it is obvious you guys spend a lot of time and effort in making sure the test is fair, ie. it is difficult to tell what bow you are shooting. Thanks for all your work and I hope you continue it every year. (and I shoot a Mathews so my opinion is not swayed by the final results!)


So, what is the smoothest Elite?


The Z28 is the smoothest drawing Elite in their 09 lineup. The votes won out with the GT500 so the Z28 got left out of the race. The Z28 IMO, is by far a better tree stand bow for several reasons. Longer brace, shorter, smoother drawing.....

Congrats to Hoyt for putting out a great bow.

From: Toby
Great results I test a lot of bows and a month ago i decided for the alphamax It took me only 1 hours to tune it and get groups at 50 yards without a problem. Smooth, light and fast bow

I got the AlphaMax last Nov and have loved it. One sweet shooting bow. Just a few weeks from now I hope to be posing with it and my bull elk!

From: Buck
I was just wondering if you had included the Dartons in any of your tests this year and in the past. Just wondering because I have seen similar studies and the AS 300 seems to be up there as well, if not at the top. I know that after having some organized shoots, some have decided to switch over due to the performance of the bow

From: midwest@work
"Since Hoyt is the only bow with the rounded "brace" so obviously extending out of the back of the riser, wouldn't it be "obvious" that you are holding that bow?"

Just as obvious as holding a Mathews with a grip the size of a 2 x 4. j/k ;-)

From: ITapeIt
I think these "Tests" are very subjective, even with Blinded, they are still subjective. Statiticians or those who have taken statitistics know how to perform a real double-blind test and set them up correctly. Take X number of groups doing the same test will result in different impressions............

From: beau
thank you for the test...interesting results. i would love to see some of the mid-price range bows tested too.

"Just as obvious as holding a Mathews with a grip the size of a 2 x 4. j/k ;-) "

Come on now, everyone knows that Mathews grips are closer to 1x2's, not 2x4's.

Maybe you just have girly ;^)

From: 44yds&in
How does one of the slowest bows win the category of Speed and Subjective score? Something doesn't sound right. Not trying to say that speed is everything but it seems that if you are going to test speed bows, test just that. If you want to test bows that are touted to be the smoothest, test just that. How can you test a Ice Man against the GX? Seems like the bows advertised to be over 335 IBO should be tested against each other, the bows in the 310 to 325 should be tested against each other. Maybe even break it down more and break it down by price. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the tests and opinions and I know that it takes a lot of work to complete but I'm not convinced with the results.

It's all after the fact and doesn't really mean much, but I sure wish an APA bow was tested...doesn't matter which one...pick one. A new category for features could be added to the test. I recently got a new Black Mamba MXII and IMO it is far superior than anything I ever picked up before and I'd go so far as saying many of these tested. I think the problem is they are hard to come and didn't get a lot of votes or press. No worries....maybe next year.

Other than my personal opinion and curiosity....great test!! I like the blind studies. It nice to see the chips fall where they may. A big thanks to all who made it happen. THANKS!!!!!!


From: tompolaris
Where did the PSE GX place in noise levels?

From: x-man
APA was in there last year, and did not fare well as I remember, except for speed.

Only two bows over 80% efficiency suprised me. Just the PSE and Elite.

I'd have to say I was not in the least shocked by the results. Pretty much the way I thought it would turn out. I would have swithed the Diamond and Bowtech around in my results, and put the Elite ahead of the Mathews because of the grip/feel, but that's about all I would change.

I'm currious why their were complaints about the Aliens grip cut outs. Proper hand placement, and no one would have known they were there if blindfolded.

From: Txnrog

Txnrog's Link
Ha ha, Pat, you just can't please everyone now can you??

Y'all, if you want to look at some additional data on bows that just shows the objective measurements of various factors mentioned in this test on the bows tested here and some others mentioned, click on the link above. There's no ranking or scoring, just raw data report that you can use for comparison.

Pat, hope you don't mind me pointing folks to this, I have no vested interest in these guys, just seems like valuable data to add onto what you have provided.

Great test Pat, appreciate the efforts you guys went thru to create a balanced assessment.

From: kuntao
Excellent job guys!

I only wish the King Cobra had made the wild card. It would have been interesting to see how it would have compared. Maybe next year

From: leftybearfan
"How does one of the slowest bows win the category of Speed and Subjective score?"

I think it's because the Hoyt had a pretty commanding lead after the subjective portion so when you add in the speed results, the gap got smaller but Hoyt was still out in front.

From: Nawlij
I'm happy to see the results, and see that a company that I've bought two different bows from as well as turned multiple people on to, did so well. It isn't first but everybody here knows that when you shoot what you like and what feels right, that's that in my opinion.

Thanks for the results

From: Bowtech101
THe bows tested were the bows chosen by votes so it does not matter wether they were 350 fps or 300 fps these were the most popular bows and pound for pound the winner came out on top. According to the test procedures speed bows don't preform as well and are not the best bows on the market it's all fair. We all chose the bows so no one can complain because a certain bow brand was not tested. You guys did a great job and I hope you continue the effort every year, and if you need any help let me know.

From: acb467
I'm wondering what the difference would be if the Reezen 7.0 instead of the 6.5 was used. I have shot the 6.5 but not the 7.0 and wonder if the added brace height would make it a lot better shooting?

From: Raghorn
Thanks to Pat, John and the crew. Once again, a great test with a few surprises.

Everybody has their own criteria, so if the results don’t meet you objectives, just take the individual test results and add weight to the performance factors that you value most.

For instance, if you want raw speed, take the speed test and multiply the results by1.5 or even 2.

If quite is your thing, just give more emphasis to the points given for quietness . If you like ugly bows, well just add 500 points to the PSE. ( just kidding )

From: gdavismn
I can't help but wonder what the prices of all these bows are since I don't see it in the details. To me that is a very large factor other than all the other things tested.

I'm a value shopper when it comes to anything these days and if they are all in the $750-$900+ range I think they are, I would sure like to see a comparison of more cost effective bows like the PSE Brute and the bows that are in it's class.

I shot one last week and thought it was pretty nice for the $400 range and it's not much slower than the others you tested here, atleast on paper.

Just a thought for us cheapies... :)

From: aspen bulls
acb467 I have shot the 7.0 Reezen but not the 6.5 I do not like Mathews but was very impressed with the bow! Very fast, quiet, and smooth! Some kick at the shot but that is sorta expected with speed bows. Was shooting 333 from a 70 pound and 28.5 inch draw length. Although I have not heard much good about the 6.5 Hope that helps a little!

From: 12yards
Just for poops and giggles, it would be extremely interesting to throw an old gem in the mix like a Switchback or an Ultrartec just to see how they would stack up against the latest and greatest.

As for the slowness comment, from my perspective, slow is relative and there isn't a "slow" bow in the bunch. Just different levels of fast.

From: Florida Mike
"If you like ugly bows, well just add 500 points to the PSE. ( just kidding )"

Thats funny, thanks I needed a laugh. But I do agree, thats one ugly bow. I wonder who would buy one based on performance and ignore the ug?

Maybe a blind guy?

Just how many blind archers are out there???

Now I'm gonna get flamed by the blind MOFFIA!

From: Nawlij
"Just for poops and giggles, it would be extremely interesting to throw an old gem in the mix like a Switchback or an Ultrartec just to see how they would stack up against the latest and greatest."

Thats a good idea 12yards see what the older bows do against new bows. Is the effects and over-all performance of the newer bows that much different...? Someone should dig up some statistics dating back five years and compare bows from the same companies in this years H2H with past years winners and contestants. Or maybe throw a curve ball and do a winners of previous years H2H test to see if new is better then old just to check all angles.

still all in all its good to see the numbers thanks again.

From: Txnrog
Some of that you can see on the ArcheryEvolution site - they have tests dating back a few years, you can self compare some of the measurements. You'll have to have shot some of the bows to get a feel for what 80gr of vibration in the X axis means to the shooter though.

From: Hank
After shooting Mathews for many years, the Alpha Max 32 is my first Hoyt. What a bow! Glad to see it come out on top. The Bar has been raised. Thanks to all who put this test togther, now I'm curious about some of the other bows that did well.

From: Buck
Maybe I am a die hard Darton lover here but I have a couple of buddies that have switched their PSE for the new dartons, next time you go to a shop try one out, I am sure that you will see the light. After all my 20 year old Darton Viper still puts em down clean and it shoots well below the 300 mark, although I currently hunt with the AS 300 which shoots extremely quiet and well over 300. Also for those of you that wish to save $, you will love the price as well, no where near the 700-900 range. Good luck to all this year.

From: Jwillman6
I am waiting until the new bows come out, if there is nothing I really like I think I'm going to buy an AM 32, hopefully at somewhat of a discount(this maybe wishful thinking).

"I am waiting until the new bows come out, if there is nothing I really like I think I'm going to buy an AM 32, hopefully at somewhat of a discount(this maybe wishful thinking)."

Not at all wishful thinking. They're being dumped all over the place at Achery Talks classifieds. Same for the x-forces.

Great Test!!! Thanks for all of your hard work, it is deeply appreciated! I for one, am an owner of the Rytera Alien X and have also shot the Hoyt Alpha Max. I'd have to agree with your test results too. To tell you the truth, all of these bows are just that good!!! So for me, it just came down to that little bit something extra that is hard to describe but you know it when it just fits you, and the Alien X was it. Orion

From: GK
Nice work Guys very interesting stuff. I'm quite impressed by the PSE GX. #3 in the shock vibration category, and not even challenged in the speed category.

buck are you from northern mi i now a couple die hard darton guys up here anything to do with bucktrail ranch?

From: bad karma
Splendid work. I always look forward to seeing the Bowsite test results.

And, I bought an Admiral earlier this year, and concur completely with your analysis. Stiff draw, but otherwise, a fantastic bow. The gap between top and bottom gets less and less with each passing year.

This is like comparing the Elite 8 in college basketball.

When I decided to purchase a new bow earlier this year I compared and shot three...AM 32, Admiral and the Reezen. I purchased the AM 32 but the Admiral was second (not by much) and the Reezen was third. Turns out that you thought the same way when your test was finished. The bow that I retired to backup was an MQ1. Maybe I will sell it if I get a decent offer.

From: Buck
I am from MI but not bucktail Ranch. I agree with Orion and that especially with the new bows that are out they are all good fast and quiet bows and it is up to us to shoot straight. I am just trying to give a plug for a local co. that doesn't spend a lot on advertising.

From: BadgerND
I bought an Admiral earlier this year as well. You guys did a great job testing, and I agree with everything said. Maybe I would have bought the Hoyt if I had shot one.

From: lariat
Always look forward to this test. I appreciate your hard work on it. I think that any of the bows in the top half of this test are awesome bows and it just comes down to personal preference. We have some great stuff to pick from these days.

From: harley
can u test other bows like the monster by mathew or the x3 mission bow by mathews .against all the other new bows .

From: Duke
Great... Now I need to sell my bow because it isn't the best! Hahah.

Just kidding. Interesting information and testing data. Thanks for sharing.

From: jack-460
I have an alien and for mei think that it is the right bow. But isn't it suppose to be what the archer feels comfortable with.This test a good guide but should not be the final say on which, bow you should shoot.

From: Kodi
I am surprised. I shot the AM 32 and 35 and they did not even come close to comparing to the Bowtech Admiral. I am shocked.

From: elkoholic
my vectrix shoots a total arrow weight of 430 at 69.5 lbs. putting out 291 fps consistantly which puts me right at 81 lbs kinetic energy. the am32 only beat my vectrix by 2fps. I didn't like the letoff of the am32 but loved the reezen. thats a sweet bow. if they keep it up, my next bow may be an matthews.

From: Predator3
I guess Hoyt needs to thank Darton Archery for their cam designs. Rex Darlington from Darton archery has designed some of the best cams in history and most people don't even know who he is.

I read on another site that a guy is on his third AM32 because of a Cracking issue!

I worked for Cabela's until about 6 months ago, so I got to test all the 09' bows when they first came out. I'm a Traditional shooter, so if I like a compound it has be pretty slick. I ended up buying a Diamond Ice Man. Out of all the bows I shot, I decided that it was my all around favorite. Superb balance, very quiet and just felt right for me. At my 26" draw it's not very fast but I can shoot it fairly well.

I didn't get a chance to shoot the Admiral, which I would have liked to. I didn't like the Alpha Max, but it seemed that the rest of the Archery staff did. It just goes to show you that there is not ONE bow for everyone, but for everyone there is one BOW.

I thought that this bow test was pretty level and informative.

On a side note, it was mentioned before about comparing mid priced bows, I thought the Diamond Stud seemed a huge bang for the buck. The same IBO as the Black Ice and Ice Man. Very good balance, it's quiet and draws very smoothly and the price is hundreds less.

For PSE, I really like the Bow Madness XS. For a super short bow it's a real shooter. Fairly fast and had the least hand shock of all 3 BM bows.

Bear Archery's Lights Out and Game Over seemed to be a huge value as well, if you can't afford the Truth 2 and are a Bear fan. They raised their prices a bit without changing anything on their bows, which I didn't think was too cool when everyone kept their prices pretty much the same, but who am I? LOL.

From: grayhorse
Great test guys! Where can I access the 2008 results? How did my Bowtech General fare in that? I find it satisfactory in every way, but need to center punch a couple bulls to be sure. Any assistance in that endeavor would be appreciated as well.


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