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How did your pellet stove work this year
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From: Thalltdkm
considering a wood pellet stove for my outfitter tent. How did your stove work?

From: TD
Someone needed a stove this year?

Sorry couldn't help it. Warm weather was a bummer this year for us.

I'm no help but TTT if nothing else.

From: Salty Bum
that was funny

From: Elk2008
Not sure what stove you're looking at, but we have a Riley wood / pellet stove. September last year it was fairly cool and I wasn't impressed at all with the heat from the pellets. A guy I work with has the same issue. It just doesn't throw much heat. I think you'd freeze if it was really cold. I do know another guy who doesn't have the wood option, only pellets and he doesn't have these problems and loves his.

From: denny
I stayed home this season but in the past my cylinder stoves model with the pellet option has worked beyond expectations.

There's a small jet sound from the draft "depending on how you set the stove" and there is a learning curve to using it but it can really throw the heat out if you crank it up.

Where I hunt wood isn't available for any reasonable amount of work and I can carry two weeks worth of pellets behind the seat in a small kingkab nissan pickup.

I have had one for about 15 years. Had a lot of "issues" with it when I hunted Montana. Fairly high elevation (6000 ft or so) and had a terrible time getting it to draft. Went to town and bought more stove pipe but didn't really help much. I had used it at lower elevations of maybe 4000 ft and it worked great. Also didn't help that we had below zero temps the entire time and were lucky to raise temps in the tent to 40.


From: swamp hunter
Used a Riley stove in our Wisconsin deer camp the last two years. We'vegot it in a 12x20 Alaknak tent. It produces plenty of heat, but the burner assembly needs to be cleaned every day. We had some issues with the pellets igniting/smoldering in the hopper above the burner assembly. You also have to be very careful with this stove. Last year on a 20 degree night, we had the draft tubes get clogged from ash at 3am, and the fire was only smoldering. Went to clear the tubes with a steel rod, the fire instantly re-ignited with a big "woof" shooting smoldering chunks of pellet and sparks out of the back of the burner assembly. Instantly filled the tent with smoke, multiple burns in the tent floor and worse yet, flash burned my cornea. Trip to the emergency room to remove the crud from my eyeball and lost two days of hunting.

Not sure if I'll risk using it again.

From: keepemsharp
With comodity prices now I would consider burning corn.

From: DJ
I was looking into getting a pellet stove for my tent, now I'm not so sure? Does anyone have a Clarry stove or has used one?

From: denny
I haven't seen the Clarry stove but I took a quick look at the website and it looks great.

My cylinder stove pellet burner has performed at 7000 ft for two seasons as well as it works here at home. When I bought it the ability to use it for wood was important but the pellets are so easy and clean I rarely burn anything else.

I don't burn mine all night.

As mentioned above there is a learning curve to my stove but overall it's right at the top of the best gear I've ever bought list and is capable of getting and staying very hot with very little or no tending and can be turned up or down easily.

From: midwest
Since this thread is 10 years old, I'm sure he's found something by now.

From: timex
my wife has wanted one for the house for quite some time. i think. some of her friends have them. but I have refused call me old fashioned or whatever ya want. but I just don't get it. I CAN'T CUT & SPLIT MY OWN PELLETS !!!

From: TrapperKayak
Non-stop, and its old, but works great. Cold long winter. It is still running, still cool and wet outside, and its in the basement so it helps keep humidity down. It never stops raining here.

From: HappyCamper
I have one and used it last winter... the dang thing nearly cooked me every time i used it. I pushed the burner in as far as it would go but to no avail. I'm curious what the answer is??? HELP!!

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