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Feral hogs in New Mexico
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WildMan 10-Oct-09
Bill in MI 10-Oct-09
longboman 11-Oct-09
arctichill 11-Oct-09
Bill in MI 11-Oct-09
NM archer 11-Oct-09
Txnrog 12-Oct-09
1Rudeman 14-Jan-10
Bronc@work 15-Jan-10
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studbolt 16-Oct-12
whiskey08 04-May-15
hogs 22-May-15
From: WildMan
I have heard and read a bunch about there being feral hogs in SE New Mexico. Went looking just north of Carlsbad, but only saw 2 tracks. Does anyone have some more info on these critters? Where they might be a little thicker?

From: Bill in MI
Unit 36 on the flanks of nogal peak.

From: longboman
If NM has hogs they probubaly came from Tx. I've never walked the state line but any drainages running east west along the border might carry some NM way. Closest I've seen them to NM was SE of Amarrillo near Palo duro Caynon...sow with 10 piglets.

From: arctichill
I found a dead one in the Peloncillo mountains in SW New Mexico. It was definitely not a domestic pig. A local told me that years ago some escaped from a ranch and have proliferated to the point that they are "not too rare". I don't think I would call them thick though.

From: Bill in MI
Then a lot of fertile pigs came from TX as there were many porkers running around near ruidoso. Proof again that there is more than oil in Texas lol. Bill in MI

From: NM archer
in sw west new mexico near animas there used to be some hog hunting. i know my uncle hasshot some there.

From: Txnrog
I've seen them on the Pecos south of Ft. Sumtner.

From: 1Rudeman
I've seen them in Unit 34 Jim Lewis Canyon and Rogers Ruins. Most recently I saw one east of Mayhill while deer hunting.

From: Bronc@work
Unit 34 and 36 both have pigs. They have been here for years.

From: milkyway
Interested in hunting feral pigs in sw New Mexico or W.Texas if anyone knows where please leave message.

From: studbolt
They're all over Eastern New Mexico. They were introduced into New Mexico about nine years ago by somebody who wanted to start a hunting ranch. A few got loose and started breeding. They've been causing havoc ever since, spreading all over the state.

If you decide to go after them, kill them from smallest to largest. If you kill the alpha female (usually the biggest), the pack will just split and make it harder for you or somebody else to find them all. And they'll just breed more.

Here's a good article I found for info:

I'm hoping to get one or two this winter.

From: whiskey08
looking for someone one interested in looking for hogs to hunt. From Albuquerque, Edgewood area. shoot me a pm if ur interested.

From: hogs
Looking to kill some pigs in Southern NM. Anyone have some good info?

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