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sweaty cold feet cure ?
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does anyone have a good cure for cold sweaty feet ? i have tried everything i think ??? what's work best so far is the thin moisture wicking socks, a warmer pair of merino wool socks next. but my feet still get cold. i have ever tried spraying them with scent free anti perspirant and that doesnt seem to help. i put my boots on a boot dryer everynight and that also helps somewhat. i've been using those foot warmer pads as well once i get on stand but i'm looking for a better solution....any ideas ?

From: jarouq
I've had the same problem. and it was all the time, not just when hunting. At first I changed socks/shoes several times a day. Then I tried acupunture. It helped.

From: RNO
What about using one of the Clinical grade antiperspirant that are sold over the counter.

Several years ago I worked with a guy that always complained of cold hands, his Dr. said Niacin and a Multi B vitamin helped with blood flow to the extremities. Not all mineral / vitamins flush from your system and do have side effects, research on your choices should be performed before you decide on a course of action.

I don't think you can solve both problems with one cure.

If you are hunting from a tree stand, one problem with metal tree stands is that the cold metal transmits the cold through the bottom of your boots thus causing colder feet. Even when I am ice fishing, I place a piece of plywood under my feet and I can really tell the difference.

Try placing a piece of carpet under your boots but make sure the carpet is attached to the stand so it does not blow away if you happen to lift your feet.

Having large enough boots so you can have some foot and toe movement is important.

Leather boots do not seem to work for me unless the weather is warm. All rubber boots seem to be the worst in cold weather.

A winter boot with a removal felt liner are good.

As I have become more mature, ie, 69, my hands and feet do become colder, much more than when I was younger.

From: semostickbow
Bunny boots or muck boots, works for me. Wool socks and silk type liners. Gets the sweat off your foot and on to the sock.

From: hit or miss
So far I've tried almost every product suggested on the hunting sites I frequent with no joy, only wasted money. Still get sweaty feet. I may try what I consider the "last resort" of powdered alum. It is supposed to basically tan, as in leather, your feet to stop sweat. I'm not sure how healthy that would be though, so I haven't tried it yet.

From: 320 BULL
I have done all things to combat what you are talking about. This is what I have learned about my situation. 1 stay off caffine and sugers in the am. 2 keep myself on the cold side untill I am in my stand. 3 cary extra sock and change them if needed. I will let my feet air out and get cold if I need to prior to changing. 4 Boots with felt liners workwell forme when it is cold out. 5 get a boot dryer and keep your boots on it but only till bed. you dont want them nice and toasty when you put them on. 6 If I can keep my feet dry they are usually warm to. It is a PITA period Good luck some of us just have this trouble and some dont. 320 out

From: slim
I wear booties while on stand.They go on right over the boot.Odorless talcom powder in the am after the shower.It keeps the feet dry.And like Bull said dry=warm.My feet sweat like a jew at a craps table anyway so....powder works.goodluck with that..

From: Grimes
Antiperspirant!!!!!! Before big backpack hunts I apply antiperspirant to my feet daily for 7-10 days prior to the hunt. I’ve also tried this method for treestanding hunting and had great success.

Mitchum solid anti perspirant works great for me!

You mey want to try boot blankets. Cabelas has them on sale for $29. You put them on once on stand. They have very good ratings on Cabelas web site. I just picked some up but haven't got to try them yet.

From: squid
At the advice of my Dr. I tried the following approaches to stop the sweating.

1. Regular over the counter antiperspirant (didnt work) 2. Soak feet daily in Brewed Tea (didn't work, turned feet brown) 3. Soak feet in Alum - Didn't work 4. Lavalin foot deodorant - WORKED!! You can buy it via the web. My feet no longer sweat (or stink) and my wife is very happy!!

I'm another who has cold sweaty feet. I've tried almost everything too. I am about to decide I have to just deal with having cold feet!

From: rooster
Do your feet sweat while you're sitting on stand or do they get sweating walking in? If it happens while on stand I guess I can't help much but if they get sweaty on the walk try wearing very light weight shoes in and then change once you get to your stand. I swear by my boot blankets as well. MO

From: itshot

itshot's Link
boot liners might help the cold

sqid's #4 above might help the sweat

good luck

From: rjc
The question is do your feet get sweaty walking in. If so, that is why they get cold later. Use only a very thin sock liner while walking in. Let your feet completely cool off. Then put on your heavy socks and then use heated foot insoles. This has worked for me.

From: Davy C
One thing I recomend is getting a boot drier. Even if your boots don't get wet from rain, walking in a swamp, etc. they absorb a lot of moisture from your feet. If you use toe warmers, they give of moisture as water is a byproduct of any combustion. Drying your boots every night makes a big difference. Also avoid any cotton sox. I use a polypopylene liner sox under a thicker wool sox. I've also learned that putting too many or thicker sox does not always help, if don't have room to wiggle your toes it will decrease circulation.

From: travis@work
Dr. OZ says...antiperspirant

From: bow shot

1) How cold is it when you get cold in the feet? 2) How long do you hunt in that temperature? 3) Are you uncomfortably cold elsewhere too? 4) What type of boots are you presently using?

Those variables mean a lot to get a good answer to your question.

my cold feet steam from my feet sweating to much. The colder it gets the more uncomfortable it becomes of course. It happens in any type boot. I usually wear Lacross Alpha Burlys, with no insulation or with 1000 Grams of insulation depending on the time of the year. Ill stay in the tree all day no matter how cold i get but i believe the cold freezing feet contribute to me getting sick sometimes ?? What I have found that works the best for me is to put my boots on a boot dryer after every hunt to dry out the inside of the boots. Wear a thin wicking sock while driving to my hunting area, after getting dressed putting on a warmer wool type sock over the thinner one and walking in to my set up. 1 problem is that my #1 area is at least a mile walk in and usually by the time i get there my feet are all sweated up and the outer socks wet. When needed ill put in a pair of those foot warmer pads, that helps some.I dont think the boot type matters because the same thing happens in tennis shoes. I'm convinced this is something i'm just gonna have to deal with !

From: bow27
This wont help the sweating but loosen the laces of the boots when your at stand. A lot of restriction of blood at ankles and above from heavy socks and tight laces.

From: bow shot

Would you say that the rest of you is comfy warm, but your feet alone are cold?

From: HighLife
Have you had your blood sugar checked?

Wear boots which breathe (goretex lined leather/cordura), and don't grease up the leather -- use silicone type water repellant. Take off your coat when walking to stand to avoid overheating. Wear plenty warm clothes on stand -- there is an old saying that the way to keep your feet warm is to put on a warm hat (lots of body heat is lost from head and shoulders, and the body responds by reducing extremity blood flow to maintain core temperature). As above, avoid or minimize caffeine, which increases sweating.

From: St. Croix
Get a pair of Stegar Mukluks and add an extra insole. Remove the insole overnight. Your feet will never be so toasty warm and dry!

bow shot, yes the rest of me is warm. i should of added earlier that i walk in with as little clothes on as possible to keep cool and not start to sweat. bloodsugars perfect

bow 27, no laces on rubber boots. i drink 1 cup of coffee in the a.m. and thats it for the day. there have been days (cold days) when i get home from hunting and my outer pair of socks are soaked, inside of boots are wet/sweaty and my wicking socks are bone dry but my feet are cold from the boots & outer socks being wet. i think i will just have cold feet ?

"Several years ago I worked with a guy that always complained of cold hands, his Dr. said Niacin and a Multi B vitamin helped with blood flow to the extremities. Not all mineral / vitamins flush from your system and do have side effects, research on your choices should be performed before you decide on a course of action."

Bingo, nailed it! You probably have poor circulation. This is one solution (Niacin and other B-vits) that is a win-win even if it doesn't "cure" your problem.

From: bow shot
Understood PAd. I'll PM'd ya.

Squids on----Lavilin works for oder and ---sweat-somewhat.

From: Pat C.
I us the Marinaro wool socks. Start with a thin liner sock and then a heavy stand grade wool sock it seems to help!! Good luck Pat C.

From: Bear Track

Bear Track's Link
Baking powder and lots of it. A 1/4 cup per sock works for me.

From: Hoytboy
we use moisture wicking socks to take moisture away (can be bought at a sports store) and then put wool socks over those for warmth, depending on the temperature, add more layers. works great for us.

From: herd bull
most of you guys missed the point. He doesn't need more boot or insulated boot blankets or heaters or heat packs or...or...or...or

I believe he has too much boot already. I suffer from the same issue. I've played around for years. Wearing this boot in, changing on stand, changing socks, doing this, doing that.

My feet are almost instantly "clammy" in a pair of heavy socks and my big boots, even if it's zero degrees out. Less boot and socks to get you to your stand. Then change to a heavier sock and warmer boot. But first I'll even air out my feet while changing socks and boots until the "clamminess" goes away.

From: trkytrack
Poor blood circulation to the lower extremities = cold feet. As said above, wear as light as possible sox and shoe going into stand; let bare feet dry; put on SILK liner sox then wool outer sox, then insulated boot with boot blankets. Limit or quit using any caffeine products in the AM. Are you using any blood thinners---asperine, Ibproforin, et.? Anything that will thin your blood should be avoided.

From: adam89

adam89's Link
Why do not you use any spray or deodorant in order to get relief? I think you should check out

From: Busta'Ribs

Busta'Ribs's embedded Photo
Busta'Ribs's embedded Photo
I also have battled cold feet due to excessive sweat issues but his product works really well for me. I used it first on a November WT hunt, with temps below zero, and used it through winter bow season here in NJ. This stuff keeps my feet dry, which helps me keep them warm. I've even started using it daily to keep my feet dry in my work boots.

From: t-roy
Busta.......does it have an odor to it?

From: Teeton
If I'm right deodorant only kills kills bacteria, so your feet still sweat.. Antiperspirant keep your feet from sweating, so no wet socks. As of late I have not been able to find unscented spray antiperspirant . Ed

From: Bake
I agree with Herdbull. He's got too much boot.

I stopped having problems when I started wearing light un-insulated boots, with a medium weight merino sock. I put the Arctic Shield boot blankets on first thing in the stand.

When I was wearing super heavy socks and heavy boots, my feet were sweating on the way to the farm. On the walk to the stand. Once they started, I was done.

Light boots and socks. Keep the feet dry. Then some boot blankets are magic.

You MUST put on the boot blankets before your feet get cold.

From: Busta'Ribs
Yea, the Sweat Block product I mentioned above is unscented. Is it 100% odor free? Maybe not, but close. I promise if it has any smell to it it’s a hell of a lot better that sweaty feet smell.

From: APauls
I hear you PA, I've got the EXACT same thing. I have tried everything under the sun, except still need to try the massive amounts of baking soda. I have not tried Busta's antiperspirant, but have tried others. So far, my best bet has been having way oversized boots, a regular darn tough sock and then a really big fluffy sock. Airflow is key. I never ever wear any kind of waterproof boot anymore. Lacrosse type rubber boots are awesome, but a guaranteed saturated foot. If you're like me as long as you're moving you could have a frozen body but your feet are warm. My feet are always warm when moving. But unfortunately, also sweating. Best right now is to have that merino wool wicking against the foot, into the fluffy sock and getting airflow (as much as is possible in a boot) around the foot. Wish you luck. If you find a magic cure, please report back.

From: tjsna
Try wiggy's socks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wiggy' or watch wiggy's on youtube. It is that easy.

From: PistolPete
I've tried it all as well - antiperspirant, more socks, pac boots, boot warmers, etc. I'll tell you what worked for me: a larger puffy jacket and pants. Since I started wearing a down puffy jacket and Primaloft pants, my feet are no longer an issue. I only hunt in uninsulated boots anymore. I'm in VA, but still, this was the only thing that helped me out.

From: NvaGvUp
1. Use a liner sock.

2. Use a decent pair of heavy hunting socks

3. Get yourself a pair of the Schnees extreme boots with the felt liners.

I used to have a horrible time keeping my feet from freezing. But the above combination now keeps them toasty warm, even at minus 20 degrees.


From: loprofile
Robert Kraft has one solution

From: Hh76
Light, comfortable boots for walking in. Boot blankets for insulation. Throw a hand warmer in the boot blanket if it's really cold.

My feet sweat pretty bad, and my circulation must be bad. I haven't come up with a solution to the sweat, and I never had any luck keeping my feet warm until I started using the boot blankets.

From: txhunter58
The product “Sweat block” in wipes helps me

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