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Do you cook blood or toss it?
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From: Steelj
I just happened to walk past the stove as my wife was starting a batch of deer spaghetti and saw her pour the blood that had collected on top of the meat in the pan. She said she always does that and everything she cooks with deer meat turns out great. But I've heard you should throw any blood thats drained from the meat away because it tastes better with less blood. What's best?

From: Ty
I drain mine.

From: Sage Buffalo
I think you may be confused with blood shot meat and blood from meat.

Blood shot meat usually has a very irony taste that most people don't like.

Blood that is from the defrosted meat is fine if you like the flavor..

From: Rat
Ok I'm not going to get into a debate about this. In advance I just want you to know I love fat juicy steaks. This is just food for thought. This is God's Word from the Old Testament of the Bible. If you want to know more you know where to find it. You will find however there is more to this subject in the New Testament.

Lev 17:13-14

13 "'Any Israelite or any alien living among you who hunts any animal or bird that may be eaten must drain out the blood and cover it with earth, 14 because the life of every creature is its blood. That is why I have said to the Israelites, "You must not eat the blood of any creature, because the life of every creature is its blood; anyone who eats it must be cut off." (from New International Version)

From: Bill in MI
It is actualy reiterated in the new testament also, interesting...

Bill in MI

From: razorhunter
but a deer is essentially "drained" if it's been butchered. Not like you are drinking mass quantities of blood.

I drain ground meat,but eat my steaks red to pink.

another point...if you cook your steak well done,is it "bloodless" or has the blood just been dried out?

From: TD
What you're seeing is basically blood tainted water/fluid. Not "blood" per se. To me it's just part of the sauce.

They have several Filipino dishes made with blood saved when an animal is butchered as in many cultures you waste nothing right down to the hooves. A wouldn't say it was my favorite food but it's edible.

I would think it would be tough to save much blood in a hunting situation before it clotted.

From: Florida Mike
The blood sometimes contains certain impurities that cause stomach issues in humans, like heartburn, diarrhea, acid reflux,...

Its just better to drain it for most folks. I have a brother-in-law that can eat anything, big chunks of fat, greasy half done bacon, and his cholesterol is always less than 200, go figure! Most of us need to watch what we eat intensely. Mike

From: Txnrog
What? No blood sausages for you guys? (They're actually not half bad, but it wouldn't make a regular spot at my table)

From: Fulldraw
Hey Rat.....I "think" that is pre crusicfictian, and resarection.

Old testement speaks of blood sacrifice and atonment, once Christ died for our sins, that all went away.

My dad is seventh day adventist, and they don't eat pork, as well as other good stuff, cuz they still follow the "law" of the old testament.

Not saying I couldn't be wrong, but that is my take.

From: Rat
Truth be it if a person really studies the diet God prescribes in the Old Testament it makes total since even in a Worldly health concience way.

From: thesquid
Don't worry about it - I normally dump it but if I'm making stew it goes in the pot. It looks like your still alive, how long has she been doing this. Like Sage siad it not blood shot meat you are dealing with, that's the bad stuff.

From: REX
If you have ever had cajun food with Boudin sausage, you have eaten blood. The main ingredient in the recipe I have is "5 pints of hogs blood." In fact, the recipe calls for no actual meat whatsoever. It is delicious.

From: fuzzy
Yeah, Rat, New testament relieves us of a lot of the food "laws" ... thenk goodness! I DO love me some squirrel-brains! ;-)

From: TD
Fuzzy, aren't you worried about "mad squirrel"??? It's out there I know, I've met some pretty squirrely people.... =D

From: Buffalo1
Other than ground styled meats (sausage & hamburger) I soak all of my meat in water in the refrigerator before preparing. Before I cook the meat it normally a beautiful whitish/pink color. Found this preparation technique provides a more palitable meal.

On wild hogs, I soak the meat for 5 days in a cooler before taking the meat to the processor to make sausage. This helps to draw a lot of the blood out of the meat and I like the taste of the sausage when this using this technique.

From: Ken Taylor
The people in this community love the blood cooked and consider that is what makes the best gravy.

There is also a traditional drink that they have at feasts here that is essentially a mixture of melted beaver fat and blood. It is a carry over from the old days when surviving the winter wasn't a guarantee. It is usually offered to the Elders first.

We also have a soup made up of blood and oatmeal. It's actually not bad!

Virtually every part of an animal is edible. Taste is something acquired.

From: PoconoTom
It's likely the blood was drained away when the deer was harvested. Meat is largely composed of water, and when it is stored, some fluid comes out of the muscle which butchers call purge. It is mainly water mixed with a protein called myoglobin.

From: cnelk
I see the Search Function is working again

From: HDE
"It is mainly water mixed with a protein called myoglobin."

This. It is not blood that is cooked out.

From: Fields
IMO- drain and rinse before cooking.....

From: itshot
cnelk x2

many must be looking for essay help on this blood cook toss

From: Ken Taylor
When we kill a moose I sometimes scoop up some fresh coagulated blood from inside the rib cage and fry it up with a bit of steak spice.

From: Catscratch
I sprinkle Lowery's on the juices/blood and cook it in the grease with the rest of the steak. Then I scrape it up and put it on the steak before serving. Great stuff!

From: rodb
Got to love blood sausage and eggs in the morning.

From: midwest
Like said, it's not blood, it's myoglobin and water.

"Remember, Zuzu, everytime someone calls it "blood", somewhere a teenager becomes a vegetarian." -Meathead

From: TrapperKayak
I'm a fan of blood. Its great mixed in with gravy. And I take communion.

From: Fuzzy

From: 76aggie
The only blood I retain is for training dogs.

Keep it makes it better..great gravy flavor

From: White Falcon
No worse than Polish Duck Blood Soup {Czernina} and it is GOOOOOD!!!!!

From: JB
Went to pick up a girl for our 1st date and her mom was making blood sausage. I was like what the? Ended up marrying her and can say her mom was one hell of a cook.

From: arlone
When I unthaw a pack of venison I will add some water in the bag and let it soak for awhile and rinse before preparing. My Dad enjoyed blood sausage from blood caught when butchering a pig and my Mom had an uncle that would "drink" blood from a deer he shot, or so the story goes?

From: midwest
When you "unthaw" something, doesn't that mean you freeze it? ;-)

From: ahunter76
White Falcon-sisters mother in law (Polish) made Duck Blood soup almost weekly when she was alive. I never tried it but my wife ate it.

From: N8tureBoy
If you freeze a ripe tomato and then let it thaw out, the process is pretty similar to what happens to the individual muscle cells in a frozen steak. The inner cellular contents leak out because the cell walls get damaged from the ice crystals etc. The fluid isn't "blood" as others have mentioned.

On a similar note, there are rumors that Walt Disney had himself cryogenically frozen. That's the easy part, if true. The challenge will be thawing him out!

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