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DeDuine Safaris
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mrgadget 17-Mar-10
Hollywood 18-Mar-10
andersb9 26-Apr-23
Bowfreak 27-Apr-23
From: mrgadget
I was just informed that I won a hunt with Bertus Meyer of DeDuine Safaris in South Africa near Kimberly.

Anyone out there know anything about this place?

From: Hollywood
Hunted with him in '01. PM sent.

From: andersb9
I am looking to book with De Duine as well. Any feedback?

From: Bowfreak
No feedback from me but plenty of people on this site have hunted with other outfits with tons of positive reviews. The place you are interested in might be awesome but you can find lots of positive feedback for others. I’m not trying to talk you out of this choice but if you posted the same thread about someone like Dries Visser, you would have many responses.

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