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Tent zipper repair help
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From: TxTrapper
My brother has a Eureka Timberline 4 tent that is old but in very good shape except the zipper slider has come off one side. I know there's lot's of wisdom here so what to do to save the tent? Thanks.............Allen

Even if you get the pull (slider) back on, it will probably just come off again.

I'd suggest you take the tent to a saddle maker or someone that works with canvas and have them replace the whole zipper with a good one.

From: David Sapp
Call Eureka and see what their repair policy is. I've called outdoor product manufacturers on near archaic pieces of eqpt and they've happily repaired them. I've never dealt with Eureka before but imagine that they would repair at a reasonable cost as most major companies would.

From: tcosmic
most people who make boat covers can take care of that for you,even some taylors with heavy duty sewing machine.

From: DaleM
If you're able to get the zipper slider back on, move it to the all the way open position and squeeze it tight with a pair of long nosed pliers. Be sure to squeeze it both directions.

From: Turk
I had the same problem, with the same make/model tent. The zippers wear out, and I needed to replace mine not just repair the old one. I called Eureka and they had me return the tent to them, and they made the repair for a very reasonable fee. I doubt I will get another 30 years out of the tent, but am glad to have it available again to use.

Good luck

From: royboy
ditto what DaleM can also find a zipper repair kit which has new zipper pulls.shipping costs cost alot these days.Fred


Mike the Cheesehead's Link
See my attached link, you might want to give it a try.

I bought one of the kits to fix the zipper on a Eureka Dome tent, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I did use the kit and instructions to fix some other zippers though.

From: arctichill
In Mike Mitten's book "One With The Wilderness" he describes a similar problem. He replaced the zipper with heavy duty Velcro. I thought that was an awesome idea, and it sounded like it's much more reliable than a zipper anyway. You might try that. If you haven't read the book I would strongly suggest it. You can get it at Also, you might shoot Mike (Herdbull) a PM and I'm sure he would be happy to tell you exactly how he made his "repair".

From: NM_alazan
REI does tent zipper repair. It takes them awhile (about 4 weeks), but only costs about $10 for just replacing the slider and they do a good job.

From: Steve Jo
If you pay shipping to me and back I'll fix it for you.

From: TxTrapper
Thanks for all the help. He unsewed the top and put the teeth back in and squeezed the slider some and it seems to be working fine.

From: Workingmom94

Workingmom94's Link
I found this tutorial video to be very very helpful!! It saved me A LOT of time! Zippers can be a pain! Lol but yeah, go ahead and check it out! Super helpful!

From: Rock
Most generally the zipper is good you just need to replace the slider and they are not hard to do. Just need to either resew the end where you install the new slider or put a zipper stop on it.

From: Tdvorak
If I was in Anchorage I would take the tent to Alaska Tent and Tarp. They’d tear out the old one and sew in a brand new zip for almost nothing$. This time of year it would only take them a day or two and it would be perfect. I also have a private lady her in SD that does the same thing. She’d charge very little too. If you contact anybody in your neck of the woods that sews up coveralls or possibly canvas tents-tarps-covers will be able to sell you a brand new zip that works primo.

From: LKH
For my wall tent I bought the replacement zipper, used my wife's device for cutting sewed seams open, bought some very heavy needles and heavy nylon thread and went to work.

Took about 2 days and left me with aching joints.

Next time I'll buy a new tent.

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