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Black Bear Vitals
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From: mat1739
If im lucky enough to draw a special tag i will be Bear hunting this October. Now, with that said i've never hunted bears before so i'm not really sure on shot placement. I thought i read on here before you shoot further back on the body. Is this true? and would anyone have a vital layover?

Thanks Mat

From: mtoomey

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try this

From: Naples
I shoot half way up due to the fact that the hair on the belly area makes the animal appear larger than it actually is so if you shoot lower 1/3 you may miss vitals....and I aim right behind the shoulder like most critters.

I killed a monster blackie last fall on my first hunt ever for one. I put the arrow 5" behind crease of shoulder just below halfway up on a broadside shot. Stand was 10ft off ground, shot was 20 yards. Bear went 30 yards.

From: shortstop
I've only shot three, so I'm a long ways from an expert, but my limited experience tells me they're pretty easy to kill as long as you put one in the rib cage. All three have been pass-throughs.

From: DPowers
I have always heard, shoot for the middle of the middle.

From: Bear Track

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That picture with the Magnus emblem on it is owned by Woody Sanford. He's allowed me to use this is the one I pass to my guests up at camp to show them the vitals are no more forward than on a deer, but in no way hang as far back as an ungulate (deer, elk, moose and caribou). In the middle, top to bottom and right behind the near leg and you'll most likely see your bear tip over, is my expierience.

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