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1966 bear kodiak info?
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I know this should go on the Leatherwall, but it wouldn't allow me to register.

I am in the process of getting a 1966 Bear Archery Kodiak. 60", 40lb bow. It is in really great shape with the ORIGINAL string still on it (with NO fraying). Approximately what is this bow worth? I've done the normal searching and know it is the last year of the plain kodiaks (super kodiaks started in 67). There are none out there for sale (that I could find anyway). Just looking for a ballpark figure.

Thanks, Russ

From: Gundy
I'm a Bear Kodiak collector.

The vintage Bear market right now is definitely a buyers market. Prices have come down pretty drastically in the past three years.

A ballpark figure on your bow is $200-250. The draw weights above 50# will always bring more of a premium.

THAT SAID, I've seen bows go for much more/less than I thought they would on Ebay. You just can never tell for sure.

Can you post a photo of it? The '66 is a great lookin' bow.

Thanks for the info Gundy. My boss actually found it in his Mother inlaw's basement. It was bought new off the shelf at the factory in Grayling, shot a couple times and stored (hence the mint shape on the original string). That is pretty much all the info the Mom inlaw knows. She gave it to him and he asked me if I'd be interested in it. I've always wanted a recurve to shoot....not sure if I should buy this one to shoot or just to keep. He is asking $250 for it. I looked at it at lunch today. It is just about perfect, there is a little bit of adhesive (I think easily removable) just above the handle from moleskin. It is a nice looking bow, string is blonde colored and feels fairly hard (looks perfect though).

From: Gundy
If it's truly 'mint' it may be worth abit more than my estimate. Mint bows always command a high price simply because there's so few around.

I'd offer him $200 if I were you and see what happens.

Good luck and post a pic if you get it.

From: kellyharris
I owuld ,love to have a bow from 1966 that was the year I was born!!!

From: Gundy

Gundy's embedded Photo
Gundy's embedded Photo
Here's the 1966 Kodiak catalog pic for you. Be advised, the overlays on the front of the riser are reversed on the bow in this pic. They were usually predominantly white with brown layers.

Thanks for the info!

From: Tattoo Paul
I remember as a teenager working all summer and saving my money to buy a Kodiak bow brand new. Man, that was a pretty bow! I wish I still had it. $65 new seemed like a lot of money back then.

From: flip
I bought a Bear super magnum 48" 44 lb from a friend of mine a few years back.He told me he bought it new in 1968 when he went to nam.They were told they could not bring a personal firearm along but could bring a bow if it was 48" or less.He said he thought it would be some thin to past the time.It is in superb shape and also had a couple new wood shafts with bear heads on that im sure were never shot.I thought it had abit of history with it. I gave him $25 for it and made the deal I would never sell it for more, but would pass it to one of my boys or sell it to someone that would appreciate the history.

I have a '66 in excellent condition in #52,, It was the year I was born too....

From: RD
I bought a 64" 66 2 years ago for $200.

From: howler
it being 40Lbs will increase the value a little bit, lost of 45's out there but higher and lower poundage are somewhat rare. do as Gundy suggests and offer 200, if you get it you got a good deal Not a smoking deal but a good deal

From: Kodiak60
just picked up my 5th 1966 Kodiak this past weekend, I am waiting for it in the mail as we speak, I am very anxious to get it as it is very dark wood compared to the other 4 I have, and it is also 64" and 55#, looking forward to seeing pics of your when you get it! what a sweet shooting Bow the 66 Kodiak is!

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