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Rain Gear VS Poncho
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elkmtngear 15-May-23
From: Lonearcher
I'm looking to lighten my load some this year. Besides possibly going to a KU pack one item in my pack last year was Cabelas MT50 rain gear. I just put the top and bottom on the scale and it came in over 3.2lbs. They really to not pack down that small either. I carried them as a warmer layer if the weather turned. I also would not want to hike and hunt in them same for the poncho. Meaning if it was raining that bad I'd be seeking shelter and setting up a tarp.

So my question is how many get away on a Colorado elk hunt with only a poncho? And which brand/type?


From: whiskey08
My mil issue gortex top and bottom are fairly close as far as compressability go, the poncho is a little lighter. You will be drier in a top and bottom and its easier to hunt in, vs. a poncho.

Good thing about a poncho is, if ur bivy hunting with a few bungees u can have a shelter in about a minute, then sit under it with w/w gear on.

Bottom line is they're two different pieces of eqipment that serve two different uses. If I had to pick one it would definitely top and bottom. A poncho never kept me very dry.

As far as which type, the lighter mil type ponchos are not water proof for very long. The heavier rubber ones are, however they weigh much more. Id swap the lighter poncho for the heavier tarp.

From: hunter47025
I agree and do both. However since new stuff has come out, there are some great stuff that keeps you dry. I have succumb to the idea of having a garage sale and getting rid of a lot of old stuff and putting some real cash down for some of this hi tech gear on the market now. I have stuff i have been using for 40 years......bulk and layers......besides now i am old an fat, that means i have an extra layer already LOL

From: longboman
I've come to the conclusion that If I went the poncho route it would be one of the lite tents that act as a poncho also. But sinse I'm not going that way its no matter. Sinse I don't hunt past late sept out west I use the very light weight and breathable rain gear thats available these days.

From: Lost Arra

Lost Arra's Link
I also hunt very early in the season and rarely wear my rain pants. Gaitors and quick-dry pants work fine most of the time.

Jacket is better if needed for extra warmth but this poncho is handy to just sit out a downpour. I've also used it to hike in but I would not be drawing my bow while wearing it. It is designed to cover pack too. Shop around and you can find it cheaper.

From: DonVathome
It is funny I have heard MT050 labeled as packable and I have several sets of great raingear and will rank MT050 as NOT packable. To big and heavy by far.

Cabelas space rain gear rocks, light, quite, tough (not like others but for how light it is I am impressed).

I have 3 sets of rain gear;

1. MT050 for deer hunting at home and base camp, nice raingear when weight is not an issue)

2. Impertech, not breathable, hard core must stay dry raingear for AK

3. Cabelas space rain gear for most of my western hunts, and always for backpacking and in my pack at all times. Love this stuff.

From: huntingbob
Dittos on the space rain suit. They pack down to very small and weigh nothing. I wish they had zipper legs in them as I have to take my boots off to get the pants on but worth the hassle because they are small and light. Seem to be pretty tough also as I have not ripped them yet. They seem to stretch more than you would think. Always in my pack!

From: 300 Win Mag
How do you intend to hunt in just a poncho if the weather turns bad and it rains for 4 or 5 days or more?

From: BTM
Ponchos have never worked well for me. Too much rain gets in the sides between the snaps. Of course, MT050 has never worked well for me, either. (Will try Impertech next.)

From: MuleyFever
Does anyone have the Rusell L5 rain gear? I am wondering how small it rolls up and if you liked it.

I almost always carry a poncho in the pack and wear my raingear. MT050 not even to close to the packable catagory. Packable and "not really good raingear" are synonomous in my opinion.

I do have MT050, rain suede, Gortex, and non breathable types of rain gear. The breahable ones all work farily decent for wearing. MT050/rain sude not really that good for places where it really rains a lot like AK. Anything that is good there, is not fun to wear when not raining. MT050 and others are a nice balance of that problem and work for most western hunting which is mostly high desert anyway. I always have two sets of rain gear though at base camp in case it rains everyday for two weeks like it does once in a while. I'd like to get out of that problem problem though.

I like having a poncho no matter what though. It can be used as a nice shelter in addition to rain gear in a pinch. I think I'm going to look at Sitka and for sure see what KUIU has as next raingear.

From: Wild Bill
Like my insulated bib coveralls and cold weather coat, I would not consider hunting in the mountains without my poncho. When the weather turns, I sit down and cover myself and gear with my poncho and await for the weather to change. Take it from an old time hunter, trying to hunt during a rain doesn't work! Its best just to sit the weather out and take advantage of the quieted ground cover after the storm has passed!

From: Beendare
Ponchos blow around and are noisy as heck. They are good if you are hunkered down somewhere.

I use the Kuiu NX ( I think they call it)

From: DonVathome
Cabela's space rain gear, almost no weight difference vs a poncho and a lot better. Awesome for light rain gear. MT050 is great for treestands (unless cold - noisy). I would never use it on elk, to heavy/bulky. I travel light.

From: Vonfoust
I'm thinking this Lonearcher has had 12 years to sort through this. Hope he settled on something by now.

From: Pop-r
Wild bill that's one of my favorite times to be right up in the middle of some elk. I've snuck right up on several nice bulls feeding in downpours. Rain can be your friend.

That being said I don't ever carry a poncho. You're not going to shoot a bow very well with one on. What IF an elk just came by you while you were hanging out in your poncho? Lol. Good rain gear and a silnylon tarp for sure enough hang out times for me.

From: KSflatlander
KUIU Northridge and Chugach rain jackets both weigh less than a pound and won’t leak but they aren’t cheap.

From: RitaKoch
thank you , I will know , I will look for myself

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's embedded Photo
elkmtngear's embedded Photo
Between the Space Rain jacket, and my Umbrella (which is also a walking stick), I'm good for multiple days of downpour.

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