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From: bowhunter55
Anybody use this blind? How portable is it,does it spook animals and would you guys recommend it? I'm basically a treestand hunter but thought it might come in handy on days when the wind isn't right but I still want to hunt the same location.

From: zipper
Cons : If you break it its 7 years bad luck.

From: Rick M
Good one zipper. I wonder what it looks like when the sun hits it? Could always use it as a signal mirror.

I might be way off base but I would be surprised if anyone has used it with good results.

Rick M

From: StickFlicker
I heard that it is more likely to draw females close to it rather than males.

From: writer
Guy asks a perfectly good question and all he gets are smart-alec answers.

Dang,zipper, you beat me to that response.

Be interested to see how they've worked for hunters.

From: Joe
I've been looking at them, I would like to know also.....Good idea if it's not to bulky.....

From: sir misalots
I looked at them closley at the deer and turkey expo a couple years back. Pros: interesting concept Portable Since it reflect surroundings, camo fits area Cons Expensive for what it is Heavy (plus you have to by a back pack system to carry) I would think the Mylar scratched easy reducing the effectivness over time

Just my opinion but Im thinking you could make one for a 4th of the cost.

From: Two Feathers

Two Feathers's Link
In mid January 2011 I purchased a Ghost Blind. Before I bought one I did some internet searches for product reviews and there isn't a whole lot out there, at least not yet. I would also like to hear from other bow hunters and their experience with the Ghost Blind.

I’m an old guy (63) and I’m finding that I’m hunting more and more off the ground and less out of the trees, especially in late season. I have three pop up blinds for ground hunting and thought there was a place for the Ghost Blind in my ground hunting.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to cough up the $250+ for the blind. But, it will probably outlast me, it’s made in America not by a bunch of little people in China. I know that adds to the cost. I also know I couldn’t do a better job building one myself. I haven’t told my wife what it costs, I don’t think she even knows I own one.

I have used the Ghost Blind about a dozen times since I bought it. The first time was in a snow storm, the last time and last day of the season (Monday, Jan 31st) was in a snow storm. There has been snow on the ground (6-15 inches) every time I have used it. It comes with stakes and lines to stake it down but I haven’t had to use them yet. The first time out with the blind it was blowing and snowing. The wind was an issue. It blew the blind over twice. I just picked up the blind and moved it a few yards to where it was sheltered from the wind and it was OK for the rest of the hunt.

The thing I like most about this blind is it’s mobility. I can unfold it and set it up, take it down and fold it up in seconds. I don’t have to brush it in. I never had a deer spook when they looked at it. With my pop ups I’ve had deer turn inside out the first time they saw it. This Ghost Blind just blends in.

I was concerned about transporting this thing. It looked big and cumbersome. My Lone Wolf stands spoiled me. However, in the field it was relatively easy to transport. They make a back pack/carry case for it for another $100 and I didn’t get one. I used the transport belt it comes with. The belt slips through the closed blind and slips over your head and the blind hangs at your side as you walk with it. At 5' 11" the blind didn’t hang too low to be a problem. The longest I had to carry the blind was 1/2 - 3/4 mile. It’s 12 lbs, lighter than my tree stands and way lighter than my pop ups. I no longer consider it a problem to carry.

The Mylar reflective side is folded in and doesn’t get dinged up during transport. The camo side does get dinged up. In my case, more from friction sliding around in the vehicle than from carrying. I don’t see where the mylar reflective side will get a lot of dings and the few dings the mylar reflective surface does get will not adversely affect it’s effectiveness.

Hunting in the cold and snow did affect it’s durability. Continually sticking the blind in the snow caused one of the corners on a panel to separate. Had I cleaned the ice and snow from the base of the blind at the end of the day before I threw it in my truck that probably wouldn’t have happened. This summer when it’s nice and warm I’m sure it will glue up with no problem. I may even try something to protect the base from wear and tear.

The sun’s reflection was never an issue. Most hunts were overcast and the way the blind sets up it’s not going to reflect the sun back into the animals unless it’s an ant right in front of the blind. With my tree stands I would be very happy if I could get the sun at my back and the wind in my face. With this blind I just hunt the wind.

When I find a spot with fresh sign and I can get in undetected I know now I can hunt it effectively because I know I can place this blind where the wind will be in my favor. It just blends in where ever I set it. What I don’t know with fresh sign is when it’s being made, i.e. during hours or after hours. Usually I'm just checking spots for fresh sign and don't have a camera set up.

One of the cons is that I consider it a fair weather blind. There is no protection from the elements like a pop up. I also need to be more concerned with movement than with a pop up, especially when drawing and launching an arrow. I’m also a sort of wiggle worm, looking with binos, ranging things, grand kids along etc, I just don’t sit still well and I worry about that movement with the Ghost Blind. With a rifle or pistol you can keep the weapon below the top edge of the Ghost Blind but not your bow.

I like hunting off the ground. My two best bucks with the bow have come off the ground. I expect next year I’ll get a lot more usage out of this blind. I have many private property spots I can hunt and not enough pop ups or tree stands to go around. But this Ghost Blind is so mobile I’m not worried about a blind to hunt out of. I know if it works in the snow it will work in anything. I also know that if the wind changes direction, relocating is simple.

I mentioned the blind goes up quick and easy. It also goes up quietly. You do have to be careful with noise and bumping things against it. It's a hard, plastic surface and bumping your bow or quiver or arrows on it is not a natural sound.

A lot of my hunting is done before work in the mornings and after work in the evenings. They are relatively short duration hunts so I don't like to mess around putting up a tree stand or messing with a pop up. If I don't have something aready in place, I relied on my climber. That is until now. I’m going to get my money’s worth out of this Ghost Blind. I’m satisfied with it. Any questions, feel free to ask.

The link will take you to the Ghost Blind web site.

Semper Fi - Tom

From: proline
Great review, Two Feathers!

I made one for about $150, but I didn't finish it in time for the season. I used Coroplast for the panels (a rigid corrugated plastic sign material), adhesive-backed mirror on a roll for the mirrors, and camo fabric on the back. I decided to just use a couple of layers of duct tape for hinges.

It was relatively easy to make, but I'm not sure how happy I am with it yet. The Coroplast material has some raised lines on it .... just like the surface of corrugated cardboard. This makes the mirror surfaces wavy, and the reflection isn't as good as a smooth mirror. That said, I'm thinking that it will make little or no difference in the field. The surrounding colors and textures will still be reflected, even if they are distorted.

I'll try to post some pictures after I've had a chance to place it in some cover.

From: Gray Ghost

Nice review.

I just have one question. Have you killed anything from the GB, yet?


From: bowhunter55
Tom,thanks so much for the review! That answered a lot of questions I had about this blind. I'm seriously considering getting one. Good review!

From: Two Feathers
Proline - I agree with you. I don't think the wavy surface will make any significant difference. For $150 where was your biggest expense? Was it the coroplast or the adhesive roll of reflective mirror? Did you use a ghost blind for a pattern or make your own pattern? What size did you make your panels? How many panels? I would like to see your pictures. Hope you post some.

Why did you decide on camo material rather than just spray painting it? I really didn't consider that side so critical because if an animal comes in from where they can see it, they will smell you way before then. Well, turkeys are different.

Does yours set up so it reflects down like the Ghost Blind does?

Gray Ghost: I have not yet shot an animal from this blind. I have launced two arrows from it. One was deflected and the other was shot short.

This has been my worst season ever. I did not see an antlered buck this season while I had my bow in hand. Not even a spike. I launched four arrows this season. Two from tree stands and two from the Ghost Blind. Three misses and one yummy deer in the freezer.

I've always liked my pop ups for bow hunting turkey. I'm curious how I'm going to like this ghost blind for longbeards. The camo side may make a big difference with turkey where it didn't with deer.

From: proline
Two Feathers: I went with camo fabric because I thought it would look more finished AND I got a great deal on the fabric as a closeout item. The costs of the coroplast and the mirror rolls were each about $65. I made my own pattern based off of pictures of the ghost blind, but I stuck with one 4x8 sheet of coroplast ... I don't think the dimensions of the ghost blind will let you do that. I did make the pieces so they angle down. I think the coroplast was 8mm thick, so it is very stiff but not too heavy. I haven't weighed it yet, but I was hoping to keep it close to the weight of the ghost blind. If I was going to build another one, I would think about bonding a 1mm smooth facing to the coroplast panels on the mirror side to hopefully eliminate the waviness without adding too much additional weight. Another option would be to use plexiglass, but that stuff is relatively heavy.

There's a couple of youtube DYI videos on building your own, so I too am trying it with corrugated plastic. My two issues to address with that are the hinges and bonding items to the board, in that coroplast is not known for holding glue too well. ProLine, what did you use to bond the fabric? Is the mylar sticking OK? Didn't think of the wavy factor of the board, but I'm not too concerned about it either. Nature seems adverse to perfectly straight and flat objects anyway! I guess I can use filler primer to alleviate some of that before putting the mylar down.

I will paint the backside in camo (ASAT pattern). I also purchased two 4x8 panels (4mm each, thus raising my cost by $20), cut to 2x4 panels with the flutes 90 degrees from each other, and plan to align the flutes with each bonded sheet perpendicular to the other sheet (Gorilla Glue makes a poly glue that seems good to use with coroplast), thus making it even more rigid. If all goes well, I should have it ready in March and wl post the results and photos.

From: lawdy
I used this blind last season. It was a gift from my brother for helping him put a second story on his house. The very first time I used it I had a six pointer walk within 10 feet of me. He never knew I was there until I raised my longbow to shoot. I now ground hunt alot because there are not many deer around here and I have better luck moving around. This blind is ideal for hunting Wildlife Refuge land where the blind and tree restrictions make it difficult to hunt. Just don't face it into the sun and I use it in front of me with a softwood behind me or thick brush. It is hilarious to watch hares come up to it and see their reflections and go nuts.

From: JTucker
I have not seen many product reviews on the ghostblind so I figured I could share my experience with it. I am amazed how well the ghostblind works. I purchased a ghostblind predator late in the archery season last winter. Usually deer are hard to get close to with a bow after the gun season, because the deer are grouped up and on high alert. The first time I used my ghostblind I set up on the edge of a field looking down a main trail that I had always wanted to hunt, but wasn’t able to due to the lack of vegetation on the ground to conceal my double bull blind, or any trees large enough to hang a stand. The trail opened up into a winter wheat field that was surrounded by a pine thicket on three sides. Unfortunately the wind was almost always coming from the southwest so I would only be able to set up right at the trail head to avoid getting winded. The ghostblind allowed me to set up right at the corner of the trail on the edge of the field and watch the deer coming down the trail. A group of three doe walked within 5 yards of the blind and never even saw me. I played the wind just right and was able to sit still long enough for a nice 8 pt to walk in. He never even gave me a second look as he walked right past me at 10 yards. I was able to draw my bow back when he was parallel to me and focusing on the three doe already in the open field. I let out a grunt to get him to stop and let my arrow rip. I have never had a kill from such a short distance of the game. It is an entirely different experience being that close to an animal and getting off a shot. I didn’t even have to track this one because he never made it out of the field. I just thought I would share my story and let everyone know that the ghostblind worked for me. I was skeptical at first because I had not seen many reviews on the blind, but I had a location in mind that I felt it would work in. I can’t wait to use it next fall during the rut. The blind sells for 249 and they even have another shorter model for sitting on the ground for about 160. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a lightweight mobile groundblind. Most of my buddies are already planning to order one before opening day.

From: b1004u
Did anyone here ever finish making a ghost blind out of coroplast? Seems like the only way to go, in terms of weight, but I have yet to see a DIY post on any site with one completed and used in the field. I'd love to hear if anyone here succeed, and how it works. Wind is my only concern with such a light weight material...

From: rick allison
Thanks for the reviews. I've been intrigued with this for some time and see no reason it wouldn't work. As for sun glare, as I understand it sets up leaning forward so glare would be reflected down.

The price is the only thing holding me back right now...but who knows?

From: jims
I initially bought the shorter blind. It is a bit short but worked. I like the taller one better. I had to pretty much sit with my butt on the ground with the shorter version. The mirrors work great and I never had sun reflection problems since they are pointed towards the ground. Two problems I've had is dew, rain, or snow it won't reflect. The 2nd problem is they aren't meant for wind. The third problem I've had is the entire blind isn't too terribly long. If game comes in much from the side or back I'm often exposed unless I brush myself in. As mentioned above I am out in the elements...unlike a portable blind that is covered. Other than that I've had hen turkeys come up 2' from the mirrors and purr at their reflection. The turkeys I hunt won't come in to regular blinds. I've had a lot better results with the ghost blind.

From: Two Feathers
Well my post from 5 years ago has changed. I never did get the usage out of my Ghost Blind I expected and sold it to a young man (Bowsitter) in New York a couple years ago. I hope he got more use out of it than I did.

From: T Mac
Two Feathers I believe I bought your ghost blind and have not put it to use. I had good intentions but honestly I had forgotten about it but looking back on my season I have a spot where I can use as there are no trees big enough for a stand. If only I thought about it during the season. Oh well I guess there's always next year. I'm conditioned to think I should be in a tree stand. I need to think more outside the box. If someone is interested, I would be interested in selling.

From: LBshooter
All I can say is I know three guys who I hunt with and they love them. Have deer look at them and pay little attention and have them walk right up to it.

From: Pope125
Been looking at buying one of these for years my only question is , is it high enough to sit on a bucket and draw your bow without getting busted ?

From: jims
Pope125, You may be able to do the bucket deal with the taller version with extensions long as there isn't a hill above the blind that the critters can look down into the blind. I have a comfortable folding chair I got from Cabelas that sits close to the ground that works well.

From: ahunter55
I purchased one on sale for just under $200 & will be putting it to use this summer with my wife who does "lots' of photography & wildlife is one. I have decided on a few spots bowhunting from this past fall & I plan on using it then. If I Spring Turkey hunt (bow) I will probably see how it works then.. As for being in the elements, my tree stands are not covered. If it works decent, plan on taking it out West for Antelope. I have the extensions but have thought about raising it just a little more by placing a metal rod at each end I can push into the ground (I have these already). Anyway, hoping to give it a good testing for photography & hunting.

From: GED
I bought one new for $100 on clearance. Didn't use it yet, but expect to next year.

From: bowfinatic
Brother used one last season. Worked really well. Deer were within 10 yards with no issues. Big buck chasing does around within 50 yards but no shot opportunities

From: Zbone
GED - Where'd you find one on clearance at? ...Thanks

From: WillyNilson
thanks a lot for all these pros and cons that you provide! follow and find out how summer camps can influence your life!

From: Grubby
I have used mine once and killed one deer from it, I have not needed it since then, it may get used in the next couple of weeks. I wish it were a hair taller, i was pinned down for a while and had to really crouch down to get behind it. The other downside is that it catches a lot of wind. It really needs to be staked securely. I had does catch me but after staring for a minute they were totally fine with it, something that rarely happens in a tree.

From: Windwalker
I just purchased one from Ghost Blind; they had a sale. While I have not hunted with it yet I think there are many advantages as well as some disadvantages. There is no perfect system. My only concern is game not stopping in-line with the shooting ports. If they do not I will have to raise above the blind to take a shot. Such movement would spook most game. We will see.

From: Windwalker
I just purchased one from Ghost Blind; they had a sale. While I have not hunted with it yet I think there are many advantages as well as some disadvantages. There is no perfect system. My only concern is game not stopping in-line with the shooting ports. If they do not I will have to raise above the blind to take a shot. Such movement would spook most game. We will see.

From: Knife2sharp
I recommend the extender panels. I missed one of my best bucks from a GB 2 years ago. I had a tall tined 10 pointer come to a pond straight to me and start drinking. The doe he came in with left walking off to my left. I ranged her and she was 35 yards away on the bank. She left and I was tempted to try and range him by slowly peaking around one of the ports, but the fawn that came in with them caught my movement when they came in. She was head bobbing at me and never took a drink. She was like an alert pronghorn watering, she would lower her head down, her chin about touching the water and then quickly raise her head up. Well she left first, but ironically neither the doe or buck were alert, they ignored her. Well back to the buck. He did what I wasn't expecting, he turned to his left, took two sreps and stopped, completely facing the opposite direction the doe left. I was able to draw from behind one of the panels, then lean to my right and release my arrow. He ducked the arrow, but I also misjudged the distance, I was shooting for 30, but he was more like 20. I didn't realize how far he walked into the pond.

It was a great hunt, one I'll never forget. There's something about hunting from ground level that I like.

Back to the GB. They truly disappear and deer or turkeys do not spook from them, but game can still see you move. It's not like hunting from a dark enclosed blind.

From: PECO
I like the idea, and looked at them in Gander Mtn. I thought they were a lot of money for what they are. I believe you should get everything you need when you buy a product, not have to buy "extensions", or a $100 carry harness. It seems to me it will be hard to not get busted while drawing your bow. I my make my own is this winter, and try it on turkeys in the spring. As stated, there are some DIY ideas on youtube.

From: krieger
I finally broke down and bought one. Got the Predator model, I figure I can use it for turkeys and see how it goes for deer. Will be a good blind to take south for pigs I reckon..

From: Skullwerx
Anyone try making their own? I have a buudy that did and I'm going to give it a try. Do a search for "flexible mirror material" on eBay or google. Several options pop up. Pretty reasonable pricing too. I'm going to get some corrugated plastic similar to political signs to glue it to.

From: Bulldog
I purchased the preditor model late last season, with the extensions. I used it a couple times this year with great results. I typically use my viper climber but hunting unfamiliar areas with the climber can be hit or miss. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a tree straight enough, wide enough, and with good enough shooting lanes but by then it’s too late. This is when the GB comes in handy. Half the weight of my climber and more versatile. I have been picked off in the GB but that was totally my fault. I set up in front of a less than ideal size tree and didn’t realize that as I leaned my head to the right, to peek through one of the shooting ports, that I had no cover directly behind my head. Silhouetted myself. It was a learning experience. Some things I do to ensure a more successful experience with the GB. Check the wind on the walk in and check it constantly, then set the GB in front of a tree that’s wider than my shoulders or with my back against the root of a fallen tree. Point is that even as good as the GB product is, if you’re silloueted they’ll pick you off with even the slightest movement, if they smell you.....they’re gone. Get something thick behind you. I also wear a 3-DAY leafy suit and hat. Also, look at your surroundings on the walk in. Are there signs of deer? Is it a known path of travel? Is it a natural funnel from a bedding area? Doesn’t matter how good the product is, if deer aren’t moving through that area, you’ll be unsuccessful. Killed two doe this year within 12 yds of the blind by hunting a known chokepoint. They were clueless!! Honestly speaking, there are days that deer are just not moving at the time I have chosen to hunt and I tend to think it’s something that i did wrong...scent, noise, wind, etc. I have a hard time accepting the fact that I don’t kill something every time I hunt, but it happens. I’m constantly reminding myself that any non-harvest hunt is better than any day in the office. I’ve had squirls on my legs and grey foxes right in front of me. Doesn’t get any better than that. Enjoy the hunt regardless of the result! In conclusion, the GB isn’t the end all option. It’s just another option. It is a much better option over a pop-up for mobility and does provide needed cover over sitting in front of a large tree or the use of natural cover. If the wind changes, you can move within minutes. Can’t do that with a climber or pop-up.....without potentially screwing up you’re whole hunt. It doesn’t provide any overhead cover if it rains but neither does my climber. It’s just another tool to have in the tool bag. It may not be the best option one day but the only option the next. It’s a case by case situation. Happy hunting!!!!

From: LBshooter
Check out you tube, f you have any craftsman skills and tools you can make one for the faction of the cost.

From: Zim1
I bought one last year for turkey season and love it. I think especially for an experienced hunter who wants to play with a new toy. It worked very well. I felt like I was cheating. Too easy. Nothing saw me. Had deer feed within 20’ and turkey within 10’.


Ramona Brekke's embedded Photo
Ramona Brekke's embedded Photo

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What's the optimal resume length? Is it a correct question? Seems to me not, because we don't know the optimal length. It varies for a different profession.


Ramona Brekke's embedded Photo
Ramona Brekke's embedded Photo

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What's the optimal resume length? Is it a correct question? Seems to me not, because we don't know the optimal length. It varies for a different profession.

From: leftee
Longer the better.

From: lawdy
I have one and leave it during bow season at a crossing I like to sit before dark on my way out after moving around all day. I have shot several deer with it and have had bear within feet of me. Don’t face it toward the setting sun and I try to wedge it between small trees in a wind. I find that if it sways a little in the wind, animals don’t mind as everything else is swaying. I use the extenders on top of it as I use a longbow. Of course, play the wind. I leave mine hidden in a blowdown, but I haven’t seen another hunter in the woods up here in 10 years. Mine is still out there in a big plastic trash bag under 5 feet of snow as that crossing is a half mile in the woods. When the snow goes I will hike out and check on it. For guys that like to ambush a deer or bear and be mobile, they are incredible as long as you don’t have to walk a mile with it as they are bulky. I use a Waldron pac seat so my arms are free when hauling it. It’s hilarious when a hare walks in front of it and sees its reflection.

From: katebrouwn

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