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Using a shooting stick
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Anyone ever tried to use a shooting stick of sorts to help steady your bow arm? I have a chronic bad back and am trying to come up with ideas to help me get my range built up to 20-25 yards. I thought maybe some type of a stick or brace would help alleviate the stress the bow weight has on my lower back.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


From: Fields
Never tried it, but don't see why it would not work. My first thought was maybe a straight stick would not work due to clearance issues, but as long as you have the stick at least perpendicular to the ground and not leaning back towards you, I don't think it would be a problem.

From: buckykm1
They actually make one for bow hunting, i don't remember where i saw it at, but if you search the web you should find it. if i remember right it went from your waist to your bow arm.


From: whitetailer
yeah I agree with bucky, I saw something like that once too, but can not remember where

From: Aggieland
If you look on youtube from the 2011 ATA show there is an interview of Pete Shipley owner of PSE archry on there and he is talking about some "big time" hunters he knows. That are using shooting sticks to make very long range shots on game. Thought it was interesting, if I have time to find a link I will post it up.

From: Buzzctman
the knight an hale guys used them on there shows i think it may have been there product

From: Mac

Mac's Link
Knight and Hale Steady Ready. the link is to the product on their web site

From: Bigpizzaman
Jimmy Ryan uses one (I think that is who Pete was talking about), he was going to patent and market but I'm not sure if he did or not.

Tim: How's your shoulder re-hab going? Gettin old sux but it sure beats the alternative! C

From: Bigpizzaman
Charlie, Thanks! I'm 90% done! Rehab hurt like heck but it was worth it, I'll be in Alaska on the 15th of May, huntin Griz! Not giving up yet!

From: WylieCoyote
Several of the guys here in California that i sometimes hunt with use one. They take a lightweight expandable rifle bipod (Cabelas $25) and mount a connector on the top that snaps onto the bow stabilizer.....realistically they achieve 25 yard accuracy at 60+ yards!! I have seen them hit pepsi cans 50% of the time at 100+ yards.

There is also a product called a bipod shooting stick..rather than describe it, look up It was conceived for rifle hunters who wanted a lightweight rifle pod but the archery application is easy...hold the end in your bow arm and place the stick in your terrific standing or sitting. I use one of these whenever I am sighting in a takes a lot of the "Me error" out of the shot!


From: Beendare
A buddy uses a modified bipod [tall sticks] with quick release. The way I understand it, the argument "for" is that the rifle guys use them.

I know of a few instances of some guys implementing this system on 120yd+ shots. I doubt you could patent this, maybe an arm you could mount to a tree.

I carry enough crap around in the woods without the sticks....

From: Buffalo1
I have seen the bow shooting stick at Academy Sports. It rests against the waist. Brand name escapes me.

From: GF
I’ll bet they work even better with a crossbow.....

From: Lewis
I and my wife have used them for years with muzzloaders aNd rifles never with a bow but stonie point is the best plus it doubles as a trekking pole Lewis

How does a 9 year old thread just get a response?

Buffalo1 how did you pull this thread up?

From: JohnMC
A spammer brought it up with a link to some site. Buffalo posted after him and the spammer was removed.

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