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Lathrop vs Superfeet?
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From: miller1
has anybody compared lathrop insoles to superfeet, i want a good insole and figured these are 2 of the best, any input is welcome, i searched but didnt come up with anything comparing the 2.

From: Matt
The Superfeet are lower volume and lighter but offer less cushioning. The L&S is a gel-type insole. They eat up more volume but provide more cushioning. I just got my 2nd set of L&S 2 days ago, still one of my favorite pieces of gear.

From: lawnboi
just like boots i dont think you can say which is better, whatever fits the individual is what it all is about.

But for me superfeet greens and oranges in all my shoes

From: miller1
thanks, guys, now we have a split so i need some more input to break the tie.

From: Ki-Ke
L & S. I have a pair if green superfeet that I use in my work boots (solar construction, ladders and roofs)every day, all day. After 8 hours, especially on a sloped roof, I'll start to develop hot spots on the balls of me feet. I swithched out the SF for the L & S insoles and do not get even a smidge of a hot spot, even though my feet were still inflamed from the day before using the SF! No more SF for me.

The tie is broken....

From: Lost Arra
Lathrop +1

I've never understood the popularity of Superfeet. I guess it's just an individual foot-fit issue but I could have just put a $10 bill in each boot and got the same effect with less hot spots.

Check out Arch Rivals insoles.

I had burning in the metatarsal area on both feet... the balls of my big toes, after running. I went to the foot specialist at our local bone and joint clinic. He prescribed the Arch Rivals insoles. They cost $50 at their clinic. I Googled them and they run $59 most places.

I replaced the insoles in my Asics running shoes with the Arch Rivals and went for a run. No burning at all. They worked instantly. I could not believe it.

I intend to use them in my hikers this summer, too.

I have used Superfeet, the orange style because I have high arches. They have no padding because that is not how they are designed to work. They are designed to put your feet in proper alignment.

I have also used Lathrop and Sons insoles. They are padded.

The insoles I found that worked the best for me in the past were Spenco blue insoles designed specifically for trail hiking and backpacking. They work great for me. Better than the Superfeet or Lathrop and sons. They ran me about $40 5 years ago or so.

From: WapitiBob
Impact Gel, the others are cheap imitations.

From: JTreeman
I use SF greens, they are not made to be cushiony, as pointed out above, but I like the additional arch support and the nice tight heel cup. I have not used lanthrops, but from my understanding it is somewhat like comparing apples to oranges.

I don't necessary feel that I (personally) need a lot of extra cushioniness, but really like a little extra support that I feel the SF provide. You may have different preferences or needs.


From: miller1
do the Lathrops make your feet sweat more because of the gel? seems like they wouldnt let your feet breathe as well.

This week I order a set of Lathrop inserts for my son and myself for our sheep hunt in September. Talk to Dusty or Steve.

I have Superfeet, Soles and the Synergy footBeds from Lathrop and Sons.

The biggest difference I notice is hotspots. With SF and Soles I will generally get hot spots when making long descents with heavy loads and I don't have that issue with the Synergy Footbeds.

I was worried about the difference in arch support between all of them and thought the LS Synergy's would not give me the amount I needed with extremely heavy loads, but my arches actually feel much better after long treks with the LS model.

They are worth taking a look at for sure.

From: Ki-Ke

I don't have very sweaty feet normally, but after a few 10 hour days at 80 - 90 degrees on a roof in an ankle high hiking boot with the green SF insoles, my feet WILL begin to smell like a 3 day old gut pile. With equal exertion using the LS soles, the flies don't notice. Not sure what it is, but the difference is obvious.

From: Gus
i have tried both the LS and SF for a few seasons. the LS ones are the clear winner in my opinion. no doubt.

I am going to order some new Danner's and some insoles from LS.

I like my Danners. I find them to be 100% waterproof and quite durable. I have some that are almost 10 years old. The hanwags are way too much boot for me. I ain't climbing mt everest.

From: squid

squid's Link
Video review attached. After seeing this, I ordered a pair of the L&S synergy footbeds.

After getting them, I was very impressed and ordered a pair of the Hanwag Alaskans with the fitting service and footbeds, awaiting for them to arrive.

I was skeptical even after ordering them, but once I tried them, I highly recommend them.

From: lawnboi
i will also add that after starting to use the superfeet greens, which fit my feet amazingly, i have not had any back tension what so ever at the workplace. I work at ups, and am carrying boxes ranging from 1lb to 150lbs every day. since switching to superfeet i havnt had a hint of back tension, or pain after work. I attest that to the arch support and tight heel cup. I liked them so much i got a pair for my dad who is a package car driver, and he has seen the same results. while i have tried sole inserts along with other top brands i have found superfeet to be the best at cupping my ankle and supporting my arch.

I originally bought superfeet to replace my soles in my stiff hunting boot as i wanted a little more support, but after trying them in my hiking/hunting boots they went in all of my footwear

From: BadgerND
I used to have a bad case of plantar fascitis and superfeet cleared that up. I think their insoles are not very good, but I love their heel cups. I've taken the insoles off the heel cups and thrown them away. I've got heel cups off of the superfeet that I've used through 3 sets of insoles, and they'll most likely last several more.

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