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From: Widow sax
Ok I know people talk about smartwool but there are lot of other ones out there. I am having trouble deciding on a brand and model. What brand and model do you like and why. These are for a 10 day packin elk hunt. Thanks for your help. Widow

From: ruger109

From: AndyJ
I like smartwool mountaineering socks. Unfortunately they are really expensive, but they will last you years. I have also had good luck with wigwam and REI socks. Check sierra trading post, they frequently have killer deals on smartwool socks.


Indianaforester's Link
RedHead® 16" Mountain Bear Socks for Men

I wear these every day with a cotton inner sock.

From: Brotsky
There's smartwool and then there's everything else. I find it funny that guys will drop $500 on a jacket and pair of pants but won't drop $50 for 3 pairs of socks that could be the most important piece of clothing you put on as far as keeping you in the woods.

From: 7mag
Cabelas ultimax wool blend socks are good and cheaper then smartwool.

From: Quinn007
I like Smartwool and have some nice Wigwam socks as well. Just added some nice merino socks I got off Camofire but I forget the brand.

From: Lost Arra

Lost Arra's Link
Darn Tough full-cushion boot socks. Cool max or merino wool. made in USA

Pricey like Smartwool but equal or exceeds SW quality.

From: Les Welch

From: simmshunter

simmshunter's Link
Cabelas Ingenius socks. Very comfortable and warm. Best I have found yet.

From: Brotsky
Quinn...probably Lorpen socks. I've got several pairs of Lorpen as well and they seem to do pretty well.

From: trevore
I just purchased some SmartWool from Sierra Trading Post. On sale for $7.50 a pair. PhD Med cushion sock. I rec'd an email flyer with a promo code in it. That's less than my liners cost.

From: Beendare
I like the REI brand wool socks as much as the Smartwool and they are a bit cheaper.

3 different weights- light hiker, hiker and expedition- just depends on the volume you need in the boots you are wearing.

From: rodney482
I am really liking my First Lite socks.

I also use, Smartwool and thorlo.

I just picked up some merino wool socks made by Oakley that seem to be a great sock as well.

From: bowgy
I prefer the synthetic ones, ultimax, coolmax, etc. unless its really cold.

From: Ziek
I've been using Thorlo thick cushion hiking socks for years for most bow hunting. You just don't need, or want, a really warm sock for August and September hunts in the rockies, at least in Colorado.

From: WapitiBob
Walmart cotton in bulk.

My feet are bullet proof and happier than a pig in slop when I wear a good liner and cotton over the top. I'm lucky in that regard, wet and cold doesn't phase them.

From: WapitiBob

From: Cheetah8799
I wear a thin liner sock under a poly/cotton blend sock. I have some short coolmax liners, as well as some Wigwam Gobi Liner socks that are calf length. For the outer sock I have a few different types, mostly I just look for a blend that isn't too loose and has a compression arch support and maybe padded heels.

From: doublelung
Another vote for darn tough. I used to use smartwool, but darn tough are better quality. Expensive, but you get your money's worth.

From: Norseman
cheap ones you can throw away after 2 days use.

From: Browtine
Cabelas Ultimax.

From: wigeon
x2 for Cabelas ingenius socks been wearing them for 3 years now.

From: Seacat

From: Longwalker
Lorpen. Any of the lite hikers for early season, and then I have some of the longer heavy ones for late seasons.

Smartwool - been using them for years

From: Brookenarrow
Smartwool socks everyday here. Heel part of the sock are starting to wear thin, but i had them a looooong time, worth every penny.

From: TX Maverick
Darn Tough. I have used Smartwool socks for years and they have been great, but won't go back to them. The Darn Tough are just that much more comfortable.

From: Ridge Wraith
I've heard great things about the Darn Tough socks in Merino, but don't have any first hand experience with them. The Smartwool socks have worked well for me though. Not all Merino socks are created equal though. The wigwam ans Sams Club Omni-wool are pretty bad.

From: bigbulls6
Red head wool guaranteed for life they stand behind them and wool wont stink for days if aired out at night!!

From: Jordan H
I love my cabela's outfitter socks.

From: gil_wy
Tried lorpen, darn tough, bass pro, under armour and cabelas based on recommendations here... however, while all the above were adequate, none of these were even close to the smart wool PhD medium weight... perfect hunting/hiking sock IMHO...

From: High&Wide
I used to wear the Smartwool for years. One year I also tried a pair of the Walmart Merino Wool socks for half the price. I can't tell the difference.

I wear 5.11 socks every day at work. Have had them for 3 years and all 4 pairs are still like new. Very stretchy, resilient, wick moisture well, and don't smell.

From: Mulieking1
I like the REI Merino Wool socks...they are just as soft as Smartwool but are cheaper and last longer.

From: Alpinehunter
I'm a Bridgedale and Smartwool guy. There are many different weights and knits so I switch around depnding on my volume/warmth needs. The Smartwool PhD's and Bridgedale Summit Extremes are slick.

From: oldgoat
Best luck I've been having with socks are the Under Armor "Heat Gear" They wear like iron, have some that i've been wearing to work and hiking and hunting for over a year and the elastic and the pile are still in good to perfect shape. I won't pay under armors prices on most of their stuff, but man their socks are that much better.

From: ruger109
Camofire has 2-pair packs of Lorpen light hiker socks at a great value today

I'm giving the Bridgedale socks a go for my elk hunt. Talked with a guy @ Lathrop & Sons yesterday to order their in-soles and we got to talking about socks. Of course, he recommended the Bridgedale and I did need to get some additional socks, so I bought a few pair.

He said I didn't need a liner with them either, so I'll see how they do. Hoping for the best!!!

From: Aspen Ghost
I cannot ever remember my feet getting cold on an archery elk hunt. Are you guys recommending wool for warmth or some other reason? I'm looking for a sock to keep my feet dry and comfortable and definitely not looking for warmth. Would you still recommend a wool sock?

From: squid
Darn Tough!

Made in USA, supports our Military and LIFETIME warranty. Wear them out, put holes in them, abuse them and if they fail, they will replace them.

I have slowly replaced all mine with Darn Tough and have yet to wear a pair out.

From: Heat
Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker

From: Brotsky
I'd like to change my vote to Darn Tough please.

From: Hancock West
I've heard good things about darn tough but never tried them. i do like the mens hunt medium camo crew socks from smartwool

From: Trophyhill
LL Bean for me. Not only for hunting but also for work. Since I started wearing Merino Wool socks for hunting, now it's all I wear. The LL Beans are definitely hi quality and have lasted me year's

From: LINK
I have People’s and Smartwool and most of the time I wear my thin And1 bought from Walmart. They keep my feet much cooler and I haven’t found a benefit to wearing thick wool in Sept. I’ll take that back I’ll sometimes put them on at night just like I do a beanie. When I am hunting I’m plenty warm.

From: RonS
I have had good luck with Lorpen and Darn Tough. The Lorpen are good for traction inside the boot to keep your feet from sliding around and causing your toes to get tired on the hills.

From: APauls
I didn't cast a vote 9 years ago, but I'd say it's Darn Tough for me

From: shakey
Darn tough, darn good!

From: Sivart
I know that everyone raves about smartwool. I personally cannot wear them, my feet soak with sweat within 5 min.

From: Scoot
Thin poly liner and any merino wool sock works just fine for me.

From: Bou'bound
I’m running darn toughs now

From: g5smoke21
Always loved the gore socks, just burnt out my last pair so gave black ovis socks a go. Actually am pretty impressed so far with them

From: chukarchump
I am currently running Point 6 merino hikers. Darn Toughs would be my next choice.

From: fubar racin
I love my danish endurance merino socks. Durability seems on par with smart wool or darn tough, but comfort and price are both far better.

From: Old School
Thin liner sock and any lightweight merino sock over it.

From: txhunter58
Be sure they are around 70% merino wool and then brand becomes less important. I have several brands in that range that work well

From: woodguy65
"Always loved the gore socks, just burnt out my last pair so gave black ovis socks a go. Actually am pretty impressed so far with them"

Ive worn through the gore socks (heal) on every pair I owned. I have a lot of Black Ovis wool garments - they look good and fit well, but I find them to be cheap, in that they seem to unravel or wear out prematurely.

I started buying Darn Toughs last winter - quality and lifetime guarantee. I don't know what's not to like about that, I wear them out I send them back.

From: ElkNut1
Wapitibob X2! I think special socks are over thunk! (grin) I do own a few of what are mentioned, truthfully they're no different than the cotton ones! I love merino wool tops but outside of that I'm a fan of cotton.


From: sfiremedic
Darn Tough...

From: pirogue
Used to think Smart Wool was best. Decided they were not the best when I started wearing Darn Tough.

Darn mine!

From: Ursman
Darn tough. Unbeatable.

From: stagetek
I still have a good supply of Gore socks. I love them.

From: Mel_Black
I prefer Printsfield

From: Mel_Black
I prefer Printsfield

From: Lone Wolf
Darn tough

My favorite are the Gore socks too bad they aren’t made any more. Think I got them on camofire. Darn tough very good. Wigwam were the worse as far as stretching out.

From: Teeton
I like smart wool and lorpen. Darn tough seem to be well built, have a good warrant but for me I find on steep hills that my feet slide around in my boots. Lorpen also have the same warrant as darn tough.

From: Wild Bill
This isn't my first sock thread.

About twenty years ago I abandoned cotton socks and now wear only wool. I've tried the many brands mentioned and they certainly are good, however, I haven't seen anyone mention Fit socks, and not only do they fit right, they are comfortable all the time. I bought three pairs of high top heavy boot socks on a special deal for veterans, three years ago. They fit and feel as great as they did when new. I wear them year around. Today it is ninety degrees and I have them on with my Crocs. They recommend turning them inside out to wash and now I do that with all my wool socks because it seems to allow them to fluff out in the wash.

IMHO, if you haven't tried Fit socks, you haven't tried the best.

From: ohiohunter
Fitsok or fits socks? Looks like there are 2 different brands

From: Wild Bill

From: PECO
I destroy socks. Smartwool, REI wool, Walmart wool, and more. I got some good deals on Darn Tough and so far they are wearing well.

alpaca wool is my favorite, as my friend said after I convinced him to try them, "like making love to your feet" I have 10 different kinds of meriono/wool socks and I like them, they just dont compare to Alpaca in my opinion.

From: Trial153
Farm to feet Ely in light or sock i used.

SMARTWOOL all the way......many different options available and good for year round use. I even wear the lighter versions here in Prescott, Arizona during the summer months

Darn Tough every day.

From: SlipShot
Smartwool! Go to their site and use the sock finder. Last year was my first year using them. I use my socks for hunting, hiking, and Skiing. Best sock I have ever worn. hunted around 3 weeks, got 35 days on the ski mountain this year because of the shortened season. The socks held up great. I have 3 pairs of the same sock. Sorry I can't tell you which ones I bought.

From: Ermine
Gore socks are awesome. I wear them for hunts usually. I wear darn tough for everyday stuff. Can’t beat a lifetime warranty on a sock. Wear a hole in it and get it replaced!!

Eureka 100% merino on Amazon, the best sock I eve have.

From: Longhorn
I wear Darn Tough every day.... But come hunting season it's all Smart Wool....

From: shiloh
Had a friend who is a forester try out the darn tough warranty. No questions asked and they actually gave him a credit for the amount of the socks in case he wanted to get something different. Rarely is it ever a mistake to buy quality American made stuff

From: BUCKeye
Wish I had bought a pile of Gore socks back when they were available. Would love to find a source for more of them.

From: soccern23ny
Try Darn tough or

Darn Tough

or maybe Darn Tough

and if that doesn't work Darn Tough

American made, high quality high wool % socks, that actually come in sizes!!!!(8-9.5, 10-11.5, etc) Need I say more? no more "size 6-12" Like how does that work lol

Also what sock company has a lifetime warranty? I still have pairs i wear twice a week for work from 2012, finally developing a small hole. Might test their warranty soon.

From: chukarchump
Point 6 also has a lifetime warranty. The original guy that started Smartwool is the Owner of Point 6. After selling Smartwool to a big box company (and his no compete clause expired) he started Point 6. The socks are the next level above Smartwool with the lifetime warranty. You will be impressed.

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