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What bow for 5 year old?
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From: SBH
My boys are turning 5 this year (twins) and are dying to have a bow "like dad's". I'm wondering what you guys have bought for your kids first bow. I want it to be a compound bow and have enough poundage that they could shoot arrows into a target. Not looking for a toy, we have those and they are not impressed anymore. The longer it could last them the better but I understand they will probably grow out of it pretty quickly. I see Fred bear has one that goes from 11-40 lbs, anyone have any experience with it? Keep in mind I have to buy 2! Thanks for any help you can give me, I don't want to waste any hard earned money on a bow that they are either too big or too small for. Matt

From: P. Mess
The hardest part with buying youth bows that are inexpensive is that most of them have draw lengths that are way too long for the draw weight(the ones from Bear).

The Nuclear Ice from Diamond is pretty good for 4-7 years old. The better youth bows may not be small enough for a 5 year old yet. I'd recomend the nuclear Ice to hold them over until they fit into on of the many good youth bows on the market.

From: EThunter
I bought my son a Bear apprentice last year when he turned 6 for the same reason you mentioned. After shooting with me for the summer he asked could he hunt with it. He was very accurate up to fifteen yards so I told him we could give it a try. I put up a ground blind behind our home in Texas. I baited with corn about ten yards from the stand. He killed two yearlings last season with his bow out of that stand. Both were very close and he made great shots. I have never been so nervous and happy in all my time hunting. Two deer with a bow at the age of six. It all started because he wanted a bow like his dads. I paid about $300 for the bow at Bass Pro ready to shoot. I am very pleased and cannot wait to see how he does this year.

From: bucknut
Bear has a bow called the apprentice rth. 13 different draw length positions from 15 to 27. Draw weights adjustable from 20 to 50 lbs. Comes with sight, quiver and rest. Less than 300.

From: SBH
EThunter- Congrats to your son! That's exactly what I'm hoping for, except in MT you can't hunt till 12...but they would love to be able to sit in the blind with me this year. Every night when I get home from work they ask "Dad can you shoot your bow tonight?" So I'm hoping to get them set up so they can at least shoot with me. Anything under $200? Remember, I have twins so I need two. This is going to get expensive isn't it?

From: blackdog
take a look at the genesis bow, we use them in our club for "intro to archery" for town kids and our high school has them in their NASP program

The Genesis™ System combines "zero let-off" with light draw weights (adjustable from 10 lbs. to 20 lbs.) to create a bow that covers all standard draw lengths and fits virtually everyone. Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program!

"Zero let-off" means no specific draw length

The Genesis™ System, by elimination let-off on light draw weight bows (where let-off is unnecessary), eliminates specific draw length requirements. The result is a bow that fits virtually everybody (from 15" to 30").

Shoots like a bow with higher poundage

A Genesis™ bow set at 20 lbs., for example, stores and releases an amount of energy comparable to a 35 lb. recurve bow! Plus, the Genesis™ bow has the "holding weight" (10 to 20 lbs.) necessary to "pull" the string from your fingers, making it easy to shoot.

All the advantages of single-cam technology

The new Genesis™ bow has just one cam. This means no tuning problems, much less recoil, more accurate shooting, and less noise.

Ideal for kids, beginners, and adults

Genesis™ Technology offers several advantages that make the new Genesis™ bow the perfect choice for archers of all ages and sizes.

Kids can't outgrow it - because there is no specific draw length requirement. It's simple to buy - no need to measure and fit for draw length. It's easy to shoot - because the draw length is always right, the beginning archer won't develop bad habits caused by an ill-fitting bow. Great for families - everybody in the family can shoot the same bow. Perfect for schools, clubs, organizations - no need to worry about draw length. Stores love it - great for getting people interested in archery, and it's the perfect bow for use with video target systems.

Have fun, Blackdog

Other than the Bear Apprentice, which is son loves his (7), I have heard great things about the Diamond Nuclear Ice..... I believe they sell for about $190 at pro-shops and can be had off evil-bay cheaper.

From: zulowe
SBH, get 'em something good. And if you're sweating the extra expense, know that I'll buy one of them from you when the boys move onto something bigger and you don't need two anymore.

From: hoytshooter
stated mine with a mini genisis which he shot from 3-6 yrs old then bought a hoyt ruckus 18-50lb draw weight and 18-28 inches in draw i really like this bow as for the genesis i was not that impressed with the performance of this bow. i would go with the bear combo or the hoyt the problem i have with the genesis is that there is no wall to teach you to pull through the shot.

From: dh
what about PSE spyder, older, but I have one and the price might be right. Not sure of the let off or lb range. 60 % let off 40lb max. with peep, sight,rest. Just might be the ticket if not a little to much bow. I just dont have any knowledge of others availble but some here would know more about options. PM me if you want. DH My son just started to college.


BluegrassHammer's embedded Photo
BluegrassHammer's embedded Photo
Hoyt Ruckus is the ticket for my son. Backed it way out to about 17 pounds and have the draw length at 16". It goes to 29" and 50 pounds, definitely a good bow to grow with.

From: kellyharris
Personally at 5 years old I would buy them cheap recurves and tell them its the same kind the indians hunted with! Tell them this is the same kind of bow you first learned how to shoot. And once they get real good with this they can move onto a recurve. (This is just my opinion) Hoyt and PSE make some nice youth recurves...

At about age 10 I would think more in the lines of a compound.

From: IDElkHunter
We started out with the FUSE Freestyle package through a local pro shop, and it was great for my 6 yr old daughter. It's adjustable from 10-25lbs and 14-24" draw length. She's since outgrown it and we upgraded to the Hoyt Ruckus this past spring. It's an awesome bow too that she'll be able to hunt with next year (she's 11 now).

From: Quinn @work
My son had the Diamond Nuclear Ice from 4-8 and now just won a Hoyt Rukus (Thanks Archery Hut) that he's shooting. I recommend both. Buy a quality bow for the kids. As soon as they outgrow it you can sell it and recoup some cash. Used cheap bows don't hold value.

From: FAB
Bought my boy a Mini Genesis when he was 5 and it still fits him well at 7. BTW they are alot of fun for adults to shoot too!

From: Elkman99
My son has a Parker, nice thing about it was under 300. As he grows you can send in limbs and buy up for 50 dollars. He basically has a bow till he can buy his own. LOL. Good luck, and good to see all you with sons and daughters involved. Great job.

From: KC9
I know this thread is a few years old, I'm sure there are many more options. My granddaughter is 8, and is hooked. She was sitting in a stand this year with her dad and watched him arrow a deer. She is hooked and wants to start shooting a bow. Any thoughts ideas on a bow would be appreciated Thanks

From: KC9
Found a newer thread.. Suppose I should start my own Thanks

From: milnrick
Id start her with one of the Genesis bows currently on the market.

We've got our 6 year old nephew using the Genesis mini right now and he's loving it.

What a world,,, I am now 70,,, if I had those opportunities I hate to tell you what I would have killed.... I love it that you young fathers, are getting your children into it,, I think that is great.....

Keep at it, it is great the opportunities they have now and I hope it continues,,,, I once heard a very famous trad bowhunter, tell me, they have not paid their dues,,, I told him he was a wet old blanket, and told him, who is mostly full of himself, would you rather have them at home, playing video games..... If I named that self righteous ass.... I would be banned from LW,,, ha ha

get them kids out there,,, good for all of you...................

From: APauls
I’m waiting for Elkman to tell you Bowtech

From: Russell
Why not a fiberglass stick bow? Learn the basics and keep it simple.

In the past, I've made youth selfbows out of osage and given them away as gifts.

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