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Loc-On Tree Stands is back!!
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From: Ward
Guys this is just a heads up..My favorite tree stand company just went back in business!,,,locontreestandsllc.com

From: bucknut
solid stands, easy to hang but the seats were horrible. Hope they improve in that area.

From: StrutNut
Had those for many years. I had one fail on me last year. The plastic floor broke in the middle. I went to a Lone Wolf because after the Loc-On, any seat is more comfortable! In their day they were the best though. Just seems like today there are just so many more options. Mine was a bit squeaky as well.

From: sticksender
I remember when they came back 5 or 6 years ago, but didn't realize they'd quit again.

From: whitetailer
I have one of their Wind Walkers, talk about a light pack in stand.... Not much room, but it was made for the mountains and back country.... I think it was designed by Dick Idol

From: Bou'bound
they are all i own.

I still have two. I only use them if I am hunting public land where there is a risk of the stand being stollen. But since I rarely hunt Public land anymore I usually use the North Starr stands and I love them.

Huntn' Addict

From: JTV
I still have a half a dozen....two are chain and the rest "Chinamans rope".....hardly use 'em any more....seats are to low and the platforms are small when compared to my newer stands.....Jeff

From: r-man
had three, now only one, someone liked them and took them, i gaurd my last one carefully. theive on fortdix.

From: BC173
If they don't make change's to their platforms, they will be gone again in short order. Plastic's and single digit temps. just don't mix. If you kno what I mean. And at the current price of one,there are other, better options.

All I Used and have probably 60 or more.....Ben had a great company and he did well in the industry! Besides, he was a honest and caring and smart man also and Tom that worked for him doing 'the shows' was top notch and a ton of fun....I surely miss them guys!

I still have 4 of them. Not comfortable at all and noisy in cold weather. I use them in spots that have a lot of pressure in case one gets stolen and use my better stands where there is less pressure. They are very overpriced these days for what you get.

From: rjc
I have to agree...very uncomfortable, noisy seat. Platform pops in cold weather when you move around on them. Have two and dislike both. Love the Gorilla stands and just bought a Muddy Outdoors adjustable stand. Great stand for leaning trees because the platform can be adjusted when the tree is leaning back and the upper cleat that grabs the tree is designed to accommodate a tree that is uneven or leans a little right or left. Little pricing but a must have for that one perfectly positioned, but leaning tree.

From: Jim/VA
I've still got 3 of them. I replaced the platforms with 3/4" plywood and removed the seats on 2 of them.

Have one in my garage that I haven't used in many years........ You can have it for a case of beer.

From: TXHunter
Loc-Ons will always be near and dear as they were the only game in town for many years. I have killed many deer out of them and still have several in the shop-one that is still new in the box.

But,as many have said, the seats are torture. I have long since gone to API and others. I still use a Loc On occasionally for a bonsai set as they are so light and easy to put up. But that's it.

From: Jake14
My first stand was a chain loc on, lots of good memories of that stand. It's still hung from a tree that fell down years ago and is covered by an insane amount of branches and brush. I guess I didn't love it enough to go dig it out.

From: Greg Kush
I never had one of the original Loc-On stands and am not familiar with the original design, but these newer versions don't have any plastic parts. The platforms and frames are aluminum. I have had two of the "Limit" stands for the past 4 or 5 years and they are great for "carry-in, tear-down" hunts due to their very light weight and the ease at which they can be put up with virtually no noise at all.

Below is a photo from a hunt where I took a teaching colleague's son out on a mentored hunt in a "youth only" area. I set up both Loc-On Limit stands in the morning darkness in trees about 8 feet apart while hardly making a peep.

This photo was taken not long after the one above. It was the first deer taken by this young hunter with any weapon. :-)

From: Will
Cool to hear of a company starting in the current economy. I still have one of their stands, not sure the model, it was all aluminum with a chain. very easy to hang. Squirrels at the seat though so it's stand only at this point... that said, i have not used it in years and years and years. It's just sitting in the garage at my parents house... Probably since about 1995 or so!!!

From: TC
Equalizer Treestand is the only way to go. I have had most of them but the ability to adjust your stand as you climb or before you sit is awesome and comfortable as heck. Great shooting rail and bow holder.Not a mass market brand but well worth the price. Best stand I have ever owned.

From: JTV
One of those I still have it the Limit, but the platform is way to small to suit my needs, esp once I put on heavy winter boots, did kill some deer with it back in the Day... of those I have only a few are the plastic platforms, the others are the open style like the Limit.....Once the original seats were eat up by critters, I ordered some replacements and those were made of Cordura instead of cloth and the rodents didnt seem to munch on 'em as readily....

From: 12yards
I used to have a spirit. Best thing I ever did was forget it on the side of the road after a hunt. Went back the next day and it was gone. Hated that stand but I did shoot some deer out of it. Now you couldn't give me one.

From: Back40
I built 8 lock ons over 20 years ago based on the locon lem design. Larger platform and no attached seat. I use a Summit Trophy seat. Regarding Equalizer climbing stands...that are out of business.

They are not the most comfortable but they had the nicest/easiest/quietest nylon belt attachment system. The small ones, ie limit, windwalker, were and still are the lightest and smallest profile system. You certainly need to really watch your footwork while on stand. I don't like sitting anyhow. I use the seat to rest for a few minutes and then back on my feet. I can take my windwalker and fit it inside my backpack.

From: Zbone
bc173 - i assume you're refering to those plastic/nylon washers and them squeaking in cold weather?... i still own a few of the old school loc-ons and does anyone know a remedy to resolve the squeaking problem in cold temeratures?... thanx

From: kellyharris
I had 5 that I actually just threw away after one of the floors cracked while I was standing on it!

From: Zbone
no help with quieting down my loc-ons in cold weather???

Any of you want me to take them off your hands I'll pay shipping and a bit for your trouble. I'd be interested in the windwalkers, limits, or black lightnings.

message me

From: dnovo
I would also be interested in any of those Loc on you guys hate so much. I love 'em. PM me about any you want to get rid of.

From: kbbgood
I bought my first spirt over 30 years ago and it got stolen on public land about 5 years ago. I got a new super spirt after that and have ordered another one and still love them. The super spirt is very comfortable for me but I am not that tall, only 5'7". Maybe if you are to tall for them you may not like them. It is a good size stand though. May not want to pack that stand cause of the size but still light. Spirt was a lot smaller but I got fat in my old age so...

From: Bentstick81
One of the first treestand companies. Plus, made in the USA. Got my vote!

From: Pat C.
I like to think I grew out of them. Had a couple, The comfort factor was 0!! Went to Loggy Bayuo evolution hang on lite. 7 lbs Comfort factor 5 Taller and a padded seat!! Stayed till they got bought out and went to crap!! Now I have mullium M100 Heavier But comfort factor 10!! It weighs 14 lbs, but man there nothing like it for a long stand!! Pat C.

From: r-man
remove rusty unsafe hardware, try useing either antisize or dioeletric grease on pivot points, as for washers any will do the job, I loved those loc ons because they only weighed in at 5Lbs or so and i could pack them for miles hardly even aware its on my back. my summit kills my back, at 18Lbs or so.

From: KJC

Bought two last year and they are great stands, the large seats are very comfortable. They are extremely light and very solid, we bought them for moose hunting for quick set up and take down and we plan on getting several more. I would recommend getting the foot rest bar and the rope for quieter set up.

I first used Loc on's in the 90's but these new ones are a huge improvement

From: XMan
Just to clear up any confusion, there are two platform options, aluminum or plastic. The plastic models are noisy and anyone we owned was quickly changed out with plywood.

The aluminum stands are rock solid, I own two limits and a spirit. Dont use them as much as I used to as the seats killing me, but they are good stands. I wish they would come out with a new Hazmore style seat. oh boy would those rock. hmm, I wonder if I can modify........

From: kbbgood
Has anyone compared the different seats that can be put on loc on stands? I have the fold up cloth seat on my super spirit stand and it is not that comfortable for long all day sits. Would like to know about the super seat they call it, it if is more comfortable and do they fold up out of the way.

Easist to hang stands made. Not hard to quieten down...love mine. LOC ON is TBM approved.

From: Two Bar
Had 3. Two are still hanging somewhere. Can't remember how many times stand creaks spooked deer. I won't use them any more.

From: jerseyjohn
I love my 5 loc-on.s! I have the super seat and it works fine. JJ

From: LBshooter
I have four titan ladder stands, by far the best packable ladder stand at 24 lbs. this stand is easy to pack and set up and it has a great platform so that you can stand and maneuver for a shot or just stretch, love them.

From: LBshooter
Oh yea, their web page states they are back, and also says they are not. When you click on the models they are all out of stock but taking orders for 2013 so I think they are confused.

From: Bentstick81
Loc-on use to make a couple good climbing stands also. One would adjust as you climb. Pretty sure it was called "the contender". Wish they would bring them back, while they are at it.

From: Bowbender
Bought a Black Lighting in '96 or '97. Love that little stand. Weighs a little under ten pounds, packs flat, and is extremely easy to hang. With that said, I do believe my thirteen year old son would have problems with the seat height.

From: ki-ke out
Calls not returned. Wanted to order replacement straps for my Limits.

From: Hoyt
I've got a couple..old Super Spirit and the little Limit. Wanted another Spirit, but couldn't get any response from them..so bought a Muddy Vantage.

From: kbbgood
Looks like they are gone again. It's a shame too. Very strong and what I like is no cable to break like on some of the other hang on stands. Those little cables scare me and they look like they are in the way.

From: Muskrat
I had 3 of them and overall was pleased with them and used the heck out of them. My only nagging negative was a creaking noise that only occurred occasionally. I never could isolate it, but assumed it was coming from a connection between the plastic floor and the aluminum frame, and would occur when shifting your weight on the stand when seated or when standing . Never had this problem with any other hang-ons, even the cheap ones. But, overall I was impressed, and will be looking into their new products.

From: Muskrat
Went to their website locontreestandsllc.com and found: "Cannot ship any products after October 31, 2013".

From: Trial153
well this thread was from 4 years ago...

Hehe, trial...

From: BC
I own two and the only complaint I have is the seats. Cloth rips over time and they are way to low. Wind walker probably the lightest stand made.

From: Ollie
I'm not getting excited. I owned a bunch of their stands in the 1980's. Not comfortable. Bad seats. There are other stands that I prefer.

From: Kodiak
They creaked at the worst times...terrible stands. Glad they're gone lol.

From: APauls
...but they're TBM approved! How could they go bust?

From: rershooter
My favorite hang on of all-time

From: LaGriz
I had (and still have) a Super Sprit with the expanded metal deck. I think is about 9 lbs. with a polly rope kit that replaced a 4-5 # chain. When installed correctly it did not squeak. Had troubles if the tree had any lean to it. No leveling feature to speak of. I purchased an aftermarket seat for it that made it more bearable. Not meant for all day hunts.

I alternated between this stand, a Loggy Bayou, and a White Oak hang on stand. All three had there quirks. The White Oak had the best seat. The Loggy Bayou seat was much too low at about 18-19" high. Logged many an hour on WMA's and on some private land in these stands. I liked the low profile and the ability to "brush in" the stand and hunt at lower height.


From: dm/wolfskin
Loc-on changed the way I hunted with my longbow and recurve and the Woodpecker Drill.

From: SteveD
That Windwalker is good for put up takedown hunts on public. Have used one for years backpack and all.

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