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From: Trey Brake
what do you use for a treestand umbrella. i want one that is very small and compact when folded up so i can just throw it in my pack just in case i ever get caught out in the rain and dont have to end my hunt short. also i want it to mount tothe tree somehow so i do not have to holdit... thanks

Dang nabbit, I invented the tree stand umbrella in 1981 but forgot to get the darn patent! Grrr!

From: Bou'bound
do guys really sit under those things?

From: HerdManager
Used to laugh at my buddy who had one, now I don't go in the woods without it. Hate hunting in loud bulky raingear. With the umbrella, you stay dry and can hunt in regular clothes. Folds up very small.

From: Pat C.
I have one havent had to use it yet. Won in a raffel. So I ask what do you guy's think, They told me that out in Origen where it's rainy guy's use them alot. That's what I was told !! What the hell if you can sit there in a lite rain and hunt , why not?? Pat C.

From: Fields
Yep, I shot a buck this year using one for the first time I ever tried it in a hunting situation.. It sure beat sitting in the dark getting rained on before it even got light enough to see. I'll have another soon as a back up....

From: PAOH
Have been using the Buckwing umbrella for a few years. They are a must have. Wont leave home without it.

From: Boothill
I have to say in a hunting world of; deer crap in a bag, rear view mirors for treestands, treestand cup holders and more uselss junk you can name, the treestand umbrella is a unique and useful product. You may not think so at first, but they defintely have a valid place in bowhunting. They work REMARKABLY well.

From: Notnormal
I use mine quite often. I like to use it in the rain. A unique use I have found is to use it in ice and snow storms. I hang my bow and gear under it to keep them ice and snow free. If you have hunted much in snow you know the hassle of ice on your bow and arrows. With this product the problem is eliminated.

From: Chip T.
Cabela's has a couple and I have used mine a few times.

Got to have one..light mist, heavy showers, snow. My only problem is not very rugged but if they made them more durable they would be heavier.

From: Clutch

Clutch's embedded Photo
Clutch's embedded Photo
Bou---the answer to your question is YES--don't laugh Bou that is me (:>)--used it recently in Mississippi during 3 days of heavy rains--deer walked under me several times--just secure it with all three ribbon fasteners tightly to the tree--yes, I am sure it has its limitations like high winds but use at your own discretion--

From: fairchase
A friend gave me a Buckwing umbrella and I used it in one very nasty rain shower. Yes it worked great and kept me and my bow dry. Nice light green camo very hard to see in the canopy. Folds nice and small. I may be turning into a wimp, but a dry wimp.

From: r-man
i got busted 4out 5 times using one,, i think its still in a box somewhere.

From: craitchky
I have a Gorilla umbrella that I have used a few times, and worked ok, until it got windy. It started to do what umbrellas do in wind, which is turn inside out, and that was with all of the straps in place around the tree. I don't think I will use it again.

From: Longbeard
Been using mine for years and wouldn't be in the woods without it. Some days, when you have a limited time frame to hunt, you gotta take what the weather dishes out. Decent rain gear helps, but add the tree umbrella to the mix and I'm good to go. Helps when it's snowing as well.

From: Hammer0419
Don't knock it till ya try it!

From: Pat Lefemine
They do work, and they are fantastic - especially when you are filming hunts.

From: yellow eye
My mother worked with one of the guys from Buckwing and gave me one for christmas or a birthday. I told her I don't carry a umbrella why would I carry this thing in the woods. Tried it for the first time when my son started hunting on a rainy day. Boy was I wrong.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's embedded Photo
elkmtngear's embedded Photo

elkmtngear's Link
Though not specifically designed for a tree, there are several ways to easily adapt the SLIP System to a tree. It will not invert in high winds, and is extremely durable.

Check out our Products at the link provided

Best of Luck, Jeff

I have two that have served me well for about two decades.

If the forecast is iffy, one goes in the bag for sure.

From: DaveN
Takes a mighty big umbrella to keep a blood trail from washing away!

From: mark land
Buckwing for me as well, been using them for several years especially after I started self filming all my hunts. Yeah I resisted and did not use them but man they sure are handy and really help keep you out there comfortable when it rains without having to put on a bunch of bulky rain gear and I can keep my camera out and running as well. Great product!

From: raghorn
I used mine this past elk season in NM. I sat on a wallow all day and around midday the sun was dierctly on me. I was sweltering! I then remembered I had my umbrella made a world of difference. I have had mine for about 15 years I think. It has the cutout for the tree truck and the tie down ribbons. It can also be used for a ground blind propped in front of you.

From: supergrizzly
I love mine and wouldn't go anywhere with it. I beefed up mine by using a short two piece bow hanging arm instead of the rod and wheel that comes with the Buckwing (my rod kept drooping down when wet no matter how far I screwed it into the tree). I drilled a hole the size of the umbrella post in the top of the arm (at the distance it would be from a tree when up), just thru the top side, not all the way thru and then put a cross hole for a cotter pin. Much more stable and easier to install now. Does make the system a little heavier but the stability is worth it. By putting the hole in the further section of arm it allows you to swing the umbrella to better cover you or your gear.

From: Bowkill
They have them at sp guide for $15. I use it and its great. I have also used it as a ground blind to hunt turkeys harvested 2 with it. A 35# and a 21#. Their not the most durable but at that $ you can buy several.

From: Jack Harris
I have same one as clutch, works fine as long as wind does not gust over 8mpm...

From: BC
Great piece of gear. I use it often. I've got a real old model and a newer one but the old one still works great.

From: Full Rut
Gorilla umbrella is good for a heavy rain. Gusty or heavy winds, not so much.

From: Ollie
I've used one off and on for years. Bit of an issue for guys shooting traditional equipment where long bow limbs may hit the umbrella. Also they can be very difficult to use when windy. Bit of a pain to carry around and set up in the pre-dawn dark but beats the heck out of getting soaked.

From: whitetailer
I told a friend of mine, that was the dumbest thing in the world I ever saw............ I laughed at him,,,,,

Then of course I sat in his natural ground blind this season with the ML, and was glad it was up, and I was so dry and toasty, it was really nice.........

(Of course I will never tell him that TTTTTTTTTTTT

From: StrutNut
If it looks like a good soaking I just sit in my darkhorse. Actually, I am really getting to like hunting out of that thing.

From: Scotty
I’ve got two of them, one Buckwing and one Gorilla, and they work great. It depends what tree I’m in as to which one I use but I like them both as both have there good and bad points. The Buckwing is the lightest and most versatile to use. The Gorilla is bigger and faster to set up. I have to mount either one fairly high up from my stand as I hunt with a longbow, but they both work great.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's Link
Sorry to dredge this back up, but my buddy Cory made a great video, to show how you can easily adapt the SLIP System as a treestand umbrella and camera mount all-in-one!

All you need is a screw in tree step, and some parachute cord, or a short bungee

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Bowman

Bowman's Link
Paradise has been my favorite rainy day outfits.

I hunt Minnesota and Wisconsin for white tails. When it's cold and rainy or snowing, nothing better to have than a camo umbrella. I have the expensive rain gear, but keeping your outerwear dry with an umbrella is the way to go. Got mine from the Cabelas gift section years ago. I have shot many big bucks and even a few elk out west while using it. Would leave the truck without it in my pack!

From: rallison
I've used saver in lousy weather! While I don't like to hunt in the rain, fear a washed out blood trail in doing so, I DO want to be on stand after it passes. And I prefer not to be cold and wet when the rain ceases.

I've got two umbrellas...around here...someplace. But damned if I know

From: TrapperKayak
I have one of those tree stand umbrellas, made exactly for what you describe. It is camo, and not a full circle umbrella, but part of it is cut out to fit snugly against a tree. It has a screw bolt on it so it just screws into the tree, and I just keep in in the game bag of my turkey vest, fits right in, or my butt pack, or backpack, for immediate use if it starts to rain. I have had it for years and don't even know where I got in now, but I got it in Washington State, where it came in real handy! it sounds exactly like what you are looking for.

From: Ollie
I used tree umbrellas in the past. They work well if the wind is not blowing hard. They don't work well when it is windy. A bit bulky to carry in a pack (mine is already too loaded and too heavy) and can be a pain to set up in the dark. Nowadays, I stay in if it is a hard or steady rain (blood trailing is a real concern on rainy days and wet feather fletching does not fly as true). Light rain I just go with rain gear and a quiver that covers my fletching.

From: eddie c
i know everyone is thinking about rain but those can be used for shade on hot sunny days in the stand or a temp ground blind.

Not to many highly recommended brands /models on this thread. I want one, but WHICH ONE???

From: Franklin
Whatever keeps you in the stand works!!! I admit I have/use one as rainy days are my favorite time to hunt. I also hate wearing rain gear.

This is probably the most "shocking" thread....I bet no one expected these responses.

From: Bill Obeid

I recommend the Hawk umbrella. I’ve used quite a few others. It’s the most heavy duty umbrella I’ve owned.

From: rooster
Camo fire has Hawk umbrellas for $25 or so every so often. I keep dragging my feet but, I'd like to get a couple. I'd like to try one as a back ground to hide me a bit in thinner trees as well as keeping rain off.

From: Kodiak

Kodiak  's embedded Photo
Kodiak  's embedded Photo

From: Whocares
I have a couple that easily go in a backpack. Just screw into the tree and 3 ribbons that secure it around the tree. Also handy for turkey hunting as a camo ground screen. Just set it on its side and sit behind it. Lets you be mobile.

From: t-roy
22-Oct-18 that from the “Blacktail Bob” camo line??!!

I'm gonna try the sportsmans guide jobby. It has the best reviews of the small light weight ones I can see.

From: scentman
Aside from the obvious keep dry reason, they are great at keeping you in a shadow... less light on you and gear is good, as well as keeping sun off your face.

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