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Elite Archery Warranty
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jstephens61 19-Jan-12
miller1 19-Jan-12
Bowman 17-Jun-20
Trial153 17-Jun-20
Bowfreak 17-Jun-20
Buffalo1 17-Jun-20
JohnMC 17-Jun-20
12yards 17-Jun-20
jstephens61 17-Jun-20
papadeerhtr 18-Jun-20
From: jstephens61
Elite Archery makes a big deal about their warranty. The "Hunt Guarantee" sounds really great, but I was wondering if anyone had ever used it. Be shooting Hoyts for the past 23 years and itching to try something different. Customer service means alot to me, so any input would be great.

From: miller1
I have never used there hunt warrenty but i did hit my limb and put a split in it and sent them a email on sunday afternoon and that same day at 10:00PM i got a response with a phone# to call to get a new set of limbs, i called J.K. the next day and had limbs at my house in 3 days at no cost to me. That is quite common with Elite CS.

From: Bowman
I would to ask the author of this page about the topic he is talking about. As, this is my first time and when I searched for the article in writing service blog about this topic I could not find any good article talking about this topic and no related information also about this topic.

From: Trial153
I have owned about a dozen elites, never needed a warranty claim. Their CS the few times I have used it were excellent. Not sure if cody is still there but he was the go guy.

From: Bowfreak
I don't have any personal experience with Elite but I remember reading about a guy using it. I don't remember specifics but they hooked him up.

From: Buffalo1
I’ve had some minor issues and all covered by Elite warranty. No problem.

From: JohnMC
Elite warranty worse in the business IMO

From: 12yards
I had a little limb splinter and it was handled through my dealer in short order no charge. This was on a 2016 Impulse 34 that I bought used. Their transferable warranty was done after 2016 I believe. But if you buy a new bow from them or a dealer, you should have no issues. BTW, someone mentioned Cody, I think he moved on to Athens Archery.

From: jstephens61
Not sure your question on this topic is relevant any more. When Elite sold a few years ago, they away with the transferable warranty and I believe the hunt guarantee. I went ahead and bought a Elite Answer that year. Now I own 4 of them. Had an issue with a Pure limb and they took care of it.

From: papadeerhtr
I have a E35, like an idiot while shooting at a doe I hit my bottom cam on my climber seat. Bow blew up, Elite took care of all my issues except the string, I thought they went above and beyond to take care of me. especially since it was my fault. Cant go wrong with Elite.

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