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Scorpion Venom ....why?
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From: Bou'bound
Why would one choose tihs very expensive product(s) and system over simple string wax?

From: monkeybutt
I use Scorpion Venom periodically on my arrows when shooting 3D. I've never tried waxing the shafts as frankly it seems messy and less convenient. I typically only use it every few sessions and even then the need varies with temperature, condition of the target ... and how well I'm shooting that day. :-)

My guess is one works as well as another, but the easy and convenience work for me ... and I've gotten more than a season from a bottle (I'm sure others may get more/less depending upon how much they shoot etc ...)

From: skookumjt
I think Bou means the Scorpion Venom for strings, not the arrow lube. I have wondered the same thing.

From: TD
The liquid soaks deep into the string without looking like a monkey in love with a football applying it. Soaks deeper and it doesn't attract nor hold dirt and grit like wax does. The synthetic compound is supposed to work better with the synthetic material of the newer strings.

On the down side it doesn't glue the "fuzzies" down to the string like wax does, which gives the string a "newer" well cared for appearance. I don't think the fuzzies not being connected to anything, add any additional strength to the string by gluing them down with wax. But it looks much nicer.

It's not that expensive, just look at what everything else costs for the bow. Think a decent dinner instead of McDonald''s pretty efficient, a little goes a long way, lasts longer than just plain ol wax, and helps the sting better.

I take it another step sometimes, I use the liquid and then use the matching SV paste over that for the fuzzies. It helps keep people from wise cracking "y'all don't take very good care of yur strings there, do ya..."

From: bow_dude
I have a tube and use it off and on. Good stuff. Why use it? it is a liquid that penetrates the string well. I will use the venom and a little bow sting wax after the venom is dried.

Why does someone buy a $1,300 bow when a $400 bow will kill as well?


From: The Yode
TD covered it! In terms of the arrow lube, I used to use soap - talk about cheap. However I would have to "soap up" every other shot at the 3D range and heaven help me if it rained! The lube works as well, lasts longer and I'm not concerned about it getting wet. As with string care, if it works longer and better, the cost quickly becomes relative.

From: monkeybutt
Doh ... Sorry for my clueless post .. no experience with the product for strings ... I use plain jane Bohning wax string.

From: Bou'bound
"Why does someone buy a $1,300 bow when a $400 bow will kill as well? "

that's they can sell it three years later for $500 instead of $150!

From: Bowfreak
I like the Scorpion Venom really well but I recently tried String Snot. I prefer it over the Venom. It is really good stuff and it seems to last for a long time before reapplication is applied. Good stuff for sure.

From: Bou'bound
Any other thoughs on this, particulary the Cam Lube that is for bearings, axels, and the serving that goes over the cam.

at $12 for 8 grams it's is steep, but if there is truly something differentiated about it it may be worth it

they say it is super slick and will not come off with water or oil

From: Bou'bound
Any lone using this vs wax. Thoughts?

From: Rut Nut
Scorpion Venom for bow strings? Never heard of it. I thought maybe this was a new vaccine for COVID when I opened this thread..................

From: t-roy
I think you just naturally gravitate towards any thread that contains the words “snake”, “snakebite” “venom”, etc……Perry;-)

From: Rut Nut
LOL! You may be onto something t-roy............ ;-)

From: PECO2
"so they can sell it three years later for $500 instead of $150!" Oh, so they can loose $800 insted of $300, got it.

From: LINK
Kinda my thoughts peco. Some guys are after good enough, some pretty good and others perfection. If you shoot a $2000 bow with $1500 worth of accessories and you want a “better” more expensive string conditioner then why would I care. I’m not going to use it but I’m not paying a premium for a hoyt bow either. I don’t care who does though.

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