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I am looking for feed back on this Company. Good or Bad, cost from there to your home or taxidermist, quality of their work in preparing hides and horns for shipping. Do you really need to use an expeditor to ship hides and horns? Thanks to all who voice their opinion. JJ

From: cjgregory
I'm in Colorado for some R&R John. I work in Anchorage and Prudhoe bay. I will ask around. I've never heard of having to use an "expediter" unless the guide service doesn't have the personnel to do the work I would think.

From: bghunter2
I used them back in 2000 because norwest airlines would not allow antlers or meat at that time even as excess luggage. I basically used them to ship the hide and antlers to my taxidermmist. There is no special paperwok need so they just han dled the shipping and I had no complaints

From: Gator
I used them twice. Once coming out of kodiak, later from the peninsular. Great service each time. Brown bears both trips.

From: cjgregory
That makes sense what bghunter2 wrote John. Not allowing antlers on. However I do know that meat is being flown with the airlines. Mostly from the fishermen. They will spend a day or two in Seward or Kenai with the charter boats then all the meat is flash frozen and boxed up and put on the plane as baggage. 75 lbs is max so it may be more than a few boxes. The airline charges 20-25 bucks per extra box.

From: Dennis Razza
A number of my clients use D&C for prep and shipping. They do a great job turning and salting the hides and getting the horns pulled/cleaned and shipped in a timely manner. My only complaint would be they over boil bear skulls. I would ask them to do a light boil if you take a bear. They also will meet you at the airport for pickups if you call them. If interested I can get you their pricing and # for questions.

Reasonably priced. Reputable and thorough.

Which is exactly why you hire an outfit like that.

I have had clients using them, going back 30 years (under previous ownership AND the current owners.)


From: AAA
I have sent many bear and Sheep clients to them. The only thing I do different on bears is have them pack and ship the frozen bear skull to a beetle company as opposed to their "steam" boil cleaning. Like to Western Skulls in Arizona.

From: Drelk
I used them for caribou and brown bear in 2006. They provided great service for a fair price. My taxidermist and outfitter both recommended them

That is what I was looking for, so thanks to all for the answers and info given. I can feel confident to use them now. Thanks, JJ

From: Sage Buffalo
Great service!

From: Stekewood
John, If you are talking about your sheep there is another option. I brought my horns and cape home in my duffel with no problem and even brought the backstraps in my carry-on! I did have a few days in town to kill and had a guy flesh and dry the cape as much as possible. Everything arrived in perfect condition and it was nice getting the ram right to the taxidermist. We used an expeditor on a moose hunt for obvious reasons. Everything went well but it added considerable time to the process.

I need to find out if the outfitter has someone to flesh/cape and salt the ram so he gets home in good shape. Than I would just stick him in a duffel. JJ

From: Hollywood
I used them last year for an international client.

No problems.

From: Bigfoot
This is the most unprofessional company I've every dealt with. Ask for credit card information to ship my meat, hide and horns and wouldn't give me an estimate until the transaction is made. Suggested that they needed to clean my Skull even though I spent hours cleaning it myself, removing all meat and hide. This company uses scare tactics to take advantage of clients that's not familiar with Alaska laws, AirLine rules and regulations. Lost 50 lbs of moose meat and accused me of never sending it to them. Then I call the owner Sean and asked him about prices for shipping and my lost meat and he began to curse me out. My Trip to Alaska was great, my friend and I killed 2 moose but trying to get it to the east coast is a night mare.

From: Jodie
I have used them on several occasions, excellent every time.

From: kscowboy
Bigfoot, file a formal complaint with your credit card company and dispute the charges. Have copies of all email correspondence with the company accompany the detailed explanation in the formal dispute. It's 20 minutes well-spent, if what you are saying actually occurred.

Good luck!

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