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What are you guys paying for Ag Lime?
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Pat Lefemine 26-Mar-12
WBowhunt 26-Mar-12
tadpole 26-Mar-12
bigswivle 26-Mar-12
bigbuck2 26-Mar-12
Keef 26-Mar-12
TEmbry 26-Mar-12
guidermd 26-Mar-12
Pat Lefemine 27-Mar-12
Foodplot 27-Mar-12
HeadHunter® 28-Mar-12
Foodplot 28-Mar-12
Killbuck 09-Oct-18
loprofile 09-Oct-18
Squash 10-Oct-18
Mike-TN 10-Oct-18
flyingbrass 10-Oct-18
Stressless 15-Oct-18
drycreek 15-Oct-18
From: Pat Lefemine
I just got a quote for Ag lime - 40/ton delivered with a spreader dropped off. Seems very high to me. What are you guys paying?

From: WBowhunt
I wish I could get that option. Our local minimum is 10 tons for delivery w/ spreader. I don't have the equipment to haul it. So I have to go with 40lb bags at $3.58 a bag. So I am getting less then 500 lb for the same price.

From: tadpole
Think I paid app 27 or 28 per ton, truck spread it anywhere and however concentrated I wished.

From: bigswivle
Bought 200tons the other day. I think I paid 20$. But I spread it with my spreader. I would think think 30$ sounds about right. Shop it around pat, some fertilizer companies let u use their spreaders fo free.

From: bigbuck2
I pay $45 a ton and have to haul and spread it myself.

From: Keef
Wow did I get a steal. $16/ton delivered and spread. I got 15 tons. I'm only 15 miles from the quarry so that may be the reason my cost is so low.

The guys doing the work even spread it in some narrow lanes I wanted to plant.

Overall I'm very pleased with the price and the quality of the service they rendered.

From: TEmbry
I bought 3 tons last spring for $7.25/ton but hauled it myself. They deliver/spread for $12-15/ton with a 10 ton minimum.

I guess that is the perks of living in the limestone capital of the world (Kentucky)

From: guidermd
$40 a ton delivered is not bad at all. keep in mind the delivery portion is running very high nowadays. i have a dump so i get it myself, but not everyone puts $50k in a dump, so ya gotta pay the delivery man. i'm 4 miles from the quarry, and delivery cost is $81 plus fuel surcharge for a 4 mile delivery.

From: Pat Lefemine
Thanks guys.

From: Foodplot
I was around what Keef said for a 120 tons.I am only 20 minutes from the quarry.

$20 a ton delivered and spread with their truck, but must be a full truck, 10-14 tons at a time.

I'm 1/4 mile fron quarry! and the 'farmer' spreads it for FREE! Our Private Land actually hooks on the quarry on south-west line. Lime is a 'waste product' and it is CHEAP.....the trucking is what costs usually!

From: Foodplot
My came to 5.75 a ton. and 13.75 total for spreading and hawling.

From: Killbuck
That's what I use and my fields look better than ever. Started a thread on this 6 months ago and got crucified.

From: loprofile

From: Squash
I’m in northern NY, buy it from a limestone quarry in Lowville for around $6/ton. I truck it and spread it my self.

From: Mike-TN
I payed $21 per ton for 35 tons (2 loads). That included delivery and spreading with his truck. Spreading took 30 minutes and the $21 included a tip :)

From: flyingbrass
$40 per ton delivered and spread in Arkansas was what I paid last year with a 25 ton minimum but they are hauling it a long way.

From: Stressless

Stressless's DeerBuilder embedded Photo
Stressless's DeerBuilder embedded Photo

$37/T spread with the Rural Assult Vehicle... so sweet, so easy!

From: drycreek
I can't remember what I paid for the last I bought, but less than $30 I think. My local guy lets us use a spreader that I pull with my F350.

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