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Hoyt CRX vs QAD Ultra Rest..modification
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YZF-88 12-May-12
From: YZF-88

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YZF-88's embedded Photo
Does anybody else have a QAD Ultra Rest on your CRX? Mine doesn't fixture itself where I want it. Looks like they machined the rest with too much tolerance. I just drilled and tapped a #6-48 bolt into the riser so the rest can fixture itself consistently on the bolt head. Torqued it to 20 in-lbs (w/ blue Loctite). Head of bolt is touching the QAD Ultra Rest so the rest doesn't rotate clockwise when the rest mounting bolt is tightened. Took 10 minutes. I sighted in today and AFTERWARDS realized my rest had rotated at some point. Not any more!

I'm just curious if anybody else has the issue.

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