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Whitetail Deer
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Fall Guy 12-Jun-12
Fall Guy 12-Jun-12
t-roy 26-Jun-20
jamessw 04-Aug-20
From: Fall Guy

Fall Guy's Link
Check out and Discuss my LitlCountryReserve hunting property! Hit the link above to view.

From: Fall Guy
Thanks Pat, I have been hooked since I was a kid. Those are brassicas. I just never had a farm of my own to do things like this before. That is another reason why I bought this farm. I want my kids to have a place to always hunt. It's not much, but its a start for them.

From: t-roy
Looks like it’s coming right along, fall guy! Enjoy every minute of it!

From: jamessw
Okay, I will do that. But first, check my site. It's really good.

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