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Treestand Challenge 6 - Win a Summit!
Whitetail Deer
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Hunts_with_stick 27-Oct-12
Slick Head Hunter 27-Oct-12
r-man 30-Oct-12
Ilhunter123 30-Oct-12
20 ft up 30-Oct-12
travis@work 30-Oct-12
txhunter58 30-Oct-12
Knife2sharp 31-Oct-12
mtnman 15-Nov-12
wheelie man 18-Nov-12
Thanks Pat!

Can't get it to work.

From: r-man
just curious can i choose one stand for both am and pm?

From: Ilhunter123
I can not really correlate the aerial photo with the view 1 and 2. I do not see the same fields, doesn't look like the same property. How close in proximity is the road to the west and the crp to the east to the core area were the stands are located?

From: 20 ft up
Access road from the North is really hard to pinpoint, vague.

From: travis@work
Well I think I got the best answer...and I`m staying in that stand all day since the prevailing winds stay the same for the most part...i`m gonna be right in the middle of it...do ya want my shipping address or are ya just going to bring it to kansas with ya. I can swing by and pick it up..lol...drop ya guys off some homemade wine

From: txhunter58
Tell you what, I will forgo winning the stand, just put me in ANY of them for a hunt!

From: Knife2sharp
I based my guesses on prevailing winds as well as stands that can be entered and exited without alarming many of the deer. I doubt I'm correct, but I still had to go with my gut. I tried looking for exceptions, but couldn't think of any. I pretty much ruled out stands 6-10 from the start.

From: mtnman
has anyone announced a winner and the correct choices?

From: wheelie man
nope but it would be interesting to know

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