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Treestand Challenge 6 - Win a Summit!
Whitetail Deer
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From: Pat Lefemine

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Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo

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Discuss Treestand Challege 6 Here.

This one is tricky. I bet nobody gets the correct answer.

The first person to get both the AM and PM stand correct will win a new 2012 Summit Ledge Treestand compliments of Summit.

Good Luck!

PS - Winner will be announced sometime during our Live Kansas Deer Hunt!

Thanks Pat!

Can't get it to work.

From: Pat Lefemine
Slick Head, if you are on an IPAD or a Smartphone it will not work. The game is built in Flash, so your PC must support Flash 8 or higher.

From: Pat Lefemine
We have hundreds of guesses already. But a quick glance I don't think anyone has the combination correct yet.

I think the answers may surprise people.

If you haven't submitted an answer yet there is still time.

From: r-man
just curious can i choose one stand for both am and pm?

From: Pat Lefemine
Yes, you can choose the same stand for both the AM and PM locations, or you can choose a different stand for the AM and another location for the PM.

From: Ilhunter123
I can not really correlate the aerial photo with the view 1 and 2. I do not see the same fields, doesn't look like the same property. How close in proximity is the road to the west and the crp to the east to the core area were the stands are located?

From: Pat Lefemine
They are the same, but a zoomed in view. Only the big field and the west end of the long field to the east is shown. I wanted to point out the swamp to the south of the big field.

"How close in proximity is the road to the west and the crp to the east to the core area were the stands are located?"

About .5 miles.

From: 20 ft up
Access road from the North is really hard to pinpoint, vague.

From: Pat Lefemine
On the Sat photo look for the farm house on the trail to the North. That is where you access the property from.

From: travis@work
Well I think I got the best answer...and I`m staying in that stand all day since the prevailing winds stay the same for the most part...i`m gonna be right in the middle of it...do ya want my shipping address or are ya just going to bring it to kansas with ya. I can swing by and pick it up..lol...drop ya guys off some homemade wine

From: txhunter58
Tell you what, I will forgo winning the stand, just put me in ANY of them for a hunt!

From: Knife2sharp
I based my guesses on prevailing winds as well as stands that can be entered and exited without alarming many of the deer. I doubt I'm correct, but I still had to go with my gut. I tried looking for exceptions, but couldn't think of any. I pretty much ruled out stands 6-10 from the start.

From: mtnman
has anyone announced a winner and the correct choices?

From: wheelie man
nope but it would be interesting to know

From: Pat Lefemine

From: Pat Lefemine
We have a winner!

Lyle Brown from TN was the first of 5 people to correctly choose the morning and evening stand.

The correct answer was Stand 1 for the evening hunt and stand 10 for the morning hunt.

PM Stand.

Stand 1 has a tricky wind but given the prevailing wind the deer feel very comfortable heading into the field where stand 1 gets the most action.

AM Stand.

It is very hard to get into most of the AM stand locations without spooking deer in the fields, or on their way out of the fields. Stand 10 is very accessible across the field to the North and allows you to sneak in and wait for the AM movement off the fields. There is also a very high number of deer that bed to the NW in the AM due to the hunting pressure to the E and SE due to the public hunting areas.

Our thanks to all of you who entered to win. We had thousands of you that guessed. Here are the 5 people who had the correct stand choices however Lyle was the first one to choose correctly:

1. Lyle Brown 2. Justin Walker 3. Matthew Mallory 4. Dale Wetzel 5. Justin Carnahan

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