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Portland Creek Outfitters, Newfoundand
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From: tommygun
Last few years I've help find hunts to go on with my dad. Most actually I've found from this site and and had a great time. Yesterday dad talked to his buddy who had been to PCO and had a great hunt and has sold my dad enough that he wants to go yesterday. Has anyone been. I've never been on a Newfoundland hunt, have seen many recommendations, all with sponsors of course. We will be planning to hunt moose. Also my first as is his.

From: Sage Buffalo
I have not but they are fly-in which is GOOD because fly-in vs. drive-in are very different hunts.

I'm going with Iron Bound next year. Very excited.

Good luck!

From: tommygun
Guess portland creek hunting and fishing. Different place. If anyone has been would love to hear you input .

From: PAstringking
Newfoundland is a great hunt and I would also suggest a fly-in hunt if you can both handle the extra travel.

From: 76Aggie
Newfoundland is a great place. Some of the terrain can be difficult. The weather was really bad for me this past September. Heavy fog kept us from flying out to the camp for several days. But that is what hunting is all about. People there are great folks. Good luck on your hunt.

From: HUNTR4477
My brother and I hunted with PCO 10-12-years ago for moose.(gun hunt) Excellent outfit all around! Good guides,good area,good camps and food.We drove all the way to Portland Creek from Pittsburgh PA.I would do it again in a heartbeat!We both got decent moose,even though it was the warmest week of hunting in over 40 years when we went.80-85 degrees.The moose weren't responding very well to calling,but the guides still got the job done.Our contact was Shelly Payne. Bob

From: johnkra
Check out Kindens Quinn lake. Hunted with them last year. Great people nice lodge. Hunt the bogs, or stands, or river or lakes...

From: lawdy
The land I camp on is near them. One of their guides is a fisherman and has his camp near us. I talked with him last summer and he told me that all his clients shot moose except one who was after a record moose. He booked with them again this fall, so he must have been happy. I fish there every summer, but if someday I can afford a caribou hunt, I will use them. I stopped by last summer to talk with them and get prices, but they were out prepping camps.

From: bowjack
Two friends and I hunted with them 12 or 13 years ago. There was a partnership at the time and I understand that was desolved a few years back and the area and camps divided between them. Any info I could give would be far outdated.

From: tommygun
We booked yesterday. It is Portland creek hunting and fishing outfitters. Dads excited as am I. First moose hunt and has been a dream since we had a moose at hunt camp in the UP of Michigan. If they have tags dad wants to do caribou also, but they are limited. Area 45 hopefully a good place. Hunter going with us went three years ago, shot monster bou and respectable moose. I am super excited. Best part is dad and his friend is driving, I'm flying and meeting up with them at Deer Lake, so they can drive the meat home for me ;). But hunt isn't till 2014. Ugh

From: hunterdan
You should have a great time. Lots of moose in area 45. I hunted with Portland Creek in 2009 and both of us shot moose. We hunted Christopher lake which was 1 of their trophy lodges. We saw 10-20 moose per day. Mostly cows and small bulls but there are some big ones if your patient. Best part is you have the place to yourself. Never saw another hunter all week and we walked all day every day.

From: Big chet
October 24th 2017 we just got back from PCO had a terrible experience our guide was a joke then have a moose call then have binoculars and had a high school book bag is a backpack wouldn't recommend this outfitter. A guy told us there wasn't many moose they were all shot out and was always cold and want to go back to Camp early. One day he went back to bed early and went to bed while we sit at the kitchen table and did nothing. Another day if I came in and he said was too dangerous even though we could see 300 yards he still want to go back to Camp. He was always cold and never had warm clothes and wasn't dressed for guiding. Every morning we would ask him what we're going to do today and he will say I don't know. I wouldn't recommend this Outfitter even if the prices were half the cost.

From: Bou'bound
A bit confusing but it sounds bad

From: chase&me
I hunted with them a few years back and found out that the fly in was also a drive in although it was by a atv. When we asked how we were driving to a fly in camp we were told gasoline is cheaper than chopper fuel. The guides also asked if we were told that we were gonna be at a trophy lodge (which we were) and they laughed, they then asked "did he get you for a bear tag as well?) which he did. We had a good trip but not what we were told. I have been to NF 4 times and only 1 time was with PortLand Creek, would not go back to them again there is much better outfitters there. PM me your number and I can explain more also may be able to give you some advice as this is my favorite hunt by far

Good luck either way

From: bb
Most fly in areas in NL are drivable from someplace. They may be fly in from the lodge you’re hunting with but are generally accesible by atv or truck from another direction

From: chase&me
Ive been thinking about it and I believe there is more than 1 outfitter that uses the same Portland Creek name followed by outfitter, hunting and fishing, etc. We went with PortLand Creek hunting and fishing so I would NOT have experience with the Portland Creek outfitters Good luck on your hunt you are in for an incredible experience, I love going up there

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