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Gonna kill me some hogs in Texas!
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From: Emmaasher119
So I just set the date to go do some "pest control" on hogs at my friends lease in Texas. The only other hog hunt I've been on was a ranch hunt that just didn't seem wild enough for my taste so I'm excited. Our main plan is going to be baiting them and hunting out of a blind, but when they start to get smart on us we're going to have to change tactics. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was also going to do some broad head field testing as well. I'm going to be bringing along my trusty Slick Trick standards, Magnus Stinger Killer Bees, Ulmer Edges, and maybe some Schwackers. has anyone had any experience with these expendable's on hogs? Let me know what you think.

From: Busta'Ribs
If the pigs get feeder-shy just corn the roads/senderos, get a hog light for your bow, get some lighted nocks and get out after dark.

It will be the most fun you've ever had with a bow in your hand.

There is something very primal about hunting in the dark and the opportunity to do it is rare, but hogs are the perfect nocturnal quarry.

Have fun.

From: milnrick
What Bust-a-Rib said is true.

Tty to schedule this hunt during a full moon corn roads and spot/stalk by moonlight. Lighted nocks and a light on sight pins are a must.

It's really a ton of fun, especially if you're able to get within bow range on a sounder of medium - large hogs.

Do be warned though, when hunting them by moonlight and on the ground they WILL scatter in all directions and are liable to run within inches of where you're standing. Friend of ours was nearly run over a few years back doing that with us but it was a blast.

From: sundowner
IMO, baiting the roads and senderos and stalking is more fun than sitting over a feeder or cornpile, but both are a hoot.

Shots will usually not be long, 10-20 yards usually, depending on how you set up. Stay on the wind. Hogs can smell as well as a deer, IMO.

Any stout broadhead will work. Mechanicals are ok from heavier draw weights with heavier arrows.

You are in for a treat. Have fun.

From: Emmaasher119
Thanks for the replies guys. I never even thought to try them at night. I just might have to try it at least once while I'm there.

From: RK
Start baiting them in advance of your trip especially if you are on a short time frame for visiting your friends lease.

Hope there are lots of them for you to hunt.

What part of the state will you be visiting?

Good luck and have fun !

From: RK

From: 76Aggie
Your Slick Tricks will serve you well with hogs. We have been pretty dry down here for the last couple of years so I suggest hunting near water if you can find it.

If they don't come to your corn, get out and try spot and stalk. Work very, very slowly through the brush near water if possible. During the middle of the day they may tend to bunch up and lay down around sloughs and run offs with water or mud, especially if it is warm.

As some have said, night hunting is a blast as well but always be cautions of rattlesnakes. Some of the snakes down here don't know it is winter now and can be out and about. They may be more sluggish than usual but can still be out. It was almost 80 degrees at my house yesterday.

I hope you and your buddies can harvest about 100 of those pesky critters. Good luck.

From: Emmaasher119
My friend will be baiting before we get there so hopefully the hogs will be coming into it. I will be hunting not far from Deweyville. I discussed hunting along the river on the lease and he said he had a spot in mind for that. The more I think about the hunt the more excited I'm getting. Moving out to Utah from Montana has limited me more on the amount of animals I can hunt a year so I haven't been able to get my fill. I'm hoping to get into quite a bit of action.

From: fuzzy
how'd it go?

Seen an Ulmer Edge and a Swacker used on hogs. Not saying they wont work, but you would be well served to wait for a perfect quartering away shot and/or hold off shots on big boars.

From: Fuzzy
a year later and no hunt report? come one, give us the story!

From: Rayzor
Sound like a good opportunity for field testing. Post the results.

From: midwest
That would be 2 years, Fuzzy!

From: drycreek
We got some hungry hogs down here !

From: Fuzzy
dang! you're right!

From: Eric B.
Must be really having a good time down there. Still hunting 2 yrs . Later. Lol

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