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Pa. or the entire nation
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Rocky 22-Mar-13
WV Mountaineer 22-Mar-13
From: Rocky
Can anyone tell me if this is just Pa. The landscape here is sprouting Palatial Pharmacy's and Casino's faster than bamboo could grow in a foot of mushroom soil.

I realize that Casino's are just another tax on the weak for the entertainment they provide and the money that is generated is in the form of a willing donation. So who can complain? This is what got me to thinking. Gov. Rendell said that if someone has a gambling problem they run to NJ to make a contribution. Why don't we just build Casino's here and take that money for ourselves? Now there is a noble gentleman with a just cause. Prey on the weak. The State must have the Casino industry convinced that if one Casino garner's x amount of tax dollars building more Casino's will times that factor. I guess their accountants missed the mathematical certainty that there are just so many people who can generate just so many dollars because now they are all starving to keep their doors open. Government incessant attempt to run a business.

Has anyone else seen the New World Order pharmacy's? You can not miss them in Pa. because they are literally spaced approx. 1 mile apart. Within 2 miles each way of my home there are 5...5 of these behemoth's.

Casino's and pharmacy's pharmacy's and Casino's. There has to be a underground passsage way being built somewhere. One would naturally beget the other to prosper. Right?

Are we being taken for ride again....or just another ride.

The Rock

Rock, it appears you are on to the root cause and effect of this whole Non-American Agenda. Amazing how many people dismiss it as just "fundamentalist" being paranoid. However, the fact remains true that the series of events this country has under gone to get here was well developed and planned. No coincidence in what your seeing. Education of this intent is the way to beat it. God Bless

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