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Crazy Horse - Check out my Alabama Property
Whitetail Deer
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ChopperChip 01-Apr-13
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From: ChopperChip

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Check out and Discuss my Crazy Horse hunting property! Hit the link above to view.


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VaUplandHunter's embedded Photo
Looks like you have your work cut out. Would love to have a large piece of property to hunt. I consider myself lucky to have hunting property here in Virginia that is only 11 acres but surrounded by an additional 100 acres of woods that are totally surrounded by farms. Excellent deer habitat but rough when rifle comes in and they run dogs. This is my Redneck Predator Blind. You may consider one for your proving grounds. Very nice blind. Good luck with your plans and keep the photos coming. I would like to see the food plots after they are mature. Post more pictures when you can. Be safe!and Good Luck!

From: drycreek
Very nice.! Those small plots tucked away near heavy cover should produce well.

Real nice bro. God Bless

I would love to see an update on this property. It looks real nice, hope they are having fun and enjoying it often!

You are a lucky man with your slice of heaven right their. Enjoy..

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