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From: ryanrc
Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone lives, or has been to Grand Junction Colorado. If so, how is it there? What species are there to hunt and fish for? Does it have a small town feel or is it somewhat urbanized? I am looking to relocate from the suburbs of Chicago out to Colorado. My first choice has been the Denver area, but I might have a job prospect in Grand Junction. Any and all input on the area would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


From: Mathews Man
Junction hands down over Denver. I was born and raised on the Front Range and was fortunate to escape over here to the Western Slope, nothing but positives. We are a 2 hour drive from the big city of G. Junction. If you are an outdoor person there are few better places to live.

I am a CO native but lived in Chicago and D C while in the military, you will never want to move anywhere else than Colorado- sadly that's been the case for most who come here.

From: beadcrafter
i agree with mathews man,but i have to say the most beautifull place on earth is Estes park.-gets a bit "touristy" in the summer,but thats not all bad.-elk,sheep,deer,big cats-you nearly cant function without a four-wheel drive in the winter,you MUST have a snowmobile to get around town in the worst of storms,-whats not to love?-he's right tho,once you get there,you wont wanna leave-so the neat little towns are growing a bit to fast for my tastse-which is what brought me to the black hills.-best of luck,man.

From: Surfbow
Salida is a pretty cool place, don't know what your requirements are though...

From: Cajunarcher
Hunted GJ last year for Muleys and had a blast lots of deer and big bulls but a lot of private ranches. Hopefully I will be there chasing elk this fall if I draw . Good luck on Ur decision.

From: Mathews Man
One of the positives of living in NW Colorado where we do is that 75% of the County I live in is Public Land, oh, and the White River has the largest Elk herd on earth. Lots of big mule deer bucks, bears, some moose, the highest Mountain Lion quota areas in Colorado, Antelope (Pronghorn) and not a lot of people.

Junction is a nice meca for outdoors and hunting. We hunt OTC Elk outside of Junction every fall. Love the town. Small enough that you get the small town feel yet it offers about all you need for shopping. Elk, Muleys, Coyotes, Turkeys, Bears, sage grouse. Great Western town.

From: Shug
Great place...I spent a year out there guiding on the Uncompahgre in the mid 80's I stayed in GJ when in town...

I don't know how much its changed but it was beautiful then..


extrem predator's embedded Photo
extrem predator's embedded Photo
Give me Private REPLY ...THE ELEVATION IN GR J IS LOWER AND HOT AND DESERT LIKE. SOUTH OF IT( Unit 61 adn 62) or 70 OR EAST OF MEEKER IS GREAT IN THE FLAT TOPS . There are many good places for elk and deer and bear .

Many from gran J come down by me on the weekends ( Gurley Lake) for game and fish and Water lots or water below Norwood and Lone Cone mtn = Miramonte Lake and San Miguel and Dolores Rivers also

From: Flincher
There is no comparison between Grand Junction and Denver. If you have a choice live in Grand Junction. I live just south of Grand Junction. PM me for more information on GJ and the surrounding area.

From: TheYode
Another thing - Palisade is close. Good wine and fruit country!

From: ryanrc
thanks for the replies so far.

extreme predator, is that pic taken near grand junction?

is there a skyline at all to grand junction?

do you have the normal strip malls with targets, walmarts, chipotle's etc?

are there bears in the area?

how's the fishing near town? what is there to fish for?

From: jimscol
2 walmarts, target, cabelas, sams club, most chain restaurants. tallest building is St. Marys hospital at 12 stories. Airport with service to Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, Las Vegas (8 hrs by car). Very nice downtown. GJ is nestled between Bookcliffs on the north (deer, elk, bear, mtn lion) Grand Mesa to the east (same game as bookcliffs plus Moose), Uncompaghre Plateau (including Glade Park) to south (same game plus Desert Bighorn sheep). I have lived here 26 years, moved from the midwest. Weather is great. Colorado and Gunnison Rivers run through town. Most people fish Grand Mesa (over 200 lakes) or Gunnison River near Delta, or Gold Medal trout waters near Glenwood Springs (90miles). Lake Powell is about 3.5 hours east. Jim

From: stagetek
Only been to Grand Junction once. Hope to someday get back.

From: Cajunarcher
Ryanrc... To answer your question about bears, I saw over a dozen bears one evening perched on a rock glassing. Granted I was on private land but that area is a Mecca for wildlife IMO

From: Jwillman6
I live in Snowmass Village, CO and it is great, but very expensive. I could see myself moving to Grand Junction or the surrounding area at some point in my life. You can go in any direction from Grand Junction and find hunting opportunity.

From: millsie
I second Salida! What a place. I know it doesn't help you with Grand Junction, but it helps me get my Salida jones off my chest. Collegiate Peaks, Arkansas River, mulies, bighorns, elk. I love it there!

From: coelker
Really there is not much to not like about Junction. Mild weather, usually a little too hot for me in Summer. Like most of Western Colorado a little travel can make a huge difference with in 2 hours Junction you can be in the Sub Alpine tree line country or be in the true dessert southwest.

Hunting you can find everything from upland game, Chukars, Dove, and Pheasant and Water Fowl. You can hunt coyotes, bobcats, bears, mtn lions, mule deer, turkeys, elk, and (moose if you draw) a few few lucky guys draw a dessert big horn tag as well.

Fishing can be had for trou8t, Bass lrg and small) there are lakes near by with pike musky, walleye, etc. The Colorado and delores rivers produce some good eating sized channel cats as well. Travel a gain and you can get to Lake Powell and do awesome striper fishing. Ice fishing, fly fishing, you name it. Lake trout towards Glenwood in Ruedi, etc.

Off course Moab is just around the corner and a great place for 4x4s jeeping, etc.

No doubt in my mind that Junction beats Denver in all categories...

From: ryanrc

It sounds like a great place. I don't know if the job prospect will work out, but now you have me hoping it will.


From: ryanrc
Thanks for all the help. I visited the area and it was a little too isolated for me. The job didn't end up working out anyway. I did take a job in the denver area though so colorado here I come!

From: Gator
Don't feel too bad, I lived in Denver a couple of years but spend a lot of time on the western slope. Currently ran by some real fruitcakes but still a great state.

From: CK

I just drove 6 hours round trip to Cabela's in GJ to get some camping gear for the family!

I thought it was the big city :)

From: Surfbow
Don't worry, there are lots of places within a short drive of Denver where the Kool-aid doesn't flow freely, Colorado is still a great state to live in!

From: Bob H in NH
read a news article over the weekend that a few counties in northern CO are petitioning to become the 51st state. Doubt it will happen, but.....

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