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Very Last Minute Lineman League Fitness
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From: Darrell
Well since no one has started this for 2013, I figured the original poster should do it again.

Unfortunately, I did not maintain the fitness or weight I got to back in 2010. However, this year, I have a late start but a great tag in Wyoming in a unit I have never stepped foot into. Unfortunately my spring and early summer have been way, way too busy and I didn't get motivated any where near early enough. (Yes, I am kicking myself) However, I still have my tag. I'm going to hunt elk, I have been hitting it hard for three weeks now and am already starting to feel the effects. I know I will have to rely more on my calling skills than my conditioning but at least I should be able to get around some.

My question for you guys who know more than I is am I better off hitting it every day or every other day. I have been getting about 5 good workouts a week for the past three now. My legs, however, are struggling to recover. This morning I did a 10 mile ride on a cheap and heavy mountain bike with some hills. Did the same thing on Monday and then a 2 mile hike with hills on Tuesday. My legs were really dead yesterday and struggled some this morning.

I leave for Wyoming on September 15th so I have less than 2 months so what do you think is my best approach? Every day but doing different things or every other day. I can really feel the bike working my legs and my 10 mile loop with the hills takes me almost an hour so I know I'm getting some good cardio. I'm enjoying the bike and my dog loves it when I hike the hills so I think those are going to be my primary activities between now and September.

Other than the "You should have started earlier" comments, I welcome your input.

For anyone who doesn't know what "Lineman League" means, here is part my original post from 2010

"When I was in high school our football team had its own special PE class.

On Wednesdays coach gave us a break from the weights to play basketball. The quarterbacks, receivers and other "glory boys" (otherwise inaccurately known as "skilled positions") gravitated to one court while us lineman went to the other. The glory boys played something that looked pretty similar to the real thing. In fact several of them started on the varsity BBall team as well.

Lineman league, however, was a very different thing. In lineman league there were really only two rules: No head shots, and no crotch shots and even those rules went out the window on some days depending on the mood of certain individuals and how closely the coach was watching.

Anyway, that is a long introduction to a new series of threads I think we need around here.

I think we need a "Last Minute Lineman League Fitness Club" series of threads for those of us who aren't going to run any triathlons or spend much time lying around at the pool or the beach because we afraid we might have hairy man boobs or be self conscious about our extra spare tire.

I know some of who belong in our group post on the X number of weeks left what have you done threads, but I'm thinking this would be a great place for the many guys in my waist size."

From: kota-man
I am curious about your "leg" layoff question as well. I've lost about 60 lbs. since July of last year and managed to keep it off. I've been hitting the hills hard around here as I leave for a Dall sheep hunt in two weeks.

Am I better off to keep hitting it hard everyday, or I am better off going to the hills every other day and doing something else on the "off" days. Currently, I hit it hard at least 6 days a week and usually do something light on my day off. (Push mow the lawn, which is several acres, or play a round of golf walking)

I still battle through some leg stiffness if I hit the incline hard with a loaded pack and wonder if I am better off taking the day after that off...

From: JordanMOFL
Sigh......the first step is to admit you have a problem they say. Hi name is Jordan......and I am a fat bastage who likes to eat, drink and play golf. LOL 2010 I was hunting GMU 39 in CO and motivated. Lost 30 lbs down to 200 and flash forward to 2013......I'm 250 and haven't done much of squat to get ready for this year's muzzleloader hunt at 10,600'. I suck. I know. I know better. I got lots of excuses. None of them matter.

I need to get motivated and make the best of this year but more importantly make that permanent lifestyle change to get the weight off, keep it off, eat better all the time and maintain.

First I'm gonna finish this Torpedo Extra IPA......

I have lot of leg problems, primarily severe shin splints when easing back into running. In fact, 2010 was one of the first year I was able to get into serious running every day for an hour+ at a time and avoided the pain.

Stretching helped a ton. Staying off concrete helped a ton. Good shoes helped also. Not pushing too hard too early and getting rest was also key. You only have so much time left now. Don't make the mistake of cramming all you can fitness wise into that time at the risk of injury or burn out. That is my suggestion. Even just walking regularly for an hour or more each day is going to help you at this point so take some off/light days and just walk.....really fast. :^D

From: bigbulls6
two mile run, weights and abs this morning going for a walk and retrieve a couple of game cams tonight!! Iam 6'0 245!!

Good Hunting Rob!

From: MC
Listen to your body. There is a difference between soreness and pain. Avoid the pain. If you feel anything that is a little different during a workout pay attention to it. Often times the swelling and real pain set in well after the workout. More injuries occur to us as we age due to increasing training too fast. The muscles and lungs will get in shape much faster than ligaments, tendons, joints and the nerves around them which can make you feel like you can just keep on adding to the routine and then one day you are icing a swollen knee / ankle or develop shin splints or plantar fasciitis and suffer a set back. The bike is good low impact and you can probably get away with doing it daily. Build up the heavy packing to at least an hour a day before you leave. Putting off training gets riskier the older you get. Staying in shape almost avoids this from happening and a last minute cram to get in shape is risky.

From: hoytshooter
liking this thread i have been on an adkins diet for 11 days and lost 8lbs. i did fall off the wagon tonight to celebrate my buddies wife is having twins pizza and beer only 2. had ortho knee surgery last thursday so no real exercising for another week. but will be getting more physical throughout the year hoping to hunt in wyoming next year for elk. going to scout some in early september while antelope hunting. 6'2" 262lbs. want to be at 220 by next year

From: MT in MO
Your buddy's wife is having twin pizzas and beer? I'd fall off the wagon too!!!

Been trying to stay in shape throughout the year, but have found I get in a rut doing the same routine and the body adapts and the workout doesn't give the same results it used to. Have discovered I need to change things up to maintain and increase endurance and strength. Still in pretty good shape, probably better than last year. 56 years old, 6'0 and currently around 210...Will be hunting in the 9000 foot range this fall...

From: Monarchcx
Keep going until you feel the pain. Then ease back to every other day. Eat right too.

From: Darrell

I think you hit it on the head. I am not really feeling muscle sore, more of a stiffness in the tendons, joints, etc. I wouldn't call it pain, just a mild discomfort and tired.

From: kota-man
That's were I am at...Mild stiffness in the tendons and joints, no real pain to speak of. I took last night off from hiking (hit the Elliptical) and will play golf tonight and hit the hills hard again this weekend.

As I get older, I do a better job of listening to my body. Also helps if I train like I'm almost 50 not 25.

From: fnshtr
59 y.o. 5'8" and 185. Lost a few lbs the past few weeks riding a bicycle. I do about 10 miles each day as I have time. Concentrating more on endurance than speed. I'm retired... will be taking my time as I hunt at 9500' (live at 600').

Just remember... all the work will pay big benefits come September!

Good luck!

From: JMG
I think MC stated it very well.

DON'T FORGET TO STRETCH. This is very very important (before and after, if you can). I don't always take my own advice, but I have to almost force myself to stretch. I am trying to get in the habit of stretching while watching TV. The older I get the more less flexible I get. The stretching can be done fairly quickly (say 15-20 minutes).

Also, be sure to drink a lot of water (cut out the other "crap"). I have a weakness for Pepsi, I have done very well cutting this out of my diet. At work, I will purchase a 20 oz. Vitamin water/Gatorade/Powerade and then keep the container and refill it 4 or 5 times a day with water.

Everything in moderation. Good luck . . . you're no different than alot of us. The key is to keep moving.

From: Teeton
I started crossfit in May only going twice a week and the classes last most of the time less then 25 mins. Now the last 3 weeks about 95% cold water only (for drinks) , cut back my food intake and most all junk food, but not all.

Wow!!! I'm feeling goooood.

Lass week I started hiking a ski resort by my house. Going to hit it twice a week and do crossfit twice a week. I have to say I felt better hiking the mtn yesterday (7/24/13) than last year right before I left for my trip and I got about 6 1/2 weeks before I hunt. I know I'm loosing weight, but also gaining muscle.. So the muscle gain my off set some of my weight (fat) loss.. Tee

From: Les Welch
Work out year around every year, and not worry about these threads, because they wouldn't exist... :)

From: Mad_Angler

In high school, I was not a lineman. I was a very skinny cross country runner. I was probably 5'8" and 130 lbs.

Now, I'm 48, still 5'8" and about 175 lbs. Some arm/leg/shoulder muscles but still much more gut than I'd like.

I have an Alaskan moose/grizzly hunt in September. The hunt is a lot of work. Lots of hiking/climbing every day. No ATVs and not a nice gentle float trip.

So, I've been trying to get in better shape.

I've been hiking mountains in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin with a fairly heavy pack (maybe 45 lbs). I've been trying to do that at least once a week for 2-4 hours. I've also been doing some weightlifting a few times a week and walking about every day.

I think 'm making progress.

So, what else should I be doing? I can really hike every day because I don't have that much time and my body seems to need the rest between hikes.

I'm with Les. I worked out till I thought I was gonna puke or die with the pretty little college age triatheletes last night. I think it irrates all of those tri nuts that not a single one of them can beat me in any distance or any rest interval. I am fast and in better shape that everyone of them.

I'm gonna drink a 1/2 case of beer while I shoot my bow tonight.

From: MC
"So, what else should I be doing? I can really hike every day because I don't have that much time and my body seems to need the rest between hikes." - Mad_Angler

I incorperated the burpie challenge into my preperations for the mountains last year. A couple months out from the trip I start off with about 20 and add one a day until the day before I leave. You don't have to do them hard and fast. You can take it easy (low impact) going down to put your chest on the ground and then back up to your feet and jump. Divide them into a few sets with a minute rest in between. It is a quick workout that really does a lot for stamina and agility.

From: Darrell
Did a 2.67 mile hike with 718' of gain this morning. Actually its a single hill that I do four up and downs on so it about the closest thing I can find in Kansas to simulate the mountains. (Minus the lack of oxygen of course). Strange thing is my "Map Your Ride" app says I burn more calories doing that then I do with my 10 mile bike ride. Obviously my app thinks I have a much better bike than I do cause my body tells me my ride takes much more out of me.

Wilderness Athlete Does anyone have any good or bad experience with their products? looking at trying some out. Thanks, and yes I am the new guy, been keeping up a few months and like all the knowledge by archers.

From: huntitall
To the OP, rest days are GOOD. I'm a triathlete in the spring and summer to get ready for elk season and rest days are an integral part of training. This is even more important when you're working your way back into hunting shape. Once you get more fit you can take fewer rest days but to start, I wouldn't do hard workouts more than 4 days a week. You'll avoid injury and feel better (aka your workouts will be more productive) if you let your body recover. For the record, I'm 5' 11" and my Ironman race weight is 212-215 and yes, I was one of those "dumb" lineman!

From: icemann
For the weight loss issue download the "Lose it" ap on your smart phone. Scanning the bar codes of some of the foods you think are good for you or even your favorite beverage will surprise you. For the joint and tendon issue research "wobenzyme n". It will keep you going after a couple of days of hiking the mountains and keeps the soreness down.

From: Darrell
10.25 miles on the bike again today. Still dragging on the hills but I noticed I didn't feel near as fatigued or stiff, especially my legs tonight. I think I'm breaking through.

Of course I will be at a camp with my daughter all next week. Not sure if I will get more exercise or less. I think I will at least get enough to not lose any ground and maybe even do more as I won't be at my desk at all but I also won't be posting either.

From: BowNFly
ahhh - the lineman league!! nice - been gone from the post a year or so but here I am again.. Got my first Elk last year and just figured on a OTC Co. hunt this Sept. Swam 50 minute straight tonight, road bike 16+ miles sunday. Hiked 2.5 hours Thursday (jury duty let out) and previous Sunday - ending with 520 ft stairclimb ascent.

I'll be okay (8,400 ft) for Co.! but really cutting on the food and upping the long endurance and hiking..

Good luck all and good to see this thread

Darrel, I'm happy to here of other people that start there fall hunting fitness in July. I have been hiking in the Wyoming hills 4-6 days a week @ different elevations from 4000' to 10,000' just to beef my legs up so I won't get sore. Being a fellow lineman I know first hand that intestinal fortitude plays a big role in what one can or can't do up on the elk hill.

"Lineman league" We just called it "gorilla ball".


From: Norseman
We talkin Co mtn fitness or az waterhole fitness?

From: bigbulls6
Still doing five days a week on legs run, hike or bike weights and abs three times a week and watching my diet!! Age makes a difference in work out. I will hunt to 9000' where I hunt Ill get there and stay there I just wont run there!! Good Hunting I love the this thread!! I look a little different in my " I eat elk" Cam Hanes shirt than he does!!

From: BowNFly
haha Norseman - i need to get in shape to make it to the watertank! I haven't started in July by any means so my base is decent for me. Of course I'm doing too much too late, but that's why I'm doing the OTC hunt. To get off my butt and do something!! something awesome!!

50 minutes stairclimber, with good stretch

From: huntnfish808
You need to sign up for Crossfit ASAP. The group setting keeps the motivation up and the workouts are ultra intense. Follow the paleo diet at the gym and you can see amazing results in 30 days. Try to do at least 3x per week and hike the mountains on the weekends with a heavy pack. Its important to get enough rest to recover and build muscle. I do crossfit in my hunting boots too.

From: Bloodtrail
Just out of curiousity, are you guys worried that you'll be sore the next day(s) because you're not conditioned or are you worried you won't be able to hoof it fast enough (out of breath) to get to where the elk are in order to set up for a shot?

As for me I don't have to hoof it any where (out of breath) because my HORSES pack all the gear and goods in and out of prime elk country scattered all around Northern WY. Most of the spots that I hunt are not more than 30-60 minutes of WALKING/HIKING in most directions from camp and I'm in the zone all day every day.

I'm not running a marathon with the elk I'm HUNTING them. I have ran down elk and turned them towards my hunters or to keep them in our hunting property on more than one occasion back when I was a younger dumber guide. Those days are over for me with an aging ATHLETES body which I am trying to keep intact for another 30 years of elk HUNTING. Breaking it down by doing some grueling training regime is not my idea of fun. I would rather do my favorite outdoor activities on and off all year long for training with a little ramp up a month before elk season.

These post that come up every year how you need to be a triathlon participant to kill an elk is about as funny as the Rage vs Slick Trick posts.

Thats my last $0.02 on this topic.

Yippee ki-yay



From: Bloodtrail
Vernon, that was great. I agree.

From: Darrell
Vernon, I agree completely. That is why I started this thread originally and again this year. I need a little extra motivation to do more than my usual routine. Starting this thread helps me stay motivated.

I was able to get in several good hikes at my daughter's camp. Unfortunately this week has been a set back as I recover from sleep deprivation and being buried at work as payment for being gone. However, I did get in a hike this morning. I leave for WY in 38 days. Have to hit it hard for til then.

From: BowNFly
Hey guys - for me the elevation and loss of oxygen is a killer so Cardio and weight loss is paramount. I think most any outdoorsy person can hunt well for one day, maybe a half? But, by day five I need to be able to go to where the elk are, and with enough breath to hold my shot. Besides, if I am in better shape my vacation is enjoyable.

Sat - 3 hour hike, like 5.5 miles + shoot at 50 yards and mow lawn, Sunday 11 mile walk with light pack, tonight 1 hour swim.

From: fnshtr
I'm just walking more to get ready for Colorado. I know the elevation will have its affect... but I'm losing a few pounds and trying the get the old body doing what it will be doing out there...

Did 5 miles every other day last week and moved up to 6 miles today. Only doing about 18 minute miles (I'll hunt a whole lot slower!).

Starting next week I plan to just do the 6 miles every day. I'm leaving the week of the 25th.

Hoping you all have safe and successful hunts!

From: BowNFly
couple 1 hour swims, couple good hikes, lots of stretching and roller thing, shooting well, gathering piles of gear. knees getting a little sore, why do I overtrain now??? totally psyched

From: BowNFly
couple 1 hour swims, couple good hikes, lots of stretching and roller thing, shooting well, gathering piles of gear. knees getting a little sore, why do I overtrain now??? totally psyched

From: Amoebus
Vernon - "These post that come up every year how you need to be a triathlon participant to kill an elk is about as funny as the Rage vs Slick Trick posts."

I have been reading these for at least 4 years now and have yet to see anyone say that. Go figure.

Darrell - What have you settled on for workouts? Are you alternating Biking/Hiking? I am in the same boat as you for a bike (heavy/slow). I figure that I am saving a lot of money on the bike ($100 instead of $1,000+) and am working harder than when on an efficient bike - win/win.

Good luck on your hunts, everyone.

From: Darrell

I'm doing what I can and mostly alternating between walking with a 50# pack and riding my bike. The bike feels like it is working my legs harder though my "Map My Ride" app gives me more credit for "hiking" even without knowing I'm carrying a 50# pack than it does for riding. I was headed out for a bike ride Friday evening but my lab gave me the sad eyes and talked me into taking her for a hike instead. :)

I'm shooting surprisingly well for not having shot as much as I would like. I guess 25+ years of muscle memory pays off on years like this. I'm down to 4 weeks from today and I have a cold. Debating whether to do anything today or let my body rest and recover from the stupid cold. Didn't do anything yesterday other than shoot. Bad timing on the cold but I guess its better than this time next month.

From: jordanathome
The entertaining Keto thread reminded me of this old thread.

Reliving a blast from the past.......the fat guys of bowsite workout thread!

I'm pretty much at ground zero from 2013 only turning 50 on 9/13........and now on high BP meds that make me pee constantly. So, yeah, I'm good.

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