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Easton Axis- nfused vs FMJ
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From: Rut Nut
I have the Axis N-Fused arrows and am looking to get new ones. Now I see there is an Axis Full Metal Jacket arrow. Just curious what's the difference between the n-fused and the FMJ?

From: GRoe
Looks like the Axis N-fused are all carbon. The FMJ's are aluminum and carbon N-fused. I shoot the FMJ's to add some weight to my set up. Looks like the full carbons may be slightly lighter. Both are probably top notch arrows...I know I am happy with my FMJ's.

GR Heads Up Decoy

Axis are carbon, while FMJ's have a carbon core wrapped with a full metal jacket. IMO, the FMJ's have 2 definite advantages. First, FMJ's are MUCH easier to pull from targets. More importantly, FMJ's are heavier than the Axis. The 400 spine Axis weighs 9.0 gpi. The 400 spine FMJ's weigh 10.2 gpi. Not a big deal for deer sized critters, but for elk and moose, I want that extra weight.

If you use the 75g brass inserts in the carbon n-fused arrows they will weigh within a grain or 2 of FMJ's with the normal hit inserts (this is in 340 spine and 29" length).

I have both and they weigh in at 480g (with a 100g head). I can actually shoot either of them and they both tune identical with razor tricks, terminal t-locks, ulmer edge, and spitfires.

Like said above FMJ's pull a little easier from 3d or block style targets.

From: Knife2sharp
FMJ's are much easier to refletch.

From: StickFlicker
I like the FMJ for all the reasons listed.

From: Rut Nut
OK thanks guys. Couple more questions: 1) is the metal on the outside or inside? and 2) are the diameters of the shaft the same? Or is the FMJ larger?

From: XMan
metal is on outside. Diameter of FMJ are smaller.

I own both. FMJ dent very easily. Shoot at different dots or lose the quickest ten bucks of your life when you practice.

From: Stillhunter
X2 on the denting. I own and shoot both and the FMJ's will take a bend whereas the Axis is more durable in the long run. Both great shafts but the Axis will last longer.

From: Surfbow
Xman, aren't the FMJs slightly larger in diamter?

From: RogBow
FMJ 340's have an OD of .269"

From: Rut Nut
Thanks guys!

I think I will stick to the Axis N-fused. One of the reasons I switched from aluminum to carbon was the durability factor.

From: edge1771
Durability isn't a huge issue FMJ's as long as you shoot at different spots. To me the advantage of FMJ's is that they're not only heavier, but also a little straighter than the Axis.

Couple things. First, if there is any difference in diameter, it's so minuscule you'll never notice. Both the Axis and FMJ's use the same nock, same HIT insert, and same RPS point.

Secondly, I agree durability isn't a factor with the FMJ's. Pack any arrow into a tight group and there is a chance for arrow damage. I'm shooting the same practice FMJ's that I was when I first started shooting them 4 yrs ago, and I shoot alot!

From: Rut Nut
Well, I guess I am just partial to (all) carbon arrows. Been shootin' them for years and like the fact that they are either broke or straight. ;-)

I went with the Axis for 2 reasons-

1. All carbon so it doesn't get bent or dented. arrows will hit the ground, even if you never miss a target a pass through on an animal will hit the ground, or get bent inside.

2. The extra weight is better up front for FOC so if I wanted the same weight arrow as mentioned go with the 75gr brass insert.

From: Tracker
I have used both and now exclusively shoot the FMJ. Great arrow with form my experince more consistent flight. I will X3 that the durability is not as good but considering all the other expenses associated with my activities I can deal with a bent arrow.

From: Rut Nut
Thanks for the brass insert tip. I saw them on some of the arrows on Youtube and wondered what they were for.

From: otcWill
Both great arrows. I've put em both through critters and bullseyes and I'll take the cheaper of the two if I still shot Easton. A bullseye is a bullseye, a passthru is a passthru

From: Norseman
fMJs hit hard. Fo show

From: bighorn
how are the FMJ's at long range?

"how are the FMJ's at long range?"

Pretty much the same as they are at short range.

From: GotBowAz
I shoot FMJ’s primarily for the weight factor vs diameter. The heavier the arrow, the smaller the diameter, the deeper they go into your targets. FMJ’s IMO are the easiest to retrieve. I always retire my arrows if I killed something with them, same with the BH. That’s just something I like to do. But from the years of using FMJ’s and the ton of practice I do with them I think they are extremely durable.


From: kakiat kid
Looks great to me

From: butcherboy
I switched to FMJ's this year and I am extremely happy with them. I missed my fair share of targets and never bent one. I did ding one when I shot my arrows too close together but I have broke and splintered a lot of carbon arrows in the past. I think they are durable and definitely think they fly better than my Beman hunter 340's. It was a toss up between the Beman nightfall, easton axis, and the FMJ's. Glad I went with the FMJ's, just wish they didn't cost so much but arrows usually last me a long time.

From: Medicinemann
What is the price difference?

From: Bowboy
Price difference is usually $20-$30 depending we're you purchase them from. Average price for Axis-n-fused can run anywhere from $75 to over $100. The FMJs on average run $120 to $130. These are usually raw shafts.

I usually buy my FMJs when there on sale or eBay.

I've used FMJs since they came on the market and they've been great hunting arrows.

I'm currently looking at the Injexion arrows. I've heard nothing but great reviews from people that have used them. Since I live out west they definitely help when shooting in a stiff crosswind. Easton just came out with a FMJ Injexion. There a little pricey for most people wallets but if they help when shooting in the wind I'm interested.

From: Rut Nut
I checked 2 of the big box outdoor stores. black N-fused was 64.99, camo N-fused 69.99. FMJ was 74.99 This was per 6 and identical prices at both stores.

From: Delmag1942
If you practice alot, FMJ's are the one to choose IMO. They come out of targets A LOT easier!! That translates into better penetration as well.

From: Julius K
I've been using Axis N fused for a couple years now, and I love them. Very durable.

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