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Oklahoma Hogs
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From: Skullwerx
We are looking at going down to Oklahoma on a DIY hog hunt...... Anyone have and insight on to some of the public ground in the south central part of the state?

From: boothill
Canton area has some public ground I think. Is more the NC part though.

From: Forest bows
I got 5$ on the 6th post ;)

I would seek private in the SE area. No one will turn you down to hog hunt if the have a real problem. Call the local warden in an area and they can probably steer you in the right direction.

From: Bowme2
The problem with the pigs most anywhere is that they are very nomadic. Therefore you would need lots of land or an area where they are contained (Shiloh). It is very hit and miss. If you have plenty of land to roam you can be successful, otherwise you had better have plenty of days to hunt. Again... if there is food to contain them, you'll have better odds.

Personally, I've killed them as they roam out of treestands or on the ground and not over bait.

From: John Ryan
Bowme2 said it best. I agree with him. However, you might try the Washita Arm WMU west of Ravia. I know there are some hanging out down there, but it's rough and woolly country. Hard to get into and out of.

From: razorsharp
Cherokee WMA has plenty.

From: StormCloud
My Nephew is working on pipeline near O.k. City. His job is ending at the end of January..Im thinking of heading down that way for a week. Any ideas that may help put us on some hogs.


Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo
Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo
For those of you looking to hunt hogs on public land, here is a map showing the hog densities to help you decide on a location. Obviously you want to choose land within the areas with the highest population of hogs. There is a common misconception that private landowners are begging people to come kill hogs on their land, but with trappers getting $100 and up for live-caught feral hogs, that just isn't the case. Now if you have something of value (such as an out-of-state hunt) to trade, then you have a valuable bargaining chip.

You can also look up the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture website, under the Feral Swine Act heading for a list of landowners who have a nuisance hog problem and are willing to allow hunters on their land. The last time I checked, the list was pretty sparse, but more folks may have joined since then. In any case, free ranging hogs are a tough proposition at best, due to their nomadic habits. You will increase your odds greatly if you can locate a food source. Also, make sure to check the ODWC regulations regarding hunting hogs during any other open season, as those regulations apply to hogs as well while those respective seasons are open.

Good luck to you all!

From: swampokie
Red slough wma in extreme se McCurtain county has more than anywhere ive been in Oklahoma!

From: Arrowflinger
If you go down to the Washita Arm area at this time there will probably be lots of water and mud. Good luck!

From: RK
What was the 6th post supposed to be? Lost me on that one

Great info.

Knowing nothing about free range hogs in Oklahoma I would go with the largest concentration areas with the least amount of pressure

Really good Map


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