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Broadside Bowhunter - Australia
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From: MBMule

MBMule's Link
I was told about this site a few weeks ago by another Bowsite member and if you want to watch some exciting, well-done bowhunting videos to help get you through the off-season, check out the link above. Tons of action and really showcases the effectiveness of a VPA broadhead.

I think several of these guys are Bowsiters as well.

From: Gun
Nicely done! Thanks for the link. I'm always looking for stuff on exotic type hunts.

From: APauls
Yes a couple are on bowsite. Great vids went through their stuff a while ago unfortunately I'm done :(

From: Buffalo1
Cool video. Nice bull.

From: Rayzor
Yes they get some great footage. Stay tuned there are quite a few more vids to come.

From: MBMule
Does anyone know what happened to their website? I've tried it a few times lately and it said the server can't be found. I Googled it today and their website no longer shows up. What gives?

From: speedgoat
I will check with a couple of the guys in the videos and see what is going on. I know one of the guys on there has been living in the states since last fall.

From: KTH
Well, you know what broadheads NOT to use. I'm using VPA's next time!

From: Rayzor
They've pulled it. Rory emailed me the other day and told me they weren't going to doing any more videos. Last I looked they were still up on youtube. Two of the guys have spun off and are still videoing under a different name. They are all still shooting VPAs and sending me pics. Just not going to post the Broadside Bowhunter videos anymore.

From: Rayzor
John Bates and Danny Bajt from Broadside Bowhunter are still filming under the name DNA Bowhunter. Their website isnt up yet but their Facebook page is. They're still getting some good kills with VPAs on film.

Rory and Andy (Warthog here) are still on the VPA Prostaff and continue to take some nice trophies with VPAs. Some of there more recent trophies will be going up in the VPA photo gallery before long. They just aren't filming right now and rory decided to concetrate more on his Shop. Broadside Archery.

From: Barty1970
Andy is a top bloke

From: MBMule
Okay, thanks for the info, Ray! Kyle, If you'd been hsing VPA's over there, you wouldn't have that cool photo of the broadhead in the horn haha.

From: warthog
Hi Guys

Thanks for the Positive feedback.

Well life got hectic for all of us, and I moved over to the US, Rory is concentrating his efforts and time on his business and has one of Australia's premier Archery Pro shops.

We Still have a lot of footage we'v accumulated over the last few years and once things get settled We'l look to Edit some video's again.

Possibly a full draw film tour show of one of our buffalo hunts or if KUIU do a film showcase. We have some very nice footage from our last trip to the Northern Territory

Rory and I have both worked with Ray and Jeff from VPA archery for several years now and it has been one of the best relationships we'v had in the industry, extremely knowledgeable guys that have put so much into there products, and it shows. We'v used them around the world and time and time again they have proved themselves at the very benchmark of Broadheads.

Thanks again for the kind words Ill keep you updated if we run any new webisodes, and your welcome to follow my Instagram @ andyivybowhunting

From: MBMule
Thanks for the update, Andy!

From: pdk25
Good to see you are still around, Andy. Hope all is well. Give me a yell if you get down to Oklahoma again.

From: Barty1970
Good luck and good hunting Andy; keep us posted

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