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zone 201 deer hunt
Mule Deer
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stoddardmaya 01-Jul-14
CD 01-Jul-14
Jaquomo 02-Jul-14
wildwilderness 02-Jul-14
stoddardmaya 02-Jul-14
Inline 02-Jul-14
CD 27-Jan-15
huntingbob 28-Jan-15
CD 03-Apr-16
From: stoddardmaya
My partner and I drew this year, we should be there by sep. 9 staying for the rest of the season. we have never been there so any help from past hunters would be very helpful! Thanks

From: CD
no info from me... But ive got 18 pref points so I am anxious to follow your hunt! Please keep us posted... And GOOD LUCK!!

From: Jaquomo
If that's 201 in CO, I'd rather hunt deer there the first ten days than the whole rest of the season. They're pretty visible and predictable in that country until they shed velvet. After that they are tougher to hunt. Either way you'll have a good time.

Jaquomo +1

Muleys seem easiest by far on opening day. I'd rather get there a couple days early and pattern them, than hunt later in the season. They tend to disappear when the velvet comes off. Its a limited unit so hopefully not a lot of pressure to push them.

From: stoddardmaya
we would be going early but my daughter is getting married sep. 6! I can't miss that, we have hunting black tail always spot and stock has work for us. I'm looking for areas that we can focus on before we arrive?

From: Inline
Sent you a PM.

From: CD
I'm really curious as to how this hunt turned out. Any updates?

From: huntingbob
I guess I should have looked at the date the post was submitted! I was about to ask a'lot of questions! Wondering too how it turned out.

From: CD
Bringing it back to the top... any word on how this 2014 hunt turned out?

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